Thursday, July 07, 2011

Animal Father Pictures

Tiny, Patron Saint Of Aircraft Travel

Bird vs Cat

Should dogs wear seat belts?

Dog allergic to grass gets specially made boots

The Truth About Cats' And Dogs'…Owners

Dogs Can Tell Apart Identical Twins

Dog Tired

How Did Animals' Dazzling Headgear Evolve? and The Dazzling Headgear of Cows, Deer and Giraffes

'Gas-less' kangaroo secret sniffed out

Naked mole rat's genome 'blueprint' revealed

Animal Father Pictures

Don't worry, it just means he loves me: Polar bear trainer's jaw-dropping photos

11 Animal Wonders of Evolution

Four-legged 420 Club: New Book Asserts Animals Get Stoned Too

Science shows that crows are the biker gangs of the sky

New Theory On Origin of Birds: Enlarged Skeletal Muscles

Firefighters free goat from PVC pipe

Turtle chaos: terrapins delay flights at JFK

Four-legged chicken for Friday night dinner?

Moose Locked Together in Mortal Combat

Pigeons never forget a face

Tree Frogs' Self-Cleaning Feet Could Solve a Sticky Problem

Top 10 Cases of Animals Committing Crimes

Hot Magma Gave Rise to Modern Mammals, Study Suggests

Pouch Puzzle: Kangaroo Moms Mysteriously Swap Offspring

Woodpecker Revival Runs Out of Room

Rhino poaching crisis in South Africa as 200 killed in six months

New to Nature No 46: Liophidium pattoni

Snake alert in Ipswich as boa constrictor escapes

Rare 'zonkey' born in China

Fear and loving: The two-edged charm of the snake

Not so cuckoo after all: birds that blog their flight paths

Animal Photos Of The Week

Loudest Little Animal Calls Out Using its Genitals and Dissecting Decibels: The Loudest Animals (Infographic)

Panda Escape: Clever Animal Makes A Run For Freedom (VIDEO)

Shooter the Elk Rescues Marmot from Drowning

Why Polar Bears Are Skating On Thin Ice

Grizzly Bears Seizing Salmon Out of the Air

5 Eerie Urban Legends of the Natural World

16 Goats, Sitting In A Tree (Video)

West and Central African Elephant Populations Decline 50% in 40 Years

Dead Penguins Washing Ashore With Disturbing Regularity

Komodo Dragons in Rare, Extreme Close-up Photos (Slideshow)

Baby Otters: Big Pics

Lioness Tries to Eat Baby Explained

Plastic Killed Sea Turtle In Australia, Marine Biologist Predicts

UK leads battle to clean up whaling commission

Jellyfish shut down nuclear reactors

Cookie-Cutter Shark Takes First Bite of Human Flesh

Rivers Clyde and Annan crayfish barrier installed

Bahamas Bans Commercial Shark Fishing

Giant Squid, 23 Feet Long, Found By Florida Fishermen (VIDEO)

Facebook Saves Dolphins On Vancouver Island (VIDEO)

Twirling Finback Whale Gives Watchers A Once-In-A-Lifetime View (VIDEO)

9 Essential Facts for the Crustacean Enthusiast

How One Expert Creates Beard of Bees (Very Carefully!)

Weird Worms Eat Bones

Moth Crawls into Boy's Ear as He Sleeps

Insect trappers profit from Uganda's taste for grasshoppers

Warring ants know their enemies

Inside a tarantula spider's beating heart

The Maggot Mass

Monkey steals camera to snap himself

Happiness a Key to Long Life for Humans and Orangutans

Tourists upset Morocco Barbary macaque monkeys

Urban Monkeys Seek Quietest Spots

Captive Chimpanzees Show Signs Of Mental Illness

Eyewitness: Monkeying around

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