Thursday, November 24, 2011

The Fluffington Post

The Fluffington Post

My guide dog changed my life

10 Fruits and Veggies that Aid in Dogs' Nutrition and What ingredients are important in senior dog food?.

Introduction to 5 Human Foods Cats Can Eat

10 Interesting Differences Between Cats and Dogs

Dog drives double-decker bus in Darwin

Helping An Old Dog Live Longer and Well

Loyal Dog In China Refuses To Leave Owner's Grave, Goes Week Without Food

Awkward Pet Photos Continue To Dog Families (PHOTOS)

Animal Photos Of The Week

Top 5 Fierce Animal Fight Photos

15 Amazing Images of Baby Birds at Dinner Time

Snoring dormouse is internet hit

5 Rare Cat Species Photographed in Indonesia

Poison Frogs Dress in Hometown Colors

Polar bear web broadcasts from the Canadian wilderness

Autumn's birds delay migration

Nature Wants to Eat You

6 Animals With Better Memories Than You

Sure you still want that kitten? The adorable baby owl who LOVES to be petted

41 Awesome Birds

Beavers released in Machynlleth enclosure

Indian elephants: Karnataka move put on hold

Pony with Distinct Appearance Goes Missing

Alien rats take on prey's role

Lots of illegal rhino horns found in Hong Kong

8 Terrific Turkey Facts

Amphibians facing 'terrifying' rate of extinction

Are lemmings turning the Arctic green?

Frog skin chemicals could hold key to curing cancer

British cuckoos take their winter break – in the congo

Top 20 Cutest Animals

Swedish Political Party Wants to Eliminate Wolves

Sumatran Tiger Cubs Make Debut At Chester Zoo (PHOTOS)

Yellowstone Grizzly Bears Still Threatened, Court Says

New Zealand Oil Spill: Penguins Freed After Rescue (PHOTOS)

Myanmar's White Elephants Hailed As Sign Of Peace

Martin Aguilar, Kewa Pueblo Medicine Man, Acknowledges Killing Bald Eagle

Paul Smith, Indiana Hunter, Dies After Encounter With Deer He Shot

Probe after severed pig heads found in Middlesbrough street

Shark repellent' invented by surfer

Seals use incredible navigation skills to return to site where they were born

The anglerfish can teach us a thing or two about finding our other half

Rescued killer whale bound for amusement park following legal tussle

Vanishing Jumbo Squid Mystery Solved

Protection boosted for tuna, sharks and swordfish

Turtles Eating Things

Oldest Antarctic Whale Found; Shows Fast Evolution

Beluga body scrub session filmed
Newly Discovered 'Alien' Sea Worms Ride the Current

Incredible Images from Marine Photobank's Ocean Conservation Photo Contest

Visiting Costa Rica's Turtle Maternity Ward (PHOTOS)

Whales In The Desert: Fossil Bonanza Poses Mystery

Youppi, Rare Orange Lobster, Dies

New York City Buzzing With New Bee Species

The Buzz Around Beer: Why Do Flies Like Beer?

Ants Beware! Spider Protected by Burglar-Proof Web

The Challeges Faced by the Magnificent Monarch Butterfly

Bees Protect Kenyan Crops From Elephants

Edible Insects: Getting to the Good Stuff

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