Thursday, June 02, 2011

Soldiers with Kittens

A Gallery of Soldiers with Kittens

Business Cat is not happy with his employees

Dog earns award for helping save a life

The Secret Lives of Outdoor Cats Revealed

Star The Miracle Dog, Shot 40 Times And Buried Alive, Survives (VIDEO)

9 Weirdest-Looking Animals You Didn't Know Existed (PHOTOS)

The Antarctic island that's richer in biodiversity than the Galapagos

Lion steals photographer's camera

Tokyo zoo shows off newborn cheetah cubs

British giant pandas to get 'tunnel of love' and nursery

Missing Eagle rediscovered in west of Scotland

Strange He-She Birds Present Gender-Bending Mystery

Cannibalism Weeds Out Baby Alligators

Big Love: Woolly Mammoths, Huge Elephants May Have Interbred

India male tiger plays doting dad to orphaned cubs

70 Cutie Baby Animals Bring You a Good Mood

8 Animal Myths Dispelled

Reindeer see a weird and wonderful world of ultraviolet light

Rare white tiger cubs born in China

Safari park visitors warned to beware... after meerkats develop a fetish for human feet

7 Amazing Animal Stationmasters of Japan

Boy Wrestles 6-Foot Gator After Catching It While Fishing

Absolutely Hilarious Signs, Part 14

10 Fastest Animals on the Planet

Wildlife 'crash' in the Mara region of Kenya, Africa

Uganda's rare tree-climbing lions

Parakeets guilty of intimidating garden birds - study

Birds are thriving in the warm spring and public affection

Suburbia is no longer a sanctuary for our hedgehogs

Woburn Safari Park uses online reputation managers to bury damaging headlines on Google

Nightingale heading to extinction

Penguins chill in new London Zoo pool

Eastern Wolves Are Hybrids With Coyotes: Study

Otter Juggles Stone: Most Talented Otter Ever? (VIDEO)

Moose Attacks In Alaska Prompt Officials To Urge Caution: 'Assume Every Moose Is A Serial Killer'

20 Amazing Facts About the Critically Endangered Rhino

How Flyer the Eaglet Got Rescued from a Fishing Line Snare

Epidemic Leaves 440 Endangered Antelopes Dead in Kazakhstan

Threatened Tortoise Finds New Romance at Age 130

As Koala Populations Plummet, A Fight Unfolds Over Endangered Species Protection

The Week in Animal News: Tiger Dad Saves Cubs, Monkey Bodyguards, and More (Slideshow)

Three Birds Fly Over 3,700 Miles Without Stopping

Bristol Zoo’s baby sloth Sid saved at the last

Stinging Caterpillars of the United States

Butterflies close wings to avoid sex

Worms from Hell? Deepest Multicellular Life Found

Gender-Bender Bugs Impress Collectors

How to keep moths at bay

Saltoblattella Montistabularis, Jumping Cockroach, Found In South Africa's Table Mountain National Park

Spiders, Too, at Risk in Human-Altered World

Mosquitoes Fooled by Smelly Molecules

Well-Mannered Gorillas Hand Down Tradition of Dainty Eating

Whale Sharks' Shared Feast Sets Record

Beached 44ft whale dies on Redcar beach

Giant water bug photographed devouring baby turtle

Ancient Sea Monsters Were No Shrimps

Global warming threatens fish that inspired 'Finding Nemo'

25-Year-Old Woman Breaks Leg When Huge Fish Jumps On Her

9 Unknown Species Found on Bali Reef

Russia Restricts Oil Exploration To Protect Critically Endangered Grey Whales

Flooded-out farmer needs permit to remove fish

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