Thursday, December 01, 2011

Name This Octopus

Prehistoric Atlantic Sturgeon Newest Addition to the Endangered Species List

Stranded dolphins in Cape Cod baffle scientists

Sea Turtle Baby Boom Smashes Record

Pictures: "Supergiant," Shrimp-Like Beasts Found in Deep Sea

SeaWorld sued over 'enslaved' killer whales

In pictures: Glowing deep sea discoveries

Whales 'stressed by ocean noise'

Corals inflate to escape being buried alive in sand

Why There Are So Few Fish in the Sea

Fatal Shark Attacks See Spike in 2011

Seal Mummies Reveal Surprising Rapid Antarctic Changes

Strange Life Found in Underwater Caves

News of Jellyfish Takeover Unfounded, Scientists Say

Plastic Pollution in the Oceans is Causing Problems for Whales, too

Tiny Crab Unintentionally Makes Awesome Sand Art (Photos)

The Shameful Secret of the US Navy's Dolphin Soldiers

Fight to save whales stranded in New Zealand

Swallowed by a whale — a true tale?

World's Largest Turtle Gets New Protected Swimming Grounds

Dolphins May Sleep-Talk in Whale-Song

Cavefish Not Blind to Attractions of Surface-Dwelling Cousins

Rare Sea Creature Appears on Seattle Woman's Dock

Killer Whales Targeting Sea Lion Pups, Alarming Scientists

Anti-whaling activists clash with Japan harpoon ship

'Big Miracle' Movie: Whales' Rescuer Recalls Work In 1980s

Expedition White Shark App Lets You Track Great Whites

Chinese doctors remove volleyball from dolphin's stomach

Blue Whales Keep Getting Bigger

The Surprisingly Sociable Lives of Sharks

Previous 25 Most Colorful Sea Slugs on Earth

First Recording of Deep-Sea Fish Reveals Grunts & Quacks

Humans' Taste for Dolphins & Manatees on the Rise

Eight Sea Lions Found Shot to Death in Washington

See the World as a Shrimp Views It

A Safe Haven for Leatherbacks

Turtles Nesting In The South Pacific (PHOTOS)

Miami Seaquarium Saves Manatee And Sea Turtles From Red Tide Poisoning

Seals and Walruses Found Dead in Alaska with Mysterious Sores and Hair Loss: Scientists Baffled

Cajun Crayfish Invading Africa, Eating Native Species

Baby Harp Seals Being Drowned, Crushed Amid Melting Ice

Zebra shark at centre of 'virgin birth' mystery

Fish Mimics Mimic Octopus That Mimics Fish

German marine reptile find rewrites fossil record

How Octopi Deal With Chilly Waters

Seal Pups Rescued From UK Storms: Photos

Begging Whale Sharks Raise Concern in Philippines

Dolphins and Whales Engage in Rare Interspecies Play (Video)

Surfer bitten to death by a shark at South African beach dubbed 'the world's deadliest'

Sharks Eating Songbirds in Gulf of Mexico

Meet the incredible smiling seal! How an intrepid photographer crawled across the ice on his stomach to get these amazing images

Ensign Flipper? Dolphins in the U.S. Navy

Pictures: Brainless, Faceless "Fish" Among Scottish Sea Finds

Female Fish Attracted to Well-Fed Mates

10 Marine Species on the Brink of Mass Extinction Due to Ocean Acidification

Dead Fur Seals Wash Up on Australian Beach

Great White Shark Circles Fishing Boat Off Oahu, Hawaii (VIDEO)

Seal Rehabilitation And Research Center In Netherlands Saving Orphaned Pups

Loggerhead Sea Turtle Released After Angry Puffer Fish Removed From Its Throat (PHOTOS)

Snapped In the Sea: Underwater Photo Winners

Troublesome Sharks Delay Cleanup of New Zealand Oil Spill

Russian Icebreaker Whale Rescue Delayed

Surfer has lucky escape from shark attack

Abandoned Albino Seal Finds Accepting Home

Seal Makes Long-Distance Jaunt of 18,000 Miles

Walking Began Underwater, Strolling-Fish Discovery Suggests

Three-Foot "Shrimp" Had More Than 30,000 Lenses Per Eye?

208 Species Discovered in Asia's Mekong Region in 1 Year

The Guppy: Newest Top Predator?

Seal pup wanders into home and puts his flippers up

How Tiny Animals Comb the Oceans for Dinner

How to have a turtle-friendly holiday on Kenya's coast

Video: Footage of inside a pregnant shark

13 Amazing Photos of Freshwater Creatures Invisible to the Naked Eye

Japan Whaling Operator Sues Sea Shepherd

Fish of 'Finding Nemo' Fame May Soon be Found No More

Baby Seal On St Andrews Beach Rescued From Freezing Scottish Weather

Lucky escape for fisherman speared by swordfish

Killer whales spotted off Cornish coast

How Tiny Animals Comb the Oceans for Dinner

Fish Pick 'Hot' Pals to Avoid Harassment

Yeti crab grows its own food

5 Fish Clearly Designed by a Madman

Whales, dolphins, seals: newcomers crowd into British waters in pursuit of their prey

Deadly Salmon-Virus Tests Kept Secret for Years by Canada, Leaked Documents Say

World-Traveling Sea Turtle Comes Home

Photographs of marine wildlife found around the coast of the Maldives, Indian Ocean

Previous 13 Amazing Photos of Freshwater Creatures Invisible to the Naked Eye

Analysis of Whale Sounds Uncovers Evidence of Culture

Chinese Fishermen Charged With Killing Endangered Turtles in the Philippines

Sperm Whales Caught Napping

Great White Shark Seen On North Carolina Coast

Get Your Teeth Into the Truth About Shark Attacks

Australia announces plans for world's biggest marine park

Bottlenose dolphins' maximum speed halved by pregnancy

EU sounds alarm for threatened freshwater species

St Andrews scientists ask if whales have 'dialects'

Some Seal Moms Take Flippers-Off Approach

Turtles 'communicate with each other before hatching'

Invasive? Bloody Red Shrimp Are Supper for Great Lakes Fish

Name This Octopus

The Shark: A Predator Turned Prey?

Jellyfish Lake In Palau Swarms With Complex Historical Wonders

Male Fiddler Crabs Wave Their Big Claw To Get Attention From Females

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