Thursday, September 08, 2011

Boo: the world's cutest dog

Boo: the world's cutest dog

Dog helps confused baby turtle hatchling

Former cowboy lassos dogs who jumped into canal

Dog Reportedly Found Living On Mount Kilimanjaro

Carmen Ramos, Philadelphia Woman Fatally Mauled By Pit Bulls

Proposed Australia Marine Sanctuaries Need To Be Bigger, Say Conservationists

Ironic Dog Doesn't Want To Be Trained (PICTURE)

Accidental Nature: Vultures need a change of culture

Marsupial Gallery: A Pouchful of Cute

Ghosts of persecution past and present

Elephant Makes a Stool—First Known Aha Moment for Species

First New U.S. Bird Species in Decades—Already Extinct?

Elusive Golden Cat Filmed

20 Most Colorful Lizards on Earth

6 Things You Won't Believe Animals Do Just Like Us

Chinese Woman Stuffs Endangered Birds in Socks, Tapes Them to Body, Tries to Smuggle Them Through LAX

6 Animals That Kill Nature's Scariest Creatures For Fun

The bittern is back: One of Britain's rarest birds returns from brink of extinction to enjoy its best year on record

Pictures: Biggest Crocodile Ever Caught?

Lost penguin Happy Feet freed south of New Zealand

Pigs Consume Human Bodies

Piglets prefer suckling from stray dog rather than mother

Mutant pig 'alien' born in Guatemala after UFOs seen in the sky

Hungover Owls

86 Percent of Earth's Species Still Unknown?

Vulture-killing drug still for sale, finds survey

Eagles and small child claims 'alarmist' RSPB says

Tasmanian tiger's jaws were too weak to kill sheep

Brothers turn female marmots into 'tom boys'

Iconic platypus feels the heat

Tibet Was Cradle of Evolution for Pre-Ice Age Giants

Toothy Cuties: Rare Siamese Crocs Hatch

Zoo Animals Sensed DC Quake Minutes Before It Hit

Skinny 'Shrew' Is Oldest True Mammal

Look Quick: Gallery of the Fastest Beasts on Land

Vampire bats could save stroke victims

Threatened wildlife returns as clean-up of rivers pays off

Baby jaguar makes debut at Philadelphia Zoo

London Zoo's annual animal check-up

Birds attracted by sense of adventure

Accidental Nature: Vultures need a change of culture

Momma Alligator Rescues Baby from Heron's Beak

12 Amazing Living Animal Fossils

Heartwarming Tales of Orphaned Elephants Being Returned to the Wild

Global Camera Trap Study Takes 52,000 Candid Animal Photos

Amazon Expedition Discovers New Monkey

'Primate Playdates' May Be Near for iPad-Loving Orangutans

Scientist Snoozes for 6 Nights in Chimp Nests

Pictures: Baby Gorilla Rescued From Poachers

Giant crabs make Antarctic leap

Proposed Australia Marine Sanctuaries Need To Be Bigger, Say Conservationists

'Happy Feet' Penguin Tracker: Follow The Animal Back To Antarctica

Protoanguilla Palau, 'Living Fossil,' Discovered In Pacific

Female seals drawn to deadly ship propellers because they sound like male mating call

Stranded baby whale rescued in Humber

'Hidden' hawksbill turtles found

Pictures: "Walking" Fish a Model of Evolution in Action

Do dolphins mourn their dead?

Marine species discovered on Gorringe seamount - in pictures

Great white shark spotted among Calif. surfers

The Least Threatening Sharks

Fiddler crabs keep cool with giant claws

Oldest Antarctic "Sea Monster" Found

Great white sharks 'could be in British waters'

Blind Cave Fish Can Tell Time

Bermuda Triangle to Become Humpback Whale Haven

Giants on Ice: Gallery of Walruses

10 Amazing Photos of Animals Hidden Under the Arctic Ice

Extinct bumblebee to be reintroduced to Britain

Wasp numbers rise 40 per cent after warm spring

It's spider season!

Newly Discovered Warrior Wasp Has Giant Jaws

Alien worm invasion 'threat to forests'

Early Daddy Longlegs Revealed in 3-D—Bugs Evolved Little

Long-lost ladybird species discovered breeding in UK

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