Tuesday, December 06, 2011

Swiss Government Opts to Keep Piracy Legal for Personal Use

The Sketchbook of Susan Kare, the Artist Who Gave Computing a Human Face

Millions of printers open to devastating hack attack, researchers say

Facebook Is Using Your Data Whether You Like It Or Not

‘The Pirate Bay Dancing’ Add-On Killls DNS and IP Blockades

Facebook settles privacy suit with FTC; will submit independent audits for 20 years

Will Facebook privacy crackdown stifle Zuckerberg’s grand plan?

Adobe Dives Into Facebook Ad Buying With Efficient Frontier Purchase

Beyond the Great Firewall: How China Does Social Networking

What Sting could teach Facebook

Student Bay Admin Prosecuted in Sweden

Wikileaks' Spy Files show government snoops on Mac, Windows

WeTopia Transforms Online Gaming Addiction Into Social Good

Swiss Government Opts to Keep Piracy Legal for Personal Use

Twitter Gets Google And Facebook Connect

Online fraudster who helped probe Google gets 70 months prison

Over Half of Young Adults Go Online For No Real Reason At All, Says Report

Effin in County Limerick seen as 'offensive' on Facebook

Google's $29 Billion Revenue In Perspective

Watch Out Amazon: Google Looking to Venture into Delivery Services

How Google Can Deal a Death Blow to Firefox

YouTube Gets a New Look

Microsoft’s IE10 preview offers peak at Internet Explorer in Windows 8

Top 10 Xbox 360 Games of 2012

The Top 25 Wii Games Of All Time

Five Lessons Fallout 4 Can Learn From Skyrim

Anthony Daniels C-3PO in SWTOR

Xbox 720: The Story So Far

Next-generation Kinect will reportedly read lips, rely on non-USB data transfers

25 Most Awesome Looking Xbox 360 Controllers [PICS]

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