Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Dog Pops Balloons

Just a few videos today as I'm struggling with my bad back. I wil hopefully return as usual tomorrow.

Cat mom hugs baby kitten

Ginger cat can't get down!

Huge Cat Stuffed In A Jar

Dog gives kitty a scooter ride

Dog Catches Ball In Its Paws

Puppy fart

Dog that can swim on land

Dog Pops Balloons: Two-Year-Old Bunk Goes Berserk

Dog spins in a circle 24 times!

Lucy dog smiles on command

In the meantime why don't you peruse these fine establishments I have seen the whole of the internet, Slackdaddy and Nothing To Do With Arbroath.


felixthecat said...

I hope that you heal quickly.

I want you to know that I really enjoy your site, and come here every day.

ILuvNUFC said...

Thanks :)