Thursday, August 25, 2011

Dogs Can Sniff Out Lung Cancer From Patients' Breath

Giant Great Dane Named ‘Emmitt Thunderpaws’ Welcomes His Soldier...

Dog Thrown from Car on Busy Highway Now Up & Walking

Ancient Dog Skull Shows Early Pet Domestication

Abandoned Dog With Divorce Note Reportedly Found In Washingto

Pet Plastic Surgery Gains Popularity

Golden Retriever Trained As Valet

Stray Cats In China Battle Rodent Plague

Abandoned Dog Near Highway Eludes Rescuers

Dogs Can Sniff Out Lung Cancer From Patients' Breath

Kittens In Pots:

Clever Canines: Germany's educated dogs

Fat Dogs Are Colder Than Thin Ones

Oscar the Doxie Dog

16 Monkeys & Apes Doing Human Things

Orangutan At Japanese Zoo Cools Itself With Towel

Orangutan Overload

Infant stress in monkeys has life-long consequences

Baby Gorilla Rescued From Poachers

Chester Zoo team to build orangutan bridges in Borneo

Monkey Attacks Tayce Nickel, Eight-Year-Old Girl In Walmart Parking Lot

Single Furry Male seeks mate; zoo sets up lonely gorilla

Orangutan At Japanese Zoo Cools Itself With Towel

Iain Newby and family share Essex house with TV-watching emu Beaky

Cow whisperer, infrared cameras in hunt for bovine Yvonne

Male swan that fell in love with blue tractor now smitten by goose - Update

Zebra Finch Bro-mance Trumps Mating

Momma Bird's Boy Gets the Worm

Billy Goat Attacks German Tourists

Talking with Animals

Animal Photos Of The Week

Little Elephant Shows Big Brains

Look Quick: Gallery of the Fastest Beasts on Land

Iberian lynx 'not doomed' by low genetic diversity

Elephant Pictures: Killed Female Highlights Poaching Rise

Nature's record breakers

Endangered Animals: Better Looking, Better Protected?

Cane toad tadpoles cannibalise their competitors

Otterly adorable

Elephant Makes a Stool—First Known Aha Moment for Species

Species count put at 8.7 million

Newly sequenced DNA - how the kangaroo got its bounce

Cuckoos' 5,000km journey tracked by satellite

Species flee warming faster than previously thought

Giants on Ice: Gallery of Walruses

How Bats Stay on Target: Bio Sonar

Europe's farmland birds in decline

Elephant Wows Biologists With Its Clever Use of a Cube

World's Largest Rodent Shows Up in California, Spurs Viral Internet Craze (Video)

Massive Rodents Invade Wetlands

A kangaroo is for the high jump after escaping from its owner and going on a knicker-nicking spree

Red hawk down! Upper West Side apartment gets visit from feathered friend

Shark Bay dolphins astound university researchers

Oil exploration near seabird colonies would pose untenable risk, warns RSPB

Sharks, polar bears and otters are not simpler versions of ourselves

In pictures: Britain's most dangerous invaders

Sea eagle attacks reverend and his flock....of geese

Endangered Big Cats Get Playful With Big Toys

Snapperfest 2011: Does Turtle Event Torture Animals?

Bat Causes Stir At NH Selectman's Meeting

Pet Pig Tipping The Scales At 220kg Put On Crash Diet

Giant Panda Celebrates Second Birthday At San Diego Zoo

Heartwarming Tales of Orphaned Elephants Being Returned to the Wild

New to Nature No 51: Tamoya ohboya!

Blue Whale's Elastic Jaw Evolved From Stiff Maw

How the Sea Squirt's Heart Is Like a Human's

Ancient Whales Had Twisted Skulls

Great Barrier Reef: Rising turtle deaths prompt warnings of wildlife crisis

Great White shark 'carried out fatal Seychelles attack'

Sharks attack two in Russia

Giant Lobster on Exhibit in Coney Island

Bees on a plane panic as two hives swarm business class cabin

Ancient Daddy Longlegs Come to Life in 3-D Images

15 Insects You Can Use To Cure Wounds And Diseases

Parasite uses the power of sexual attraction to trick rats into becoming cat food

Bees' Beelines Could Yield Faster Internet

Dew-Covered Insects Sparkle in Stunning Photos

French Snail Racing Championship: Ready, Set, Slow!


CM said...

I have not commented on your fabulous blog for quite some time -- so I wanted to say thanks for the great postings. I visit every day, and I never cease to be entertained and educated by what you find. Keep up the good work! I constantly tell others to visit, because what is going on here is interesting, and fun. Thanks again! CM Evans

ILuvNUFC said...

Thank you for your kind words. :)