Thursday, December 01, 2011

Chimpanzees Self-Medicate With Food

A Bored Gorilla Takes His Kids to the Zoo (Video)

Scientists Accidentally Discover Rare Monkey Previously Thought Extinct

Pictures: "Extinct" Monkeys With Sideburns Found in Borneo

Supermom Primates Raise Twins

Blackpool Zoo uses glitter to identify gorilla poo

Strange endangered primates you may have never heard of

Jim And Donita Clark, Louisiana Monkey Owners, Flee Exotic Animal Crackdown

97 per cent human: photographs of primates by Anup Shah and Fiona Rogers

Gorillas grin 'to reassure friends'

Near-Extinct Monkeys Found in Colombian Park

Rebel hero who has 'betrayed' the last of Aceh's orang-utans

Supermom Primates Raise Twins

Chimps Can Get Inside Others' Heads Just Like Humans

Zoo in Kazakhstan gives monkeys red wine to ward off flu

World's Highest-Pitched Primate Calls Out Like a Bat

Orangutans Eat Slow Lorises When Plants Are Scarce, Research Suggests

Precious Primates: Images of Chimeric Monkeys

Gallery: Monkey Mug Shots

Goat-riding monkey raids farm

Funny Facial Features Tell Monkeys Who's Who

Mysterious Snub-Nosed Monkey Photographed For the First Time

Monkeys Devise a Tool to Break Out of Zoo in Brazil

First Pictures: Live Snub-Nosed Monkeys Caught on Camera

Monkeys' many faces

First Guidelines for Lab Chimps Drawn Up

Cute Mona Monkey Wears Nappy In German Zoo (Pictures)

Drunk man attacked by monkeys at zoo

Hundreds of Orangutans Killed Annually for Meat

When Apes Adopt Cats as Cuddly Pets

Monkeys at Marwell Wildlife use touch screens in study

The science and heartbreak of zoo romance

Proboscis Monkeys Threatened By Ecologically Insensitive Malaysian Palm Oil Plantations

Monkey makes Warhol-like paintings, art collectors go bananas

Born To Be Wild, IMAX Film, Highlights Orphaned Orangutans And Elephants (PHOTOS)

Barcelona Soccer Star Carlos Puyol Steps Up to Save Orangutans

When Apes Adopt Cats as Cuddly Pets

Photos: "Elvis Monkey," Cloning Lizard Among New Mekong Species

How pedal power is helping Uganda's mountain gorillas

Chimpanzees Experience Synesthesia, Sense-Intermingling, Like Humans Do

Monkey Buffet Festival 2011 In Thailand Offers Treats To Local Animals

Chimpanzees Self-Medicate With Food

Fresh wave of killings by hunters takes Indonesian orangutan to the brink of extinction

Guereza colobus monkeys join dawn chorus to 'show off'

Angelique Todd, the gorillas' friend

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