Thursday, December 01, 2011

Invasive Ants Wave White Flag in New Zealand

Dung Beetle Dances On Ball Of Poop For Celestial Navigation

The Beauty and Brilliance of Termite Mound Architecture

Fairyfly Wasp Prospers After Sneaking into US

Hedgerows direct the flight of the bumblebee

Pesticide May Give Honeybee Virus an Advantage

'Wallflower' Beetles Get Less Action At The Mating Dance

Jumping Spiders' Unique Vision Revealed

Insects Top Newly Discovered Species List

The Mother of All Moths!

Jurassic cricket's song recreated

Ladybird decline driven by 'invading' harlequin

Spider silk's flexibility makes webs super-strong

Beetle Sperm Teams Up To Navigate Females' Bodies

First 'Vampire' Bat Fly Fossil Discovered

Harlequin ladybird putting native population at risk

Ants turned into 'supersoldiers'

Rare oil beetles found at Gloucestershire nature reserve

Scientists discover soldier bees

Hybrid Silkworms Spin Spider Silk—A First

Fossils Reveal Secrets of Insects' Weird Ears

12 Most Improbable Insect-Reptile Relationships

Watch 30 giant hornets take out 30,000 honey bees

Female Beetle Can Manipulate Offspring's Sex

Bootylicious Fly Gets Named Beyoncé

StarStruck: Species Named After Celebrities

Slugs and snails munch their way back as top pests

Previous 12 Most Improbable Insect-Reptile Relationships

10 Amazing Ant Farms Fit For A Queen

Small Spiders Have Big Brains That Spill Into Their Legs

1,000 Hidden Species Revealed in Aussie Outback Underground

Ant Poison Paralyzes Prey From Afar

Extreme weather baffles British butterflies

Black widow spiders found on US warship

33,000 Giant African Land Snails Captured In Miami As Agriculture Officials Battle Invasion (PHOTOS)

Portraits of giant insects ... that are actually stunning close-ups of tiny creepy-crawlies

World's biggest ever insect found called the Weta Bug

Butterflies: 72% of UK species in decline

Meet Leaproach, the New Jumping Cockroach

Rarest Bumblebee in US Rediscovered

Monarchs Face a Tough Winter Migration Road

Rare albino flesh-eating snail found in New Zealand

Wasps Can Recognize Faces

The Truth About Creepy-Crawly Spiders

Head Butts & Waggle Dances: How Honeybees Make Decisions

The Truth About Creepy-Crawly Spiders

Record Number of Monarch Butterflies Hit California

Warm weather brings wasp alert

New Butterfly Species ID'ed by DNA

Invasive Ants Wave White Flag in New Zealand

Liquid living worms survive space

Bees help in the battle against tuberculosis

Big, hairy spiders invade San Antonio neighborhood

15 Insects that Could Save Your Life

A Quick Guide to Starting a Beehive (via)

Worms Can Evolve to Survive Intersex Populations

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