Thursday, January 05, 2012

First Hybrid Shark Found

Ambergris, Sperm Whale Poop, Is Almost Literally Worth Its Weight In Gold

Scientists Thrilled With Rare Whale's Remarkable Journey

Nurse shark birth captured on camera in China

'Abyss Box' to keep deep animals

Beluga whale sightings in SNH marine renewables report

Sea lion test to probe declines

Why Are So Many Dolphins Beaching Themselves?

Europe votes to ban seal product trade

Cuttlefish Use Humanlike Vision to Choose Camouflage

Turtles 'face extinction' without marine protection

Sea lions: not big Shakira fans

Threats to Whales You Can Help to Prevent

Coral Reef Cam Shows Where Large Fish Hang Out

Bangladesh Establishes New Sanctuaries to Protect Endangered River Dolphins

Even Sharks Make Friends

KE18 Hawaiian Monk Seal Sent To Waikiki Aquarium To Save Species

Sea otter smashes ice to liberate food

Global Warming Makes Elephant Seals Dive Deeper, Study Suggests

Video Reveals Shocking Footage of Sea Lions Strangled by Debris

First Ever Photo of a Shark Eating Another Shark

Cuttlefish Use Humanlike Vision to Choose Camouflage

Sharks' Scales Create Tiny Whirlpools for Speedy Swimming

Cyclops of the Sea: Pictures of a One-Eyed Shark

Pakistan Whale Shark's Death a Mystery

Turtle Feeding Hotspots Found in the Gulf of Mexico

Performing whales are not 'slaves', says US judge

Study: Humpback Whales Living in Same Ocean Basin Singing Different Tunes

First Hybrid Shark Found

Video: Killer whale attacks sharks

Rested & Recovered, Globe-Trotting Turtle Returns to Sea

Marine surveys record 'brainless fish' off Orkney

'The Hoff' crab is new ocean find

"Rapier Wielding" Shark Among New Species Found in 2011

How a venomous cone snail catches and kills fish

Deep-sea creatures at volcanic vent

Mystery over dead herring

Gallery: Unique Life at Antarctic Deep-Sea Vents

Fairy shrimps threatened after dry autumn

Sea Slug Offers Clues to Improving Long-Term Memory

Fast-Evolving Fish Struggle to Spawn in Wild

Man tries to sell whale's remains

Christmas Trees Recycled Into Fish Habitats Across the Country

French Fish Move Back to a Cleaner Paris

Nat'l Zoo Octopus Gets a Name!

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