Thursday, June 30, 2011

7 Deadliest Man-Eating Animals in Modern History

Britain urges Asia to act over surging trade in rhinoceros horn

Bird-loving pensioner takes barn owls to supermarket

Treetop CCTV captures the first flight of an osprey chick

Elephant Images: The Biggest Beasts on Land

First U.S. Death by Vampire Bat

The Pink and White Album: Amazing Albino Animals

Tiny Primate Sported Earliest Fingernails

Wildlife photo competition selects finalists

Cow leaps three foot fence and squashes car

Boa constrictor found in Mini's engine

In WWII, Reindeer Were Our Animal Allies

10 Most Amazing Snakes

Top 10 Freakiest Animal Attacks Animal Planet Videos: Weird, True & Freaky Videos

15 Animals You Won’t Believe Aren't Photoshopped

Fanged-Frog Pictures: 9 New Species Found

Largest Cheetah Lived, and Killed, Among Ancient Humans

In Vitro Fertilization May Help Older Cheetahs Reproduce

In Photos: Birds of Prey

Alligators vs. Crocodiles: Photos Reveal Who's Who

New to Nature No 50: Cnemaspis psychedelica

Malaria claiming more British birds

Fifteen-foot Bengali crocodile claims king of jungle title from tiger

Beware the black bear – even if it looks asleep

Threat to birds as Shell struggles to halt oil leak

Capybara Spotted At Paso Robles Treatment Plant In California

German Fugitive Cow, Yvonne, On The Run

Baby Tasmanian Devils Born At Taronga Zoo (VIDEO)

Top Ten Cutest Sloth Moments Caught On Film

12 Incredible Snapshots of Animals Silhouetted Against the Sun

The Ecological Importance of the Yellow-Bellied Sapsucker

The Week in Animal News: Apes Learning English, Sharks in the Forest, and More (Slideshow)

Light at the end of the tunnel for bats

The touching story of Shirley and Jenny the elephants

In Photos: A Lion's Life

Pictures: Rare Antelope, Big Cats Caught by Camera Trap

Parasite Creating Deformed Frogs in Western U.S.

Scientists make squirrels hibernate

Exotic Animals: 12 of the World’s Most Expensive Legal Pets to Own

VIDEO: The animal kingdom's weirdest mating rituals, and their human equivalents

Almost 100 birds killed in 'frenzied' fox attack at Angus farm

Homesick Scottish boars paddle a mile across the sea

20 Best Tumblr Feeds for Animal Lovers

Top ten wildlife killers

Pacu Jawi: Mud Cow Racing of Sumatra

'Longest tusked' elephant in Asia dies in Sri Lanka

The horse whiskerer: stallion has seven-inch ‘tache

The Strange Elegance of the Giraffe-Necked Antelope

Banana-hiding weasels are the rare animals that know about the future

Animals with Stuffed Animals

Giant rat kills predators with poisonous hair

Vampire Bats Have Vein Sensors

Spiky Rat Applies Plant Poison to Turn Hair Deadly

Pictures: New Shrews Found in Indonesia

Abused baby boobies grow up to abuse other chicks

Hyraxes: why Israel's 'rock rabbits' have become pests

How bloodsuckers find their blood

Killer plant 'eats' great tit at Somerset nursery

Lions Kill and Go Away, to Kill Again Another Day

Sexy Show-offs Burn Out Young

Flying Mammals: Gallery of Spooky Bats

Snakes Masquerade as Poisonous Vipers to Avoid Attacks

7 Shocking Snake Stories

The terrible secret of the goat on your plate

Abandoned wallaby hand reared in rucksack

Man give caution for shooting rooks for human consumption

Russia's Olympic bear kept caged on parked bus

Snake hitches ride on car

India's tiger population 'has increased by 20 per cent'

Animal pictures of the week

Crocodile has a brush with the law in Australia

Invasion of the falcons: The peregrine is back in town

Why the day of the condor could be drawing to a close

Ukraine: Bears to be freed from vodka torture

Sri Lankan Elephant Census Boycotted By Wildlife Groups

Watch Baby Geese Grow Up (VIDEO)

The Ecological Importance of the Yellow-Bellied Sapsucker

Ammonite: The Animal that Transforms into a Gemstone

The Incredible Amphibian Diversity of the Appalachians

The Deadly Eyelash Pit Viper Strikes!

Three Drastically Different Approaches to Managing Wild Horse Populations

Swans: The Birds of Myth and Legend

6 Species Facing Extinction Without Protection

Mystery Minnesota Monster Sparks Speculation

Male Frogs Woo Females With Disco

Baby Gentoo Penguins Born: Big Pic

Bid to cure koala's drooling disease

Petey the Parrot freed from car grill by Coral Springs firefighters

Postman attacked by chicken

A Journey To Find the Mysterious And Elusive White Spirit Bear

Illegal Animal Trade: Eskimo Hunters Plead Guilty

Baby okapi born in Belgium

Lions Attack Humans When the Full Moon Wanes

My, What Big Teeth: Wolves Gallery

Freaky Mutant Mouse Steals Genes to Resist Poison

Astonishing picture of 5.5m saltwater crocodile leaping from the water is Brutus - a tourist favourite in NT

Harlequin Dart Frogs

Horse stuck up to its nose in muddy swamp is rescued by firefighters

Mother duck lays her eggs at the top of a 12ft pole

Chase continues for coyote with head stuck in jar

10 creatures that deliver the most painful stings and bites

11 Animal Species About to Go Extinct

Answering The 6 Craziest Pet Questions Ever Googled

Veterinarians replace tortoise's injured leg with wheel

Police find Hamster in station

"Extinct" Toad Thrives in Lab

Longest Polar Bear Swim Recorded—426 Miles Straight

Chernobyl's Przewalski's horses are poached for meat

Connecticut mountain lion 'crossed US' before death

Rogue kangaroo attacks 94-year-old Phyllis Johnson

Gallery: Tiger Species of the World

Black-bellied hamster given reprieve by European Court of Justice

Grizzly bear attacks teenagers in Alaska

Pensioner breaks pelvis in seagull attack

At last! Lyster the laggard is on his way

Bosnian Bullfights Have Animal Friendly Rules

Polar Bears Vs Submarine

Meet Mimmi: The Bear Who Loves To Practice Yoga

Lost Predators Leave Broken Food Chains

Case Solved: Why Sloths Are Slothful

Top 10 Animal Recruits in War

Male and female giant pandas prefer different habitats

Rainbow Toad Rediscovered, Photographed for First Time

Escaped ostrich causes havoc in the streets of Dover

Seven Odd Animal Photos

Top 10 Animals Unintentionally Channeling Harry Potter Characters

Cell Phone Images Foil Tiger Poachers

Inside the Exotic Pet Trade

Penguins Raised By Humans Tracked By South African Scientists

'Depressed' Ferret Flees Siberian Circus

20 Cutest ZooBorns On Earth

Female urban foxes are top dogs, study shows

Mystery of mole's second thumb solved

Climate Change Forcing Polar Bears to Swim Longer Distances

The extinct species back from the dead and causing mayhem

Radio-controlled penguins: South Africa fits trackers to monitor baby birds

Snow leopards by numbers

Now cuckoos migrating from Britain reach Sahara

Warning on loss of world's top predators

Animal Photos Of The Week

Armadillos Continue Their Rapid Range Expansion

New Pit Viper Found—One of World's Smallest

9 Adorable Endangered Animal Babies to See Now at Zoos Around the World (Video Slideshow)

Wolf Populations on the Rise in France Despite Threats of Culls

Grand Cayman blue iguana: Back from the brink of extinction

The Week in Animal News: Leaping Polar Bears, Snails Survive Being Eaten, and More (Slideshow)

Paralyzed Lion Receives an Outpouring of Support

How Did Animals' Dazzling Headgear Evolve?

The Dazzling Headgear of Cows, Deer and Giraffes

'Gas-less' kangaroo secret sniffed out

Naked mole rat's genome 'blueprint' revealed

Animal Father Pictures

Don't worry, it just means he loves me: Polar bear trainer's jaw-dropping photos

11 Animal Wonders of Evolution

Four-legged 420 Club: New Book Asserts Animals Get Stoned Too

Science shows that crows are the biker gangs of the sky

New Theory On Origin of Birds: Enlarged Skeletal Muscles

Firefighters free goat from PVC pipe

Turtle chaos: terrapins delay flights at JFK

Four-legged chicken for Friday night dinner?

Moose Locked Together in Mortal Combat

Pigeons never forget a face

Tree Frogs' Self-Cleaning Feet Could Solve a Sticky Problem

Top 10 Cases of Animals Committing Crimes

Hot Magma Gave Rise to Modern Mammals, Study Suggests

Pouch Puzzle: Kangaroo Moms Mysteriously Swap Offspring

Woodpecker Revival Runs Out of Room

Rhino poaching crisis in South Africa as 200 killed in six months

New to Nature No 46: Liophidium pattoni

Snake alert in Ipswich as boa constrictor escapes

Rare 'zonkey' born in China

Fear and loving: The two-edged charm of the snake

Not so cuckoo after all: birds that blog their flight paths

Animal Photos Of The Week

Loudest Little Animal Calls Out Using its Genitals and Dissecting Decibels: The Loudest Animals (Infographic)

Panda Escape: Clever Animal Makes A Run For Freedom (VIDEO)

Shooter the Elk Rescues Marmot from Drowning

Why Polar Bears Are Skating On Thin Ice

Grizzly Bears Seizing Salmon Out of the Air

5 Eerie Urban Legends of the Natural World

16 Goats, Sitting In A Tree (Video)

West and Central African Elephant Populations Decline 50% in 40 Years

Dead Penguins Washing Ashore With Disturbing Regularity

Komodo Dragons in Rare, Extreme Close-up Photos (Slideshow)

Baby Otters: Big Pics

Lioness Tries to Eat Baby Explained

Gallery: Eye-Catching Bioluminescent Wonders

Rat Island: Can Lost Ecosystems Be Restored?

Gallery: A View of Rat Island

Image Gallery: Remarkable Bionic Animals

Lizard has problem-solving skills

Swallows hatch in Pembrokeshire kitchen

Bearded tit does the splits: Agile bird shows off remarkable gymnastic skills

Free at last: conjoined robins separated, one in critical condition

It's polar o'bear: Scientists reveal giant mammals' ancestry can be traced to IRELAND

Dinosaurs Became Extinct in Single Blow, Fossil Suggests

New Dino Finding: Warm-Blooded, Nimble Beasts

How Tough Turtles Survived Dino-Killing Meteor

Amazing Adaptations of the First Flying Animals

The week in wildlife – in pictures

Endangered sandpiper chicks hatch

Scotland's deer migrating from the glens to council estates

Cheetah sprayed with fire extinguisher after mauling keepers during safety demo

Animal pictures of the week

Forlorn black bear in search of a mate wandering across New Jersey

13.7-Foot Crocodile Captured Alive In Philippines, Suspected Of Killing Fisherman

Animal Photos Of The Week: Baby Tigers, Rare Rhinos, Giraffes, And More

Rival Rattlesnakes Locked In Combat

The Siren Salamander: North America's Death-Defying Amphibian

Unique Pig-Nosed Turtle Reaches Brink of Extinction

Great Bear Rainforest Threatened with Massive Oil Pipeline, Conservation Photographers to the Rescue

Poop Smashing Stinky, Yet Revealing

Tiny Royal Antelope

Elk rescues drowning marmot at Idaho zoo

Drugs plot raid reveals old woman feeding rabbits with cannabis

In Photos: Wildlife of Afghanistan

Which is the best skateboarding animal?

Seagull 'steals' video camera and shoots footage of its soaring flight above French Riviera

Conservationists discover more than 1,000 species in New Guinea

Tasmanian devil genome holds secret to survival

Bangladesh intercepts dried turtle smugglers

Flap-running in birds is key to flight evolution

Serengeti road scrapped over wildlife concerns

Hitchcockian Crows Spread the Word About Unkind Humans

Birds Thought Extinct Return to Harvested Rain Forest

The week in wildlife – in pictures

Breeding unusually coloured animals condemned by wildlife experts

Snakes and adders

Rare parrots bred at zoo after 19 years

Voyage to eradicate rats and save birds

Troops called in to scare storks with eye contact

Birds capitalise on collapse of Communism

Bird brains, top dogs and other animal geniuses

Panda Census In China To Begin For First Time In 10 Years

Injured Penguin Learns To Walk Again (VIDEO)

Religious Animal Slaughter Ban Passes In The Netherlands

Queens Zoo Welcomes Four Baby Pronghorn Antelopes

Bighorn Sheep Or Mountain Lions? Killing One Species To Save Another

7 Deadliest Man-Eating Animals in Modern History

5 Fascinating Species of South American Manakin Birds

Bizarre and Downright Dirty Animal Adaptations

Ox Escapes, Gets Famous, Joins Fight Against Cancer

Koala Bears Need Endangered Legislation Now: 10 Adorable Reasons to Save Them (Video Slideshow)

The Week in Animal News: Stunning Sea Life Photos, Human Rights for Elephants, and More (Slideshow)

U.S.-Made Pesticide Continues to Kill Off Lions in Kenya

th top picks What Is Conservation Photography? "Witness" Documentary Explains with Beautiful Images (Video)

Bear Family Causing Tourist Traffic Jams

Cobras Methodically Spray Venom

Songbirds Use Grammar in Tweets

Cheeky seagull steals salt and vinegar crisps from Margate shop

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