Friday, August 05, 2011

The Titanic Wreckage at 100: Never-Before-Seen Photos

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The Titanic Wreckage at 100: Never-Before-Seen Photos

Majestic visitors cast off and head for the horizon as the Tall Ships Race begins

Intricate Ship Sterns: Art on the Ocean

Roman-era shipwreck reveals ancient medical secrets

10 Extraordinary Modern Shipwrecks

10 Worst Parking Jobs

World's only remaining 'Ghost Car' headed for auction... incredible images of the Plexiglas Pontiac expected to fetch almost $500,000

Creatively Decorated Cars for Fun (via)

CNN shows how man won Chevy Camaro on auction website for $5.28

A drive in the clouds: Flying cars could be in UK skies in five years

Toyota system automatically stops car before it hits a pedestrian

Car dosh: The £10,000 week-long vehicle 'spa' that leaves super-cars as good as new

Awesome Car Hood Ornaments

2010 Automotive Colour Popularity Report (via)

Man Gets $1,000 Speeding Ticket Trying To Save His Baby

UK Electric Car Sales Down 50%, Despite Massive Government Grant

Top 7 Urban Legends About Motor Oil

Which Countries Own The Most Cars?

Air France to power planes with cooking oil

Top Secret Technology Demonstrator Aircraft That Are Now Declassified

Deadly Trains

Train driver caught reading newspaper at 60mph

Mobility scooter man survives 100mph Essex train crash

Dutch Railway Station Installs Slide For Busy Passengers

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