Thursday, January 05, 2012

Animal Tickle Tests Shed Light on the Origins of Laughter

Animal Misconceptions That May Surprise You

Zimbabwe Tortoises Eaten By Chinese Tourists

Bouba Ndjida National Park Elephants Killed In Poaching Spree, Activists Claim

Entire Village in India Relocates to Make Room For Tigers

Fossil Footprints Reveal Oldest Elephant Herd

Trossachs barn owl numbers boosted by 'vole feast'

Animals Doing People Things

25 Goats Riding on Horses

Dormouse saved after walking into tea shop

Plastic peril duck saved - by a duck

The Hyrax – The Elephant’s Cousin

As Bear Population Grows, More States Look At Hunts

Pictures: New Amphibians Without Arms or Legs Discovered

Why Some Poison Frogs Taste Bittersweet When Licked

Pictures: Miniature Chameleons Discovered—Fit on Match Tip

Goat kids can develop 'accents'

Crime chiefs agree to get tough on illegal tiger trade

Norway driver stopped with five reindeer in car

Goodness Snakes! Sociable Rattlers Cuddle With Their Kin

Image Gallery: The Social Lives of Rattlesnakes

Australia's Struggling Marsupial: Photos of the Tasmanian Devil

Tasmanian Devil Cancer Traced Back to 'Immortal' Devil Girl

Flight Record: Songbirds Trek 9,000 Miles to Africa

The week in wildlife – in pictures

Angry birds? These lost species have every right to be…

Rats! Clever, Caring and Incredibly Cute

The World's Strangest Animals

Husky's Sad Ordeal in Wolf Trap Highlights the Horrors of Predator Control

The Week in Animal News: Inspiring Penguin Love, Rhesus Monkeys Gone Wild and More

Animal Rights In China Get Boost From Celebrity Activists And Shifting Attitudes

Dalmatian Pelicans In Caspian Sea Fed After Water Freezes

Animal Photos Of The Week

Otter Casts Worries To The Heavens, Prays

Ringling Brothers Bullhook Use Will Not Be Blocked In Atlanta Despite Local Ban

This Week's Adorable Adoptable Animals: Bunnies

Maryland's Turtles, Tadpoles, Salamanders Face Deadly Virus

Hornbills' Artificial Beaks Saving The Birds From Extinction In India

Animals Riding Other Animals

Animal Photos Of The Week

Animal Friendships That May Surprise You

Rhino Dies During Demo of New Anti-Poaching Strategy

Video: Crocodiles have their teeth brushed

Postman uses stick to battle vicious raisin-loving pheasant

David Bowman: elephants could save Australia's landscape

Bitterns: the endangered birds whose population is booming at last

Albino skunk causes a whiff for rescuers

War on white-tails: cull could see snipers stalk deer in Washington DC

First Tiger Photos Snapped in India Corridor

Deadly Songbird Parasite Evolving Rapidly

Orphaned bear cubs released in wild in Greece

Tiny songbird northern wheatear traverses the world

Tiny lizards found in Madagascar

Zebra Stripes Evolved to Repel Bloodsuckers?

Trip to 7-Eleven leads Bangkok police to tiger butchers

Tiny hamster abandoned in freezing conditions as owner could no longer afford pet food

Bug-eyed monsters: Iranian photographer 'turns round' normal camera lens to capture larger-than-life 'macro' pictures of insects

Zebra stripes evolved to keep biting flies at bay

Leopard kills fifth girl in Nepal

A Purple Squirrel In Pennsylvania Provokes A Host Of Theories

Welcome to Flamingo City

Lions Live in Constant Fear

Estrogen Turns Male Snakes into Same-Sex Charmers

The great South Georgia rat crisis

Zoo welcomes arrival of baby tapir

Lion kills man at Johannesburg Zoo

Lizard survives washing machine spin

Rein man: did Dustin Hoffman harm horses in his new drama?

The Weird World of Animal Mating

Budding Penguin Love Offers New Hope for a Troubled Species

Crime-Fighting Statistical Tool Used to Track Down Invasive Species

Uganda Ivory, Animal Parts Bust: Officials Seize Hundreds Of Pounds Of Products At Border

Animal Photos Of The Week

Mountain Lion Attacks Boy At Big Bend National Park In Texas

Cute Maned Wolf Pups Born

10 Adorable Baby Animals That Grow Up To Be Deadly Predators

Life in Leaf Litter: Finding Tiny Frogs

Pictures: Bird Mummies "Fed" After Death, Stuffed With Snails

5 Reasons Rats Are Way Scarier Than You Think

Namibia sponge fossils are world's first animals: study

Oldest Animal Discovered—Earliest Ancestor of Us All?

Guinea Pigs Were Widespread as Elizabethan Pets

Unique Andes Species Lack Protection, Study Finds

Lizards Released and Stranded on Islands Show Evolution at Work

Lizard survives washing machine spin

Elephants 'should be drafted in to stop Australian bushfires'

Bird numbers plummet around stricken Fukushima plant

Baby Milk Snake Hatches from its Egg

Previous 20 Cute Koalas Precariously Catching Some Zs

Infested!: Hundreds of Rats Living in Ceiling

Top 5 Weird and Freaky Animal Photos

Puerto Rico Wants to Feed You Its 4 Million Iguanas

The Week in Animal News: Powerful Sea Cucumber Poo, Giant Pythons Invade Florida and More

Hundreds of Previously Unknown Species Discovered in Peru

Conservationists Optimistic About Rare Rhino Pregnancy

Candy-Coated Frogs Carry Deadly Kick

Tourists to use cameras to help save Tasmanian devil

6-Legged Lamb Born in Velistsikhe, Georgia

Elusive Snow Leopards Photographed, Steal Camera

House Mice Serenade Mates with 'Bird' Song

Ancient Crocodile Wore Shield on Its Head

The RSPB big garden birdwatch begins

Both Edinburgh Zoo pandas out of public view due to colic

Search for black squirrels begins

New-Species Pictures: Cowboy Frog, Armored Catfish, More

Farmer's joy at birth of six-legged lamb

Snake dies from baby's bite

Animals Get The Upper Paw, or Hoof, or Claw

The Funniest Animal Photobombs Ever

Mouse to elephant? Just wait 24 million generations

Pythons apparently wiping out Everglades mammals

Poachers threaten elephant numbers in Thailand

Polar bear Walker lured on scales with mackerel

Litter of Rare, Scruffy-Necked Wolf Pups Born in Virginia

Terry Pratchett warns Britain's hedgehogs and sparrows are dying out

Plan to 'bomb' Montecristo with rat pellets may be blocked

Black squirrels could outnumber reds in England

British zoos put on alert over rising threat of rhino rustlers

Farmers on red alert over outbreaks of new livestock disease

Groundhog Day: The Weather-Predicting Woodchuck!

When Reptile Scales Resemble Beautiful Mosaics

Animal Hoarding: Sleeping with Snakes

Why Bats Need a 'Happy Hour' and Swedes Try to Comply

Humans Tamed Horses All Over the World

Stunning Images of Rare Albino Hummingbird: Big Pic

Is the Tasmanian Tiger Alive?

Why Some Animals Are Fatter Than Others

Seabirds: The Other Seafood Lovers

Bilious Cruelty Against Bears in the Name of Medicine

6 Extremely Rare National Animals

Animal Photos Of The Week

85-year-old Alaska woman fights off moose with a shovel

Elephant herd grieves for baby who died of a heart defect

9 Musically Talented Pets

Terry Thompson, Ohio Exotic Animal Owner, Was Upset Over House Arrest, Police Say

Animal Photos Of The Week

Snow Leopard Discovery In Tajikistan Shows Need For Conservation

When Reptile Scales Resemble Beautiful Mosaics

Rejected polar bear cub hand-reared in China

How China is driving the grim rise in illegal ivory

Why Some Animals Are Fatter Than Others

Thoroughbred Racehorses Get Speed from Just a Few Ancestors

Sumatran Elephants Pushed Toward Extinction

Crayola Katydid & Cowboy Frog Among 46 Newfound Jungle Species

Prosthetic leg puts lamb back on its feet

Pictures: Animals That Blocked Keystone XL Pipeline Path

So why the long tongue? Horse has pioneering surgery to remove melon-sized tumour on her jaw

Indonesian Girl Eaten By Crocodile

Who's the deer killer? National Trust says DNA trail may lead to wild cat

Frozen Planet cameraman Doug Allan's life in pictures

All-white blackbird photographed

Giant pandas settle into their new home in France

Lab-Grown Clones Could Save Species From Extinction

World's First Iridescent Mammal Discovered

Invasive Species In North America (PHOTOS)

11 Seagulls Stealing Stuff

Keystone XL: Animals That Stood In The Pipeline's Path

Hamster 'Hoarder': Man Surrenders 94 Pets To Animal Shelter

In pictures: How elephants cool off overnight

Trowbridge pigeon feeders handed Asbos

Atomic Betty, Reportedly Australia's Biggest Snake, Gets Weigh-In After Dieting

Leopard captured after deadly attack in India

China to release six giant pandas into wild

Old Mice Made "Young"—May Lead to Anti-Aging Treatments

13 Adorable Baby Kangaroos Peeking Out of their Mothers' Pouches

Man is scalped by leopard, but survives

Hero Soldier Bear To Get Statue Honour

New viper snake species found

'Extinct' Galapagos tortoise may still exist

Lion takes a swipe at three-year-old girl

Jenny Ross, Polar Bear Photographer, Describes Uncertain Fate Of Animals In Russian Arctic

Lee County, Georgia: Vultures Invade Neighborhood

Harrisburg, Pennsylvania Reconsiders Shooting Stray Dogs

Animal Photos Of The Week

The Extinction of the Passenger Pigeons: How Man Destroyed A Species

'Extinct' tortoise found living in the Galapagos

Thousands of horses abandoned by owners last year

Bird 'surfing' down snowy rooftop is internet hit

The Baby Bird Project: rescued chicks photographed by Gavin Parsons

Ornithologists seek to answer riddle of white blackbirds and pink sparrows

Boas Time Their Big Squeeze to Prey's Heartbeat

Two-headed piglet becomes a sensation in China

Stroud deer carcass tested for 'big cat activity'

"White," Albino-like Penguin Found in Antarctica

World's Smallest Frog Found—Fly-Size Beast Is Tiniest Vertebrate

Aye-aye lemur 'heats up' its special foraging finger

Lost Charles Darwin fossils rediscovered in cabinet

2 Skulls Help Unlock Secrets to Ancient Big Bears

Scientists Uncover How Dainty Rhino Feet Support Huge Bodies

Science Shields Bats from Wind-Turbine Accidents

New Lemur Climbs out of Hiding in Madagascar

Horses jump through bonfires at Luminarias festival

Fears for bat populations as millions die from fungal disease

RNLI lifeboat crews rescue pony after cliff fall

Albatross boosted by Climate Change, study suggests

Island of Montecristo to be bombed with poison after rat infestation

Two pandas fly to France from China

Get with the beasts: a big game hunter's guide to modern Britain

Giant panda at Edinburgh Zoo sick with colic

Previous 13 Adorable Baby Kangaroos Peeking Out of Their Mothers' Pouches

Staring into the Beautiful Cold-Blooded Eyes of Reptiles

Udderly ridiculous? Russian cows to wear bras

How Can We Save More Seabirds? Foraging Pattern Analysis is Key

Giant Vegetarian Panda Eats Meat (Photos)

FAA Allows Whooping Cranes To Resume Migration Flight to Florida

Collar Camera Offers Unique Glimpse of Life as a Grizzly Bear

Rate the Subway Rat: Photos

Great Animal Rescues: Advocates Help Animals Across The World (PHOTOS)

Snowy Owls Migration: Birds Moving From Arctic To Central U.S. In Search Of Food

Jenny Ross, Polar Bear Photographer, Describes Uncertain Fate Of Animals In Russian Arctic (GRAPHIC PHOTOS)

Woman moves pet horse into her living room after falling out with neighbours

Best Animal Videos Of 2011

2011 Animal Rescues: Farm Sanctuary Shares Heartwarming Stories

Endangered Species Which Need Our Help In 2012

Penguin Counting And An Antarctic Reunion (PHOTOS)

Animal Tickle Tests Shed Light on the Origins of Laughter

Rare Albino Hummingbird Photographed by Amateur

Top 20 Animal Oddities of 2011

What Do Birds See With Their Ultraviolet Vision?

Video: Humans raise polar bear cub

Review of the year 2011: bizarre creatures and funny animal pictures

Polar Bear Cubs Make Debut At Chinese Zoo (Video)

Elephants Increasingly At Risk Of Extinction, Group Says

Wild panda spotted eating meat in China

Giant crocodile steals lawn mower at Australian reptile park

At least someone's having a White Christmas: Emperor penguins frolic on Snow Hill in Antarctica

Pictures: New Horned Viper Found in "Secret" Spot

Smallest Frogs Found—Each Tinier Than an M&M

Top 10 Wacky Animal Stories of 2011

Dino-Chicken: Wacky But Serious Science Idea of 2011

6 Surprising Facts About Reindeer

Review of the year: the cutest animal pictures of 2011

After Century's Absence, Seabirds' Return Surprises Scientists

Crow intelligence

Review of the year 2011: animals feeding and fighting

Makayla McEvoy, Australian Girl, Survives Kangaroo Attack

Dead Blackbirds Fall Again In Arkansas Town

Animal Photos Of 2011: The Cutest And Best Pictures Of The Year

Crocodile among 100 exotic animals stolen from Stockport pet store

The rules for killing moles

Hidden cameras film rare Javan rhinos in Indonesia

Elephants compete in Nepal beauty pageant

Rare Asian hooded crane found in US after 'taking wrong turn'

Doe attacked by golden eagle

Chinese shoot dead escaped Siberian tiger

Great Bustard flies again across South West – after 180 year absence

15 Funny Pictures of Animals Awkwardly Scratching Themselves

Seven Odd Carnivores You've Never Heard Of

8 Albino Animals to Whiten Your Christmas

Big Question for 2012: What Animals Could Go Extinct?

Bear Plays Goldilocks

Bear Hitchhiker's Guide to Canada

Thousands of blackbirds fall to their death in Arkansas town for second New Year's Eve in a row

Orange Alligator Discovered by 70-Year-Old Woman

Take the 'Bird a Day' Challenge in 2012

Study of Wild Horses Suggests More Range Helps Endangered Species Survive Global Warming

Poaching Songbirds for Supper On the Rise in Cyprus

First Gray Wolf in 80 Years Enters California

The Week in Animal News: Epically Lost Sea Turtle to be Released, Sylvester Stallone Movie Harms Bats, and More

Mayor's Plan to Rid Town of Skunks Just Doesn't Smell Right

How Beavers Helped to Build America

Man Tried To Take 247 Animals on Plane

Forget the Nose, 'Rudolph' Has Keen Eyes

Pigeons Are Brilliant in Math

Camera Trap Images Tell Anti-poaching Success Story

Mammals' Tusked Ancestor Roamed Tasmania

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