Thursday, December 01, 2011

25 Things Dogs Ruined

John Lennon Was a Crazy Cat Lady

Abused three-legged dog learns to surf

Phoenix man accused of skinning, eating cat

The Plight of India's Pariah Dogs

Dogs Looking Out Windows

Chinese blogger rescues 1,137 dogs intended to be killed for food from crammed flatbed truck

Uncle Chichi, Unofficial World's Oldest Dog, Dies After Living More Than 24 Years

Puppy Bowl 2012: Starting Lineups, Photos Revealed

Cat in the cockpit grounds Toronto-bound airplane

How To Beat Up Animals When Animals Attack

Adorable video of dog transfixed by Marmaduke movie becomes latest internet sensation

Family cat may have frightened off hairy gunman in New Hampshire

Undercover dog wardens to crackdown on dog fouling

Tubby tabby becomes country's first cat to get knee-replacement surgery

Brave Dog, Tucker, Saves Family From Fire

Dog survives after lead gets caught in lift door with owner on the other side

I'm on my way

How Much Is That Doggy Worth? (Infographic)

5 Hiking Trails for Dogs in Los Angeles

18th Century mummified kitty falls out of ceiling as house is being renovated

Kansas State Dog: Cairn Terrier, 'Toto' Breed, Pushed To Become Official Symbol

17 Cats Sitting In Things

Beware of Dog

Cruel couple facing jail for 'appalling' neglect of sheepdog which became trapped in its own matted hair and had to be put down

Feline Physics: Why Cats Can Survive Falls From Great Heights

How Much Is That Doggy Worth? (Infographic)

Follow the leader

Hero dog Labradoodle Monty saves owner Maurice Holder’s life

Valley woman saved by her dog

Battle over cat ownership collapses after 'star witness' dog dies

What If All the Cats in the World Suddenly Died?

Cats Sleeping

Meet Harold The Cat, Who Walks Around Old Town Alexandria On A Leash (PHOTOS)

Dog Breeding And Canine Diversity (PHOTOS)

Are We Feeding Our Pets to Death?

Dog found alive 4 days after Montana avalanche

Alberta school teacher rescues 7 Afghan dogs

Computer Game Teaches Kids How To Play Nice With Dogs

Firefighters resuscitate tiny dog

‘Menu - fried cat £1.20’ - Local man convicted for cat microwave killing

Lawsuit looks to prove dogs have souls

Polydactyl Kittens Ned And Fred Are All Fingers And Thumbs: Pair Boast 54 Digits Between Them

Uggie The Dog Of 'The Artist' Continues Oscar Campaign

Chef Accused Of Feeding Cat To Dogs

Sirius Sledge Patrol, Denmark Navy Dogsled Team, Patrols Greenland Wilderness

Animal Photos Of The Week

Space Dog

Alien Witness Cat

Cat Gif Page

Woman, 85, critical after being hit by falling cat

Pet dogs keep their feet from freezing

Police set up rolling roadblock to rescue cat stuck 50ft up motorway sign

Acrobatic dog balancing on chain

Harrowing Dog Tales Shed Light on Mexico's Strays

Ex-Bomb-Sniffing Dog Caught After Airport Escape

Man tells court it was dog who strangled wife

Architects for Animals' creative cat shelters

Golden Collars Awards: Dog News Daily Dogs In TV & Film Awards Announced

Dogs At Weddings: Tweeters Share Stories

Police Remove 82 Dogs From Home In Rural Indiana


Dog can't reach pedals

Thai navy rescue over 750 dogs destined for cooking pots in Vietnam

Scrolling, scrolling scrolling... HEY!

I am cat, I shall sleep here

Cat's 26 toes help boost Milwaukee animal shelter

Dog with congenital megaesophagus eats dinner

Italian cat inherits €10m fortune

London cabbie drives to Madrid and back to pick up a labrador

Cockapoo is Britain’s happiest dog

Dog saved after two weeks beside dead friend in biting Siberian cold

Misdiagnosed and Untreated Heartworm in Cats Can Be Fatal

Pet Store Puppies Targeted By Animal Welfare Groups

Daniel, Cat With 26 Toes, Comes To The Rescue Of Milwaukee Animal Shelter

Woman stranded because guide dog needed flight document

Washington Animal Rescue League Santa Dog Party

Miracle Dog

The 'disturbing' effects of war on military dogs

Snow falling on cat's head

Top hat cat

Cutest Pets Of 2011

Britain's most cowardly canine is scared of cats, afraid of the dark... and bites his nails (and desperately needs a new home)

Queen Solves Mystery Outbreak Of Killer Dog Illness On Sandringham Estate

Search on for man who fed kitten to python

Heroic dog rescued kittens dumped in bag on road

Dog shoots man in buttocks

Cats Reading Books

Kitty Lit 101

Top 10 Best Family Dogs Animal Planet Videos

Pusuke, World's Oldest Dog, Dies In Japan At Age 26

Top Cat Names Of 2011

Funny Missing Dog Poster In Astoria, Queens: 'Irate' Dog Named 'Killer' Dearly Missed By Owner Drew

Sniffer Dogs Trained To Conserve Penguins At Sydney's North Head

Woman Afraid Of Kittens On 'My Extreme Animal Phobia'

Dog Rescued In Iraq Returns To Fallen Soldier's Family, Beam Of Light Shines Down

California Joggers, Attacked By Pit Bulls; Dogs Later Killed

That's one gutsy guard dog! Canines chase starving polar bear away from Siberian weather station

Man dumps cat in bin, caught on CCTV camera

Long arm of law tries to stop Tinkerbell roaming

'Best dog' ruins bride Marlene Koenig's wedding

The Next Best Thing to Herding Cats

Dog trained to fetch groceries

Cat Using Toilet

25 Things Dogs Ruined

That's not what I ordered...

Patrolling Greenland by dog sledge

Family dog stolen five years ago returns on the 37 bus

Cats vs. iPads: The Ultimate Showdown

New Marlins Manager Ozzie Guillen Kissed a Dog On ESPN Magazine Cover

Funny Felines In Musical Cat Calendar: Cat Got Your Drum?

Lab Beagles Released In Spain, 40 Dogs See Sunlight For First Time

Christmas Trees Delivered By Newfoundland Dogs Recruited By Forestry Commission In Dalby Forest

Kitten In Pipe Rescued By Police And Firefighters In El Cajon, California

I Own You

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