Thursday, January 05, 2012

11 Beloved Dogs From Literature

Dogs Understand Us Better Than Chimps Do

Ruff Ruff, Tinley Park Puppy, Recovering From Fire, Community Rallies To Help With Medical Bills

First advert for dogs to reach British TV screens

Cat lover jailed for trying to run down dog walkers

Breaded Cats

Underwater Dog Photography

What Makes Bloodhounds Such Great Tracking Dogs?

Puppy saved after being trapped in drain for over 12 hours

Firecracker used to blow up kitten

Worshipping cats who seem to say: "Mao" hidden on Chinese banknote

Self packing cat

Purebreds Rule at Westminster Dog Show (Infographic)

Feral Cats Targeted By Animal Welfare Groups For Sterilization

Petco Sued For Allegedly Cutting Dog's Ear Off And Gluing It Back On (VIDEO)

7 drool-worthy designer doghouses

Dead dog offered credit card

Desperate hunt for 'trapped cat' in 30-storey tower block due to be blown up

Thieves steal dead dog's diamond collar from pet cemetery

Man accused of killing and eating neighborhood pets

DOGTV The First Television Channel for dogs

A man left badly hurt after his car crashed down a hillside was saved when his faithful dog ran half a mile to raise the alarm

Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show: Pet-Friendly Hotels In New York City

Dog From Above Bears Striking Resemblance To Certain Body Part

First Lady And Dog Bo Welcome Surprised School Kids At White House

Mirror, signal, manoeuvre
Vain Cat

Six little pigs find new mum - a bulldog

They Call it Puppy Love and These Pets Have Got it!

Malachy, The Pekingese Who Won Best in Show: Big Pic

The Dog Walkers Of Buenos Aires (PHOTOS)

Festus the Three-Legged Therapy Dog

Dog Plays With Beached Shark After It Was Attacked By Whales

Pit Bull Adoption Program Ends In D.C. As The Money Runs Out

11 Beloved Dogs From Literature

Do Not Compare My Dogs to Pigs. Ever.

Do the Canine Mind Flip for a Great Day - Every Day

Village captivated by dog-monkey bond

Surgery for puppy thrown out window, owner refused bail

The 10 Most Popular Dog Breeds

Surfing Dogs Ride World's Longest, Heaviest Wave-Making Rose Parade Float

Saying Goodbye to a Good Dog

Can Cats Really Communicate With Their Owners?

Pet Expert Cesar Millan On Curing Your Dog's Leash Issues

Humane Society? Sparks Outrage By Euthanizing Man's Kitten Over Money

Video of firefighters rescuing dog from icy North Dakota river

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