Thursday, October 27, 2011

Peer Cats

Peer Cats

Kitten burrito

Firefighter revives dog, mouth to snout

Meet the blind Great Dane in need of a home (but you'll need to make space for HER huge guide dog)

A Dog Food Ad Only Fido Can Hear

Millie the border collie ate magic mushrooms and is lucky to be alive

Pit Bull Saves Woman With Brain Aneurysm, Given 'Neighbor Of The Year' Award (VIDEO)

Puppy Rescued From Train In Liberty, South Carolina Gets New Home

A Cat Made Freyondo Bizardie So "Depressed" That He Tried to Choke it To Death and Throw it in a Dumpster

Titchy Dog

Mice 'overrun' BBC newsroom

The birds which cannot cope with the demise of Communism

Kingfisher flies from Poland to Orford Ness to set record

Jaguar Pictures: Record Big-Cat Numbers Spotted in Bolivia

Researchers reveal baby-killer birds

Should the Ohio Exotic Animals Have Been Shot?

Pictures: Lucky Few Exotic Animals Saved From Ohio Shootings

Javan rhino 'now extinct in Vietnam'

Javan Rhino Factbox

Wild boar destroys Kent garden in overnight rampage

Disabled goat learns to walk on front legs

Epic wolf hunt caught on camera

Fungus Alone Is Killing Off Bats, Study Proves

Mystery bird: Abyssinian woodpecker, Dendropicos abyssinicus

Saving greys: don't demonise successful squirrels

Frozen Planet: pictures from Sir David Attenborough's latest polar TV series

Thieves dig up hibernating tortoises

Bear cub invades Alaskan grocery store

Woodpecker may hold secret to human beings avoiding brain injuries

Climate risk to polar bear habitats

Rare baby hazel dormice rescued from jaws of cat


All tied up, foothills deer rescued from rope swing

From Yawning Lions to Buffalo-befriending Birds: Africa's Threatened Animals in Stunning Photos (Slideshow)

Liberated Battery Hens Find a New Home in Prison

New Bat Has Extraordinary Nostrils

Wither the Wolf, Behold the Coywolf

Animal Photos Of The Week

Dead Birds On Wasaga Beach, Georgian Bay: Cleanup Of Thousands Of Waterfowl Begins, Botulism Suspected

Rare white wombat nursed back to health in Australia

Invasion! Beware the killer hornet

6 Adorable Spider Behaviors You Slowly Realize Are AAAAAHHH!

Millions of bees rounded up after semi rollover

Pictures: How Bubble-Rafting Snails Evolved

Rare moths arrive in Britain

How to identify and trap moths

15 Incredible Flower Praying Mantis Pictures

High-Living Spiders Make Skyscraper "Like a Haunted House"

Why Spiders Will Always Find You

Conservationists round on Chinese whale shark aquarium

More Humpback Whales in North Pacific Than Thought

Antarctic Killer Whales Treat Skin with a Tropical Vacation

Giant "Amoebas" Found in Deepest Place on Earth

In Photos: Spooky Deep-Sea Creatures

Australia's 'Rogue' Man-Eating Sharks Actually Chasing Whales

Photos Show Fisherman Catching Great White Shark

SeaWorld Accused By PETA Of Enslaving Orcas

Indonesia may host man-made 'orangutan island'

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