Thursday, November 17, 2011

The Kitten Covers

London pub goes to the dogs

Dog rescued after getting paw stuck in the bath drain

The Kitten Covers

Dog Saves New Family Six Hours After Being Adopted

Blind dog trapped down manhole for two months reunited with owner

Owners killing their pets to get insurance payouts

Cat comes down from cactus after 3 days

In a shocking act of animal cruelty, two kittens were packed in a sealed cardboard box and handed to a courier driver for delivery.

Kitten survives washing machine spin cycle



Controversy over that Viral 'Murmuration' Video

Big Wildlife Garden competition: Time to put life back into Britain's gardens

The Norfolk rhapsody: birds of a feather flock together in huge clouds

The future is less grey as red squirrels battle their big, bullying cousins

Top tips on how best to discourage predators and keep your birds safe

Scotland may cull deer in greater numbers to reduce road accidents

Photos: "Dramatic" Elephant Rescue in Zambia

Killer bovines trample koalas as they head for the trees

11 of Australia’s Most Harmful Animals

California birds mysteriously growing bigger since Hitchcock's film

Endangered spoon-billed sandpipers arrive in UK

Baby Boom Boosts Endangered Parrot Species

Bounds of Biodiversity: Photos of Wildlife At Risk

Humphrey the pet hippo kills owner in South Africa

Spoon-billed sandpipers brought to UK in last-ditch rescue attempt

Panda diplomacy

G20 delays China panda loan to France

Surfing goat rides the waves in California

Two brave mice set up home in owl's nest

Darwen hero parrot helps saves premature pups’ lives

Whales and Salmon: When Enemies Need Each Other

Back to the Wild: Ocean Animal Releases Still Problematic

Fish Acting as Lawn Mowers Help Coral Reefs Recover

Sperm whales wash up on Tasmanian beach

Newly Discovered 'Alien' Sea Worms Ride the Current

Deep-Sea Creepy-Crawlies: Images of Acorn Worms

Squid and octopus switch on camouflage

Migrating whale numbers hit 50-year high

Shrimp has 'silk-spinning skills'

Crane lift for eel as 'love congers all' in Macduff

Massages Relax Fish Too

'Jealous' Hermaphrodite Shrimp Murder Their Rivals

Less than 1% of sharks caught in the Atlantic are protected

Drunk man attacked by monkeys at zoo

Hundreds of Orangutans Killed Annually for Meat

Deadly Australian spider comes to Britain

8-Legged Sex Trick? Spiders Give Worthless Gifts, Play Dead

Mishap freezes to death 800 rare New Zealand snails

Ancient Moths Reveal Their True Colors

12 Incredible Praying Mantis Photos: Mantids Devouring Their Prey

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