Monday, October 17, 2011

Demystifying the Science Behind Acupuncture

Foreign Accent Syndrome: Scottish woman speaks with Italian accent following stroke

5 Deadly Digestive Problems

How Little Sleep Can You Get Away With?

Demystifying the Science Behind Acupuncture (via)

The Chirurgeon's Apprentice - A website dedicated to the horrors of pre-anaesthetic surgery (via)

A brief history of the brain

Worshipper rips out both eyes in Mass with his bare hands

5 Sci-Fi Medical Procedures We'll Have in Our Lifetime

Two-day-old baby girl rescued after being buried alive

Orlando fat bank aims to let patients store removed fat for future use

Why Do Some People Learn Faster?

Don't shake hands... touch elbows: Experts' bizarre advice to dodge flu

'Stop teasing our dwarf daughter': Parents of growth disorder girl, 6, plead for end to taunts that make her cry

Woman gives birth hours after running Chicago Marathon

Brain 'rejects negative thoughts'

Six Reasons We Have Bad Dreams


Joanne Casey said...

Why do people learn faster?...I reckon the more of an interest you have the quicker you learn. Solved, in one sentence :-)

ILuvNUFC said...

So true. You should write articles for them and make a killing :)

Joanne Casey said...

Would have to fill the page up with photos to make up for lack of text :-)

ILuvNUFC said...

I could supply the photos and this time next year we'd be billionaires! :)

Joanne Casey said...

Bloody right!