Thursday, July 28, 2011

Vintage Dog Photos from the Kennel Club Archive

5 Human Foods Cats Can Eat

Copy Cat

Mystery over dozen suffering puppies left in recycling bin

George the Great Dane is 7ft long, weighs 18st and is the world's biggest dog... but he's terrified of chihuahuas

A birth control pill... for dogs?

Gorgeous Vintage Dog Photos from the Kennel Club Archive (via)


Dog Jumps Over Bush, Misses, Is Still Cute (VIDEO)

A Journey To Find the Mysterious And Elusive White Spirit Bear

Illegal Animal Trade: Eskimo Hunters Plead Guilty

Baby okapi born in Belgium

Lions Attack Humans When the Full Moon Wanes

My, What Big Teeth: Wolves Gallery

Freaky Mutant Mouse Steals Genes to Resist Poison

Astonishing picture of 5.5m saltwater crocodile leaping from the water is Brutus - a tourist favourite in NT

Harlequin Dart Frogs

Horse stuck up to its nose in muddy swamp is rescued by firefighters

Mother duck lays her eggs at the top of a 12ft pole

Chase continues for coyote with head stuck in jar

10 creatures that deliver the most painful stings and bites

11 Animal Species About to Go Extinct

Answering The 6 Craziest Pet Questions Ever Googled

Veterinarians replace tortoise's injured leg with wheel

Police find Hamster in station

"Extinct" Toad Thrives in Lab

Longest Polar Bear Swim Recorded—426 Miles Straight

Chernobyl's Przewalski's horses are poached for meat

Connecticut mountain lion 'crossed US' before death

Rogue kangaroo attacks 94-year-old Phyllis Johnson

Gallery: Tiger Species of the World

Black-bellied hamster given reprieve by European Court of Justice

Grizzly bear attacks teenagers in Alaska

Pensioner breaks pelvis in seagull attack

At last! Lyster the laggard is on his way

Bosnian Bullfights Have Animal Friendly Rules

Polar Bears Vs Submarine

Meet Mimmi: The Bear Who Loves To Practice Yoga

Rare Sei whale spotted in Scottish waters

Blainville's beaked whales enter stealth mode

Dolphin hunts with electric sense

A diver is almost swallowed by a giant whale shark

Documentary Exposes Controversial History of Sea World's Role in Captive Dolphin and Whale Industry

Lurking 130ft in the deep: The extraordinary creatures that live in the freezing waters of the Russian Arctic

Rescuers save 44 beached whales but many more die on Scottish loch shore

Miraculous! Dolphin Healing Powers May Help Humans

Sea Serpent Hunt Underway in Alaska

Stranded whales return to open water at Kyle of Durness

Where to see the greatest creatures of the ocean

Taiji, Japan Holds Security Drill For Dolphin Hunt

New Zealand Goldfish Survive 134 Days Without Food

Lucy Mangum, 6, Describes Shark Attack Off North Carolina Beach

Thousands of Squid Surround Photographer

Illegal boat caught with 357 dead sharks

Monkeys use twigs for basic 'pedicure'

An extraordinary experiment in which scientists raised a chimpanzee as their child... with chilling results

What We Don't See When We See Chimps

'Alien' Monkey Causes Panic In Chinese Village

Monkey bites off baby's testicles during diaper change

Stop monkeying around and pass me a leaf

Langur Monkeys: India's Animal Sentries

Orphan Gorillas Arrive Back Home in Congo After Successful Airlift Operation

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