Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Photos of Wildlife At Risk

Flying Squirrel Invades New Jersey Emergency Room

Three Ways Reindeer Play It Cool

Animal camouflage: can you spot these masters of disguise playing hide-and-seek?

Giraffe rescued from swimming pool

Pygmy elephant gores Australian woman to death

World's Oldest Tiger Species Discovered

Yellowstone Wolves Show How Animals Change With Nature

BBC Nature - Video collection: Baby Animals

Pictures We Love: Best of November

Pictures: "Lost" Leopard—And Poachers—Seen in Afghanistan

Awkward Pet Photos

Angry Indian snake charmer lets loose poisonous snakes in government office

Monroe man tries to shoot squirrel, hits himself instead

Woolly mammoth to be brought back to life from cloned bone marrow 'within five years'

Traveller arrested smuggling live hummingbirds in his trousers

Climate change insight gleaned from Yellowstone wolves

9 Most Dangerous Zoo Escapees

Strange Animal Models of Human Evolution

Eagles Attack a Paraglider

How animals predict earthquakes
Prowling Pandas Become Policy Advisers

Ancient Animal Bones Pose a West Indies Mystery

New Picture of Bats' Acoustic Sense Emerges

How to pamper a panda

South Africa's Kruger National Park removes signs pinpointing rhinos for tourists amid poaching crisis

Giant pandas Tian Tian and Yang Guang arrive in Edinburgh

Animal pictures of the week

A fox pounces on a mouse under the snow in Yellowstone Park

Parks act to protect deer food – but shoot them at night

Nature Studies by Michael McCarthy: When one beast must die – to let another live

Guard at Wildlife Sanctuary Kills Tiger For Its Whiskers

Earliest Animals Looked Like Baseballs

Animals and Their Tools: Photos

Mass Electrocution Kills Flamingos

China's 'Gay' Penguins Given Baby Chick To Care For (VIDEOS)

Pythons, Kitties, and Snails, Oh My! : Invasive Species Taking Over the Everglades

On The Sixth Day Of Christmas My True Love Gave To Me: 11 Winter Ducklings

Turkey Point Nuclear Plant Crocodiles Are Monitored By Biologists

Animal Photos Of The Week

Mount Rainier National Park Cascade Foxes: Visitors Asked To Stop Feeding Animals

Two-Snouted Cyclops Pig Born In China (PHOTO)

Gender-Bending Deer With Crazy Antlers Shot

The Sloths Are Coming... Slowly

Tarsiers Threatened By Tourism And Hunting (PHOTOS)

Bear gets stuck in skip in Vancouver

Giant pandas bear up to life as Edinburgh celebrities

Empathetic Rats Help Each Other Out

World's Smallest Frogs Tinier Than a Penny

Animal Gallery: Fun in the Snow

Polar bear 'cannibalism' pictured

How penguins 'time' a deep dive

Birds have regional accents according to scientists

Madagascar ring-tailed lemur found in London amid freezing conditions

100 snakes found in Cologne hotel

Who are you calling 'four-eyes'? Double-take as pair of alert owls move in sync

Toronto's 'gay' penguins split as one mates with female

Rare bird egg thief, with collection of 700 snatched from nests, jailed

Man arrested for trying to sell stuffed giant panda in Tokyo

'Exmoor Emperor's head' removed over fears of attack by animal rights protestors

Madagascar ring-tailed lemur found in London amid freezing conditions

Will Big Cats Survive in the Wild?

6 Species Proving Humans Aren't the Only Intelligent Ones on the Planet

Year in Review: The Weirdest, Wildest Animal Stories of 2011

Lone Wolf On the Verge of Rediscovering California

Animal Photos Of The Week

Brushtail Possum, Australia Marsupial, Spotted For First Time In A Decade (VIDEO)

Swimming With Pigs In The Bahamas (VIDEO)

'Goose-killer lurks in River Lea' near Olympic Stadium


Controversy over that Viral 'Murmuration' Video

Big Wildlife Garden competition: Time to put life back into Britain's gardens

The Norfolk rhapsody: birds of a feather flock together in huge clouds

The future is less grey as red squirrels battle their big, bullying cousins

Top tips on how best to discourage predators and keep your birds safe

Scotland may cull deer in greater numbers to reduce road accidents

Photos: "Dramatic" Elephant Rescue in Zambia

Killer bovines trample koalas as they head for the trees

11 of Australia’s Most Harmful Animals

California birds mysteriously growing bigger since Hitchcock's film

Endangered spoon-billed sandpipers arrive in UK

Baby Boom Boosts Endangered Parrot Species

Bounds of Biodiversity: Photos of Wildlife At Risk

Humphrey the pet hippo kills owner in South Africa

Spoon-billed sandpipers brought to UK in last-ditch rescue attempt

Panda diplomacy

G20 delays China panda loan to France

Surfing goat rides the waves in California

Two brave mice set up home in owl's nest

Darwen hero parrot helps saves premature pups’ lives

Animal Photos Of The Week

Top 5 Fierce Animal Fight Photos

15 Amazing Images of Baby Birds at Dinner Time

Snoring dormouse is internet hit

5 Rare Cat Species Photographed in Indonesia

Poison Frogs Dress in Hometown Colors

Polar bear web broadcasts from the Canadian wilderness

Autumn's birds delay migration

Nature Wants to Eat You

6 Animals With Better Memories Than You

Sure you still want that kitten? The adorable baby owl who LOVES to be petted

41 Awesome Birds

Beavers released in Machynlleth enclosure

Indian elephants: Karnataka move put on hold

Pony with Distinct Appearance Goes Missing

Alien rats take on prey's role

Lots of illegal rhino horns found in Hong Kong

8 Terrific Turkey Facts

Amphibians facing 'terrifying' rate of extinction

Are lemmings turning the Arctic green?

Frog skin chemicals could hold key to curing cancer

British cuckoos take their winter break – in the congo

Top 20 Cutest Animals

Swedish Political Party Wants to Eliminate Wolves

Sumatran Tiger Cubs Make Debut At Chester Zoo (PHOTOS)

Yellowstone Grizzly Bears Still Threatened, Court Says

New Zealand Oil Spill: Penguins Freed After Rescue (PHOTOS)

Myanmar's White Elephants Hailed As Sign Of Peace

Martin Aguilar, Kewa Pueblo Medicine Man, Acknowledges Killing Bald Eagle

Paul Smith, Indiana Hunter, Dies After Encounter With Deer He Shot

Probe after severed pig heads found in Middlesbrough street

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