Thursday, July 21, 2011

Marauding Gangs of Monkeys Invade Rio de Janeiro

Bomb-Sniffing Dogs Work Better than Scanners?

Fat cat Eddie gets snatched up by hawk, but dropped in neighbor's garden due to weight

Hot dog and Hulk Dog

Catwoman of Milan spares no expense for feline friend

Meet Shun Shun the four-eared dog

Let me show you the meaning of haste

Man’s Dog Rushes For Help After Accident

Does Your Pet Have Weird Eating Habits? You're Not Alone

Why cats go next door: The reason your pet always chooses the neighbour's garden as a convenience

'Dog Attacks Shark' Video Explained

Puppies Galore! Dog Photos For The Summer

Dancing Dog Has Old School Moves (VIDEO)

Chihuahua chases away armed robbers

Lost Predators Leave Broken Food Chains

Case Solved: Why Sloths Are Slothful

Top 10 Animal Recruits in War

Male and female giant pandas prefer different habitats

Rainbow Toad Rediscovered, Photographed for First Time

Escaped ostrich causes havoc in the streets of Dover

Seven Odd Animal Photos

horse rescued from basement after fall through window well

Top 10 Animals Unintentionally Channeling Harry Potter Characters

Cell Phone Images Foil Tiger Poachers

Inside the Exotic Pet Trade

Penguins Raised By Humans Tracked By South African Scientists

'Depressed' Ferret Flees Siberian Circus

20 Cutest ZooBorns On Earth

Female urban foxes are top dogs, study shows

Mystery of mole's second thumb solved

Climate Change Forcing Polar Bears to Swim Longer Distances

The extinct species back from the dead and causing mayhem

Radio-controlled penguins: South Africa fits trackers to monitor baby birds

Snow leopards by numbers

Now cuckoos migrating from Britain reach Sahara

Warning on loss of world's top predators

Animal Photos Of The Week

Armadillos Continue Their Rapid Range Expansion

New Pit Viper Found—One of World's Smallest

9 Adorable Endangered Animal Babies to See Now at Zoos Around the World (Video Slideshow)

Wolf Populations on the Rise in France Despite Threats of Culls

Grand Cayman blue iguana: Back from the brink of extinction

The Week in Animal News: Leaping Polar Bears, Snails Survive Being Eaten, and More (Slideshow)

Paralyzed Lion Receives an Outpouring of Support

Hydrothermal Worm Viewed Under An Electron Microscope (PHOTO)

Can 'super-bees' solve the world's food crisis?

Rare bog spider found at Wester Moss reserve

Stick insects survive one million years without sex

Beehives stop elephant crop-raids in Kenya, Africa

Ancient 'Frankenstein' Insect Discovered

Snails Survive Being Eaten and Excreted by Birds

It's been simply marvellous weather . . . for insects

New to Nature No 47: Peripatus solorzanoi

The Invading Pest That's Destroying Florida's Citrus Orchards

World’s heaviest spider title challenged at Museum

Marauding Gangs of Monkeys Invade Rio de Janeiro

Baby Monkey Plays With iPhone, Gets High Score (VIDEO)

Monkey-Killing Virus Sickens Lab Workers

Planet of the Apes: Can Chimps Really Shoot Guns?

Rare species of gibbon found in Vietnam

Whaling meeting 'ignores needs of whales'

Sea Serpent Hunt Underway in Alaska

U.S. May Impose Sanctions Against Iceland For Whaling

World's First Shark Sanctuary

First Pictures: Wild Fish Uses Tool

Pictures: Largest "Sea Monster" Skull Revealed?

Pictures: Prehistoric Eyes Found—Surprisingly Advanced

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