Thursday, November 03, 2011

The Ancient Tradition of Fishing With Cormorants on China's River Li

Dog Survives Gas Chamber At Alabama Shelter, Is Sent To New Jersey For Adoption

John Hemming Admits Stolen Cat Returned To His Mistress Is An Imposter

It's a Dog's Life (Funny Pics)

Pet dog saves Cornwall mayor struck by lightning

The world needs to see this puppy

Sad end to friendship between dog and elephant

Dart playing dog is a hit with the regulars

7 Movie Favorites Recast With Cats

Heterochromia in Cats

Cat With 26 Toes Helps Milwaukee Animal Rescue Center Raise $26 Donations Toward Goal

12 Cat vs Baby Fights

Spaniel to protect endangered Little Penguins

Snake found in cash machine

Animal Photos Of The Week

Bat Fungus Threatens D.C. Creatures With Extinction (PHOTOS)

Lake Tahoe Bear Cubs Have Odds Against Them After Mom Shot, Authorities Say

The Week in Animal News: Javan Rhino Officially Extinct, Hawk With Nail Through its Head, and More (Slideshow)

Wallabies living wild in South West

5ft bird sprints through town after escaping from farm

How the koala got its voice

Quirky grey squirrel pictures by Kathy Pruyn

Snakes in a cave

Mystery bird: Great kiskadee, Pitangus sulphuratus

Huge python in Fla. had eaten a deer

Camera Traps Catch Arctic Predators in the Act

Canadian senator wants polar bear as new emblem

Clever Eurasian jays plan for the future

Slow Motion Owl Brings Doom and Terror

The 20 Cutest Baby Meerkat Pictures On The Entire Internet (via)

The Ancient Tradition of Fishing With Cormorants on China's River Li

Python Hearts Double in Size—Now We Know Why

Rare white kiwi survives surgery

Reindeer pant to stay cool in fur coats

How woodpeckers avoid head injury

Ancient Saber-Toothed Cat Drooled Like a St. Bernard

Raccoon Beds Down in Woman's Bathtub

Do Animals Know Right from Wrong? New Clues Point to 'Yes'

Eagle brings down paraglider over Himalayas

Face to face with the creatures of the night: I must be bats

Graphic: grey wolves return to Europe

Boy attacked by fox in bedroom

What Color and Size of Plumage Reveal About Birds

New Bat Has Extraordinary Nostrils

'ZooBorns Cats' Book Offers Up The Cutest Animals Around (PHOTOS)

Tiger Cubs Make Their Debut At Sydney Zoo

Circus Elephant Abuse Lawsuit Dismissed By Appeals Court

Malaysian Snakes, Tortoises Rescued From Restaurant Trafficking Plot

Gatineau police defend shooting escaped cows

Fake Halloween spider web snags live screech owl

New Shark-Fin Pictures Reveal Ocean "Strip Mining"

Grotesque sea beast's sliming seen for first time

Previous Sea of Blood: Hundreds of Whales Slaughtered on the Beaches of the Faroes

Three-Eyed Nuclear 'Simpsons' Fish Caught

Hispid Frogfish (Shaggy Frogfish) (via)

Bangladesh dolphins get Sundarbans sanctuaries

Humpbacks Bounce Back from Whaling

Invasive, Fragrant Ants Crash Hawaii

Insects Are Scared to Death of Fish

Fossil feast for 'zombie worms'
Discovering 'Warrior Wasps'

High-Living Spiders Make Skyscraper "Like a Haunted House"

Why Spiders Will Always Find You

Smart Chimp Gets Speech Like a Human

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