Thursday, December 22, 2011

The Best Cat Memes of the Year

Kittens Go Up, Kittens Go Down

Owner suprised to find cat regularly catches bus

Animal of the Year: The 2011 Distinction That Really Matters

Dont Try This (GIF)

2011 in Review: The Best Cat Memes of the Year

Mr Magoo, the blind cat that paints

:: procatinator :: (via)

HTTP Status Cats

The 30 Most Important Cats Of 2011

Learn From A Dog: 15 Life Lessons From Your Pet

11 Beloved Dogs From Literature (PHOTOS)

20 Cats Killed In Home Of Alleged Hoarder, Maureen Veech, In Passaic New Jersey

Samson, Britain's Biggest Dog, Breaks His Toe During Walkies

RSPCA: Handbag Dogs Born To Suffer

Oscar Dogs: Uggie From 'The Artist' & Cosmo From 'Beginners' (PHOTOS, VIDEO)

Dog 'Comes Back To Life' Before Being Buried (VIDEO)

Hawk swoops into Deighton home to attack Chihuahua

Cute Animals: Cheeky Creatures Showing Their Tongues (Pictures)

Jealous Penguins Poo On Panda Visitors Queuing To See Tian Tian And Yang Guang At Edinburgh Zoo

Penguin Counting And An Antarctic Reunion (PHOTOS)

Animals In Movies And TV 2011: The Best Dogs, Cats, Apes & More Of The Year (VIDEO)

Spoon-billed sandpipers on display at WWT Slimbridge

11 Trees Sprouting Animals (via)

19 LOL Animal Pics

Thousands of birds make crash landing in Utah

Animals with Stuffed Animals

11 People who turned into animals

Pygmy hippo caught on camera in Liberia

Thousands of Birds Dive-Bomb Utah Parking Lots

Australian dingo baby case to be reopened

No mercy for beloved boar caught in a cull

Rural species adopt new urban lifestyles

Giant pandas do somersaults in the snow

European Wildlife Photographer of the Year 2011

15 Funny Pictures of Animals Awkwardly Scratching Themselves

What Do Birds See With Their Ultraviolet Vision?

Rare White Kiwi Hatches Just in Time for Christmas

2011: The Year in Animal Extinctions

Russia Bans Seal Fur Products, But Canada Looks to WTO to Stop It & Build Other Markets

Strange Heads Evolved Before Unusual Bodies

Mammals' Tusked Ancestor Roamed Tasmania

Bear Plays Goldilocks

Rattlesnakes Can't Keep Up With Climate Change

Sheep Killing Spree: Police Hunt Motorist After 'Distressing' Attack

Animal Photos Of The Week

Crocodile Left Outside Exotic Animals Centre In Near-Freezing Temperatures

Christmas Meerkats Stocking Trade At Blair Drummond Safari Park (Pictures)

10 Amazing Ant Farms Fit For A Queen

Small Spiders Have Big Brains That Spill Into Their Legs

1,000 Hidden Species Revealed in Aussie Outback Underground

Ant Poison Paralyzes Prey From Afar

Extreme weather baffles British butterflies

Black widow spiders found on US warship

33,000 Giant African Land Snails Captured In Miami As Agriculture Officials Battle Invasion (PHOTOS)

First Guidelines for Lab Chimps Drawn Up

Cute Mona Monkey Wears Nappy In German Zoo (Pictures)

Snapped In the Sea: Underwater Photo Winners

Troublesome Sharks Delay Cleanup of New Zealand Oil Spill

Russian Icebreaker Whale Rescue Delayed

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