Thursday, June 30, 2011

Dogs With Human Bodies

Giant Great Dane Named ‘Emmitt Thunderpaws’ Welcomes His Soldier...

Dog Thrown from Car on Busy Highway Now Up & Walking

Ancient Dog Skull Shows Early Pet Domestication

Abandoned Dog With Divorce Note Reportedly Found By Paul Wu In Washingto

Pet Plastic Surgery Gains Popularity

Golden Retriever Trained As Valet

Stray Cats In China Battle Rodent Plague

Abandoned Dog Near Highway Eludes Rescuers

Dogs Can Sniff Out Lung Cancer From Patients' Breath

Kittens In Pots:

Clever Canines: Germany's educated dogs

Fat Dogs Are Colder Than Thin Ones

Oscar the Doxie Dog

Boo: the world's cutest dog

Dog helps confused baby turtle hatchling

Former cowboy lassos dogs who jumped into canal

Dog Reportedly Found Living On Mount Kilimanjaro

Carmen Ramos, Philadelphia Woman Fatally Mauled By Pit Bulls

Proposed Australia Marine Sanctuaries Need To Be Bigger, Say Conservationists

Ironic Dog Doesn't Want To Be Trained (PICTURE)

5 Human Foods Cats Can Eat

Copy Cat

Mystery over dozen suffering puppies left in recycling bin

George the Great Dane is 7ft long, weighs 18st and is the world's biggest dog... but he's terrified of chihuahuas

A birth control pill... for dogs?

Gorgeous Vintage Dog Photos from the Kennel Club Archive


Dog Jumps Over Bush, Misses, Is Still Cute (VIDEO)

Bomb-Sniffing Dogs Work Better than Scanners?

Fat cat Eddie gets snatched up by hawk, but dropped in neighbor's garden due to weight

Hot dog

Catwoman of Milan spares no expense for feline friend

Let me show you the meaning of haste

Does Your Pet Have Weird Eating Habits? You're Not Alone

Why cats go next door: The reason your pet always chooses the neighbour's garden as a convenience

'Dog Attacks Shark' Video Explained

Puppies Galore! Dog Photos For The Summer

Dancing Dog Has Old School Moves (VIDEO)

Ka-ching! Alexander McQueen Leaves His Dogs Rolling in the Dough

Kitten survives 50-minute spin in washing machine

The perfectly preserved pooches of Castle Bitov

Kids And Their Pets

A Day in the Life of Business Cat

Cats. Where they do not belong.

Dogs Shaking Off Water (PHOTOS)

Kitten Helps Change A Tire

Russian Dog Frisbee Championships: Pooches Perform Near-Acrobatic Tricks Of Skil

Genetically Engineered, Glow-In-The-Dark Beagle Created By South Korean Scientists

Prehistoric Dog Domestication Derailed by Ice Age

Robbers stab dog in the head

I'm not fat, I'm fluffy!!!

Can Small Dogs Have a Napoleon Complex?

Thousands Of Dogs Saved From Dinner Table

One bite from disaster after black widows invade factory

Pennie And Steve Lefkowitz Charged With Animal Cruelty Aftert Nearly 700 Cats Seized

Dog Theft Up By 32% This Year, Says American Kennel Club

Petey The Border Collie Is Awesome At Volleyball (VIDEO)

Kitten snatched by hawk survives fall into landfill

Tiny, Patron Saint Of Aircraft Travel

Bird vs Cat

Should dogs wear seat belts?

Dog allergic to grass gets specially made boots

The Truth About Cats' And Dogs'…Owners

Dogs Can Tell Apart Identical Twins

Dog Tired

Dogs That Look Like Pandas

Bloodhound Miss Belle sure nose her reds

50 Photos Of Basset Hounds Running

Canine Vision

Hypoallergenic Dogs Not Allergy-Proof, Study Finds

Puppy Love: Pet Owners Are Happier, Healthier

Undercover Investigation of a Dog Factory Farm

Read-To-Dogs Programs Increasingly Popular

Can a dog survive with 4 bionic legs?

How High Maintenance is Your Pet?

Cat Barks Like Dog: Video Explained

Lazy Cat And Fly Flop Around; What's Actually Going On Here? (VIDEO)

Chihuahua Becomes Sheepdog In U.K. Shelter (VIDEO)

Dog offended by The Black and White Minstrel Show

A Gallery of Dogs With Human Bodies

Hero dog alerts family to gas leak

Dog that ran away from home entered half marathon, raising over $15,000 for cancer research

Scruffy Mutt Named Yoda Wins Ugliest Dog Contest

Dog guards forgotten baby overnight

Paralysed cat given swimming lessons

Man sues ex-girlfriend for $11 million for running off with dog Guapo

When You're Smiling, Your Dog Probably Knows It

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