Thursday, August 11, 2011

Dogs Shaking Off Water

Ka-ching! Alexander McQueen Leaves His Dogs Rolling in the Dough

Kitten survives 50-minute spin in washing machine

The perfectly preserved pooches of Castle Bitov

Kids And Their Pets

A Day in the Life of Business Cat

Cats. Where they do not belong.

Dogs Shaking Off Water (PHOTOS)

Kitten Helps Change A Tire

Russian Dog Frisbee Championships: Pooches Perform Near-Acrobatic Tricks Of Skil

Genetically Engineered, Glow-In-The-Dark Beagle Created By South Korean Scientists

Prehistoric Dog Domestication Derailed by Ice Age

Robbers stab dog in the head

In Photos: A Lion's Life

Pictures: Rare Antelope, Big Cats Caught by Camera Trap

Parasite Creating Deformed Frogs in Western U.S.

Scientists make squirrels hibernate

Exotic Animals: 12 of the World’s Most Expensive Legal Pets to Own

VIDEO: The animal kingdom's weirdest mating rituals, and their human equivalents

Almost 100 birds killed in 'frenzied' fox attack at Angus farm

Homesick Scottish boars paddle a mile across the sea

20 Best Tumblr Feeds for Animal Lovers

Top ten wildlife killers

Pacu Jawi: Mud Cow Racing of Sumatra

'Longest tusked' elephant in Asia dies in Sri Lanka

The horse whiskerer: stallion has seven-inch ‘tache

The Strange Elegance of the Giraffe-Necked Antelope

Banana-hiding weasels are the rare animals that know about the future

Animals with Stuffed Animals

Giant rat kills predators with poisonous hair

Vampire Bats Have Vein Sensors

Spiky Rat Applies Plant Poison to Turn Hair Deadly

Pictures: New Shrews Found in Indonesia

Abused baby boobies grow up to abuse other chicks

Hyraxes: why Israel's 'rock rabbits' have become pests

How bloodsuckers find their blood

Killer plant 'eats' great tit at Somerset nursery

Lions Kill and Go Away, to Kill Again Another Day

Sexy Show-offs Burn Out Young

Flying Mammals: Gallery of Spooky Bats

Snakes Masquerade as Poisonous Vipers to Avoid Attacks

7 Shocking Snake Stories

The terrible secret of the goat on your plate

Abandoned wallaby hand reared in rucksack

Man give caution for shooting rooks for human consumption

Russia's Olympic bear kept caged on parked bus

Snake hitches ride on car

India's tiger population 'has increased by 20 per cent'

Animal pictures of the week

Crocodile has a brush with the law in Australia

Invasion of the falcons: The peregrine is back in town

Why the day of the condor could be drawing to a close

Ukraine: Bears to be freed from vodka torture

Sri Lankan Elephant Census Boycotted By Wildlife Groups

Watch Baby Geese Grow Up (VIDEO)

The Ecological Importance of the Yellow-Bellied Sapsucker

Ammonite: The Animal that Transforms into a Gemstone

The Incredible Amphibian Diversity of the Appalachians

The Deadly Eyelash Pit Viper Strikes!

Three Drastically Different Approaches to Managing Wild Horse Populations

Swans: The Birds of Myth and Legend

6 Species Facing Extinction Without Protection

Mystery Minnesota Monster Sparks Speculation

Male Frogs Woo Females With Disco

Baby Gentoo Penguins Born: Big Pic

Bid to cure koala's drooling disease

Petey the Parrot freed from car grill by Coral Springs firefighters

Postman attacked by chicken

The curse of the moth

In defence of the solitary bee

Urban beekeeping: the latest big environmental movement

Megabugs: The World's Largest Insects

Why Giant Bugs Once Roamed the Earth

Pictures: Wasps Turn Ladybugs Into Flailing "Zombies"

Honey ant queens share a throne

Mexican cure for deadly scorpion stings

Surviving Sex With Black Widows

How to save a bug's life

Dolphin Blubber Holds Secrets to Healing

Feminist Elephant Seals Take to the Water

Endangered Whales Dine at Dangerous Depths

Mariachi Band Serenades Music-Loving Beluga Whale

The Deadly Humboldt Squid Bites!

Shark Versus Everything (VIDEO)

Killer shrimp top UK waterways' least-wanted list

Fish farm breakthrough that could save the bluefin

Third of freshwater fish threatened with extinction

Humpback whale calf rescued from Australian beach

Sea Turtle 'Andre' Returns Home

Fish Masquerades as Coral to Hide in Plain Sight

Little Crayfish Is Big Glutton in Arctic Waters

Great Shark Week Photos from Our Flickr Pool

Shovel-Headed Shark May Be Earth's Oldest

Diver Kisses Shark, Then Gets Bitten (VIDEO)

Milton Police Find Shark In Woods

World's Largest Shark Sanctuary Slated in Micronesia, Equal to 2/3 Size of US

Caribbean Nightlife Under the Waves: Photos

Glowing Shark Wears Cloak of Invisibility

Scientists warn of "Planet of the Apes" scenario

How Smart Are Planet's Apes? 7 Intelligence Milestones

Monkeys learn to cover their eyes when they want to be left alone

Captive chimps choose to help their neighbours

Scientist hopes Sarawak will be centre for development of orang utan-human communication

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