Thursday, December 08, 2011

Cutest Pets Of 2011

Washington Animal Rescue League Santa Dog Party

Miracle Dog

The 'disturbing' effects of war on military dogs

Snow falling on cat's head

Top hat cat

Cutest Pets Of 2011

Britain's most cowardly canine is scared of cats, afraid of the dark... and bites his nails (and desperately needs a new home)

Queen Solves Mystery Outbreak Of Killer Dog Illness On Sandringham Estate

Search on for man who fed kitten to python

Top Cat Names Of 2011

Funny Missing Dog Poster In Astoria, Queens: 'Irate' Dog Named 'Killer' Dearly Missed By Owner Drew

Heroic dog rescued kittens dumped in bag on road

Dog shoots man in buttocks

Cats Reading Books

Kitty Lit 101 (via)

Top 10 Best Family Dogs Animal Planet Videos

Pusuke, World's Oldest Dog, Dies In Japan At Age 26

Flying Squirrel Invades New Jersey Emergency Room

Three Ways Reindeer Play It Cool

Animal camouflage: can you spot these masters of disguise playing hide-and-seek?

Giraffe rescued from swimming pool

Pygmy elephant gores Australian woman to death

World's Oldest Tiger Species Discovered

Yellowstone Wolves Show How Animals Change With Nature

BBC Nature - Video collection: Baby Animals

Pictures We Love: Best of November

Pictures: "Lost" Leopard—And Poachers—Seen in Afghanistan

Awkward Pet Photos

Angry Indian snake charmer lets loose poisonous snakes in government office

Monroe man tries to shoot squirrel, hits himself instead

Woolly mammoth to be brought back to life from cloned bone marrow 'within five years'

Traveller arrested smuggling live hummingbirds in his trousers

Climate change insight gleaned from Yellowstone wolves

9 Most Dangerous Zoo Escapees

Strange Animal Models of Human Evolution

Eagles Attack a Paraglider

How animals predict earthquakes

Prowling Pandas Become Policy Advisers

Ancient Animal Bones Pose a West Indies Mystery

New Picture of Bats' Acoustic Sense Emerges

How to pamper a panda

South Africa's Kruger National Park removes signs pinpointing rhinos for tourists amid poaching crisis

Giant pandas Tian Tian and Yang Guang arrive in Edinburgh

Animal pictures of the week

A fox pounces on a mouse under the snow in Yellowstone Park

Parks act to protect deer food – but shoot them at night

Nature Studies by Michael McCarthy: When one beast must die – to let another live

Guard at Wildlife Sanctuary Kills Tiger For Its Whiskers

Earliest Animals Looked Like Baseballs

Animals and Their Tools: Photos

Mass Electrocution Kills Flamingos

China's 'Gay' Penguins Given Baby Chick To Care For (VIDEOS)

Pythons, Kitties, and Snails, Oh My! : Invasive Species Taking Over the Everglades

On The Sixth Day Of Christmas My True Love Gave To Me: 11 Winter Ducklings

Turkey Point Nuclear Plant Crocodiles Are Monitored By Biologists

Animal Photos Of The Week

Meet Leaproach, the New Jumping Cockroach

Portraits of giant insects ... that are actually stunning close-ups of tiny creepy-crawlies

World's biggest ever insect found called the Weta Bug

Butterflies: 72% of UK species in decline

Rarest Bumblebee in US Rediscovered

Monarchs Face a Tough Winter Migration Road

Rare albino flesh-eating snail found in New Zealand

Wasps Can Recognize Faces

The Truth About Creepy-Crawly Spiders

Baby Seal On St Andrews Beach Rescued From Freezing Scottish Weather

Lucky escape for fisherman speared by swordfish

Killer whales spotted off Cornish coast

How Tiny Animals Comb the Oceans for Dinner

Fish Pick 'Hot' Pals to Avoid Harassment

Yeti crab grows its own food

5 Fish Clearly Designed by a Madman

Whales, dolphins, seals: newcomers crowd into British waters in pursuit of their prey

Deadly Salmon-Virus Tests Kept Secret for Years by Canada, Leaked Documents Say

World-Traveling Sea Turtle Comes Home

Photographs of marine wildlife found around the coast of the Maldives, Indian Ocean

Previous 13 Amazing Photos of Freshwater Creatures Invisible to the Naked Eye

Analysis of Whale Sounds Uncovers Evidence of Culture

Chinese Fishermen Charged With Killing Endangered Turtles in the Philippines

Sperm Whales Caught Napping

Great White Shark Seen On North Carolina Coast

Previous When Apes Adopt Cats as Cuddly Pets

Monkeys at Marwell Wildlife use touch screens in study

Monkey makes Warhol-like paintings, art collectors go bananas

The science and heartbreak of zoo romance

Proboscis Monkeys Threatened By Ecologically Insensitive Malaysian Palm Oil Plantations

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