Thursday, November 10, 2011

Missing cat walks 3000km to find home

23" Waist

Dog emerges from wreckage of home destroyed in fire

Excessive dog barking will cost you in L.A.

I'm fine here :-)

Cat stand off

Missing cat walks 3000km to find home

10 Table Foods Your Pet Shouldn't Eat

Dogs Walked by Men Are More Aggressive

21 Cats Doing Impressions (PHOTOS)

'Your Dog Has Cancer'

For Local Veteran, a Dog Made All the Difference

Angry Cobra Cat Is Tired Of Your Attitude

Christmas For Pets: What Will Your Dog Or Cat Find Under The Tree?

Extra passenger

Escaped Pink Flamingo Spotted On A Lake North Of NYC

Penguins Of Phillip Island Are Australia's Cutest Tourist Attraction

6-Foot Alligator Outside Michigan Church

San Francisco to Open World's First Zoo for Gay Animals

New Webcam Allows World to Watch Live Polar Bear Migration

Top 10 Animal Horrors

Egypt's Endangered Species in Media Spotlight

Deer crashes through restaurant window

Sleeping Black Rhinos Are Hung from Helicopters in Wild Journey to a New Home (Photos)

The Wonderful World of Animal Mating Rituals

Zoo orders Chinese food delivery from Holland

RSPB: Q&A - where to see peregrines and goshawks

Why Some Birds of Prey Become Transvestites

Penguins 'visit spa' to keep cool in summer

Coyote-Wolf Hybrids Have Spread Across U.S. East

Tough Love: Toronto Zoo to Separate ‘Gay’ Penguin Couple

A lion on the line: passengers held at station after woman reports sighting

Rhino Airlift Photos: Black Rhinoceros Transported To New Home By Air

5 Ridiculous Animal Myths That You Probably Believe

Gallery: Snook Devoured by Massive Croc

Llama Love

Bracing for a Bullfrog Invasion

Ancient Monster Croc Sported Shield on Skull

Shopkeepers discover python in attic

Foothills folks fear owls are eating pets

Baby elephant rescued from poachers’ trap in Cambodian jungle gets prosthetic foot

Toddler great mates with big kitten

Leopard cat cubs survive after mother abandons them in Cambodian floods

Entire Mammal Genus on Brink of Extinction

Pictures: Best Wild Animal Photos of 2011 Announced

Hummingbirds shake their heads to deal with rain

Ancient horses' spotted history reflected in cave art

Tiny but toothy mammal unearthed

Baby Mammoth Innards Revealed in X-Ray Images

Happy Birthday to Po! Celebrated Panda Turns 1

Creative Creatures: 10 Animals That Use Tools

Mammoth Mystery: What Killed Off the Woolly Beast?

Millions of birds migrating to Spain face painful deaths in glue-filled traps

Rhino poachers bring death toll in South Africa to record high

Previous Funny Animal Pictures: Rodents Eating Pasta

Animal Photos Of The Week

Lakewood, Washington Black Bear Caught After 3 Tranquilizer Shots

The 6 Most Incredible Real World Beast Masters

Tracking of Mysterious 'Unicorns of the Sea' Begins

Loggerhead turtles take 45 years to grow up

Deadly Sea Creatures and Their Devious Ways

Fish in Shoals Steer Like Cabbies

Dolphins Team Up To Get the Girl

50-Legged Creature May Have Been Top Predator of Ancient Seafloor

Whales Surprise Surfer Near Santa Cruz, California Beach (VIDEO)

Microscopic Monsters: Gallery of Ugly Bugs

What's the World's Ugliest Bug? Contest Aims to Find Out

Ancient Mite Caught Hitching Ride on Spider

Man Single-Handedly Saves a Species of Snail

Ladybug after the rain

New "Albino" Spider Found in Australia

Monkey Moms Help Sons Get Babes

Vet is living with poorly baby gorilla to help him back to health

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