Thursday, October 13, 2011

AT-AT Dog Costume

Kitteh Of Dispair

Hero Dogs

Apology to man fined £75 for brushing his dog

Amazing story of the clever cat who led RSPCA rescuer to her kittens

Pet saves toddler from pit bull

Truth about Tory catfight: Judge DID rule migrant's pet was a reason he shouldn't be deported

Prehistoric Dog Found with Mammoth Bone in Mouth

Sheriff's dept. dog jumps 60 feet off parking deck

AT-AT Dog Costume

Cutest kitten I’ve ever seen

Bulldogs Banned on Many Airlines Due to Death Risk

Discovered, the real cat that made Tory fur fly

Dog In Post-Quake Japan Found Alive Under Rubble, Reunited With Family

Lovely Encounter With an Old Dog and Her Old Man

World Rabies Day: Vaccination as an Alternative to Clubbing and Poisoning Dogs

The Week in Animal News: Surfers Save Shark, Skinned Alive for Fake Uggs, and More (Slideshow)

12 Extreme Animal Hairstyles

Animal Photos Of The Week

Endangered Elephants: Playing Polo For A Better Life (PHOTOS)

Wildlife Photos By Heinrich Van Den Berg

Meerkats recognise each other's voices

Sleep Tight! Snoozing Animals Gallery

Rise in mole numbers across UK

Study finds crows can distinguish symbols representing quantities

Dane shot famed albino moose

The Bobcat – Resilient Predator of North America

Strange creature killed in Simpson Co.

The Caring Owl

10 Animals Who’ve Earned Awards

Lock up your pets! Dog owners warned as giant 6ft Eagle Owl is spotted in Devon

9 Men Rescue Moose Trapped In Pool

7 Animals That Are One Flaw Away From Taking Over the World

Drinkers stunned as bull rampages through pub in Ireland

New Zealand Oil Spill Pictures: Beaches, Birds Coated

Armadillo Invasion: Warm-Weather Critters Expanding East

Muntjac deer invasion could cost Scotland £1.9m a year

Cull 'cannot save' Tasmanian devil

Salamander's elastic tongue powered by 'coiled spring'

Camera Traps Capture First Photos of Mountain Lions in Stanford Preserve

Whimbrels Migrate Thousands Of Miles, Only To Be Gunned Down

Mystery bird: Black-chinned mountain-tanager, Anisognathus notabilis

Siberia home to yeti, bigfoot enthusiasts insist

How to lure a pheasant

Mink devastate our native wildlife

Natural born killers stalk Kiwi birdlife

Stag fright: a close encounter with the Beast of Bushy

Robo-Deer Used To Catch Poachers Across The U.S.

Juan Jose Padilla, Spain Bullfighter, Suffers Terrifying Face Goring

Real Life Pumbaa And Timon: Worcestershire Micro Pig, Meerkat

Angry Farmer Single-Handedly Slaughters an Entire Colony of Protected Birds in One Afternoon

Wolves in Ethiopia Disappearing Thanks to Domestic Dog Diseases

Meet the Hellbender, the Giant American Salamander That's Going Extinct

Bruised Joey Found Kicked Out of Mom's Pouch

Whale Takes Australian Couple On Wild Boat Ride

Rare sea horses found in the River Thames

Whale stranded on South Uist beach dies

Killer Sharks Invade Golf Course In Oz

Leaping fish give evolution clue

Kraken Sea Monster Account "Bizarre and Miraculous"

New Life-Forms Found at Bottom of Dead Sea

Leaping fish give evolution clue

Male Guppies Harass Potential Mates into 'Girl Fights'

Beluga Whales' Beauty Captured By Photographer Uri Golman In Arctic Encounter (PHOTOS)

Why Overfishing for Sharks is Destroying the Ocean's Ecosystem

Diesel Fumes May Be Behind Global Collapse Of Honey Bee Colonies

Bee thought to be extinct found in East Sussex

Chivalry Not Dead: Male Crickets Risk Lives to Protect Mates

Snails Sail Through Life on Bubbles of Mucus

Amazing Mollusks: Images of Strange & Slimy Snails

Venomous spider's nest found in Buckinghamshire garden

The Most Surreal Insect on Earth

Rare flame brocade moth is established in the UK

Department of Defense Spends Thousands to Save a Butterfly

Spooked Spiders Weave Weird Webs

Monkeys Grooming Other Animals

Gorilla and tiny duckling become unexpected friends at New York zoo

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