Thursday, June 30, 2011

55-Foot Beached Chinese 'Sea Monster' Identified

Whales and Salmon: When Enemies Need Each Other

Back to the Wild: Ocean Animal Releases Still Problematic

Fish Acting as Lawn Mowers Help Coral Reefs Recover

Sperm whales wash up on Tasmanian beach

Newly Discovered 'Alien' Sea Worms Ride the Current

Deep-Sea Creepy-Crawlies: Images of Acorn Worms

Squid and octopus switch on camouflage

Migrating whale numbers hit 50-year high

Shrimp has 'silk-spinning skills'

Crane lift for eel as 'love congers all' in Macduff

Massages Relax Fish Too

'Jealous' Hermaphrodite Shrimp Murder Their Rivals

Less than 1% of sharks caught in the Atlantic are protected

Shark repellent' invented by surfer

Seals use incredible navigation skills to return to site where they were born

The anglerfish can teach us a thing or two about finding our other half

Rescued killer whale bound for amusement park following legal tussle

Vanishing Jumbo Squid Mystery Solved

Protection boosted for tuna, sharks and swordfish

Turtles Eating Things

Oldest Antarctic Whale Found; Shows Fast Evolution

Beluga body scrub session filmed

Newly Discovered 'Alien' Sea Worms Ride the Current

Incredible Images from Marine Photobank's Ocean Conservation Photo Contest

Visiting Costa Rica's Turtle Maternity Ward (PHOTOS)

Whales In The Desert: Fossil Bonanza Poses Mystery

Youppi, Rare Orange Lobster, Dies

Tracking of Mysterious 'Unicorns of the Sea' Begins

Loggerhead turtles take 45 years to grow up

Deadly Sea Creatures and Their Devious Ways

Fish in Shoals Steer Like Cabbies

Dolphins Team Up To Get the Girl

50-Legged Creature May Have Been Top Predator of Ancient Seafloor

Whales Surprise Surfer Near Santa Cruz, California Beach (VIDEO)

Whale Takes Australian Couple On Wild Boat Ride

Rare sea horses found in the River Thames

Whale stranded on South Uist beach dies

Killer Sharks Invade Golf Course In Oz

Leaping fish give evolution clue

Kraken Sea Monster Account "Bizarre and Miraculous"

New Life-Forms Found at Bottom of Dead Sea

Leaping fish give evolution clue

Male Guppies Harass Potential Mates into 'Girl Fights'

Beluga Whales' Beauty Captured By Photographer Uri Golman In Arctic Encounter (PHOTOS)

Why Overfishing for Sharks is Destroying the Ocean's Ecosystem

Killer whales make waves to hunt seals

Flesh-Eating Piranhas Bark When Angered

Man 'surfs' great white shark

One-eyed albino 'cyclops' shark 'was not a fake', experts confirm

Dolphins 'decompress like humans'

Sighting in Penzance was a dwarf sperm whale

Fishy Nannies 'Sneak' Their Offspring into School

Warning over endangered tuna trade

New to Nature no 56: Chelidonura mandroroa

Dolphin therapy is a scam

Why Overfishing for Sharks is Destroying the Ocean's Ecosystem

Amazon River Dolphin Populations in Rapid Decline

Mysterious Disease Spreading Among Arctic Seals

Cute Otters Spark Ugly Battle

Endangered Sea Turtles Drowning In Shrimp Nets, Groups Sue For More Protection

Conservationists round on Chinese whale shark aquarium

More Humpback Whales in North Pacific Than Thought

Antarctic Killer Whales Treat Skin with a Tropical Vacation

Giant "Amoebas" Found in Deepest Place on Earth

In Photos: Spooky Deep-Sea Creatures

Australia's 'Rogue' Man-Eating Sharks Actually Chasing Whales

Photos Show Fisherman Catching Great White Shark

SeaWorld Accused By PETA Of Enslaving Orcas

New Shark-Fin Pictures Reveal Ocean "Strip Mining"

Grotesque sea beast's sliming seen for first time

Previous Sea of Blood: Hundreds of Whales Slaughtered on the Beaches of the Faroes

Three-Eyed Nuclear 'Simpsons' Fish Caught

Hispid Frogfish (Shaggy Frogfish)

Bangladesh dolphins get Sundarbans sanctuaries

Humpbacks Bounce Back from Whaling

Deep Divers: A Gallery of Dolphins

Noisy Shrimp Rumble on the Ocean Floor

Marine protection bids unveiled

Fish living in dark caves still feel the rhythm of life

Ancient Toothy Fish Found in Arctic—Giant Prowled Rivers

Dolphins Talk Like Humans

In Pictures: The ocean's giants

Weird Deep-Sea Worms Discovered in Caribbean

Ancient Eggs and Tiny Teeth Reveal Oldest Shark Nursery

Climate change sees giant crabs invade the Antarctic

'Dolphin Tale': Art Imitates Life In New Movie Featuring Harry Connick Jr., Morgan Freeman

Piranha problem takes bite out of Brazilian beach fun

Shark takes Devon fisherman for a ride

Very small male zebrafish use sneaky sex strategy

Whales take Northwest Passage as Arctic sea-ice melts

In Photos: Spooky Deep-Sea Creatures

Lonely Jellyfish Produces Hundreds of Clones of Itself

Angry Fish Inhabit Most Home Aquariums

Piranhas Attacking Beachgoers in Brazil

Shark Rescued By Venice Beach Surfers

Why turtles' tale may not have a happy ending

New Life-Forms Found at Bottom of Dead Sea

Vast shark sanctuary created in Pacific

Very rare white humpback whale spotted in Australia

Whale Shot In New Jersey, Officials Seek Culprit

New to Nature No 51: Tamoya ohboya!

Blue Whale's Elastic Jaw Evolved From Stiff Maw

How the Sea Squirt's Heart Is Like a Human's

Ancient Whales Had Twisted Skulls

Great Barrier Reef: Rising turtle deaths prompt warnings of wildlife crisis

Great White shark 'carried out fatal Seychelles attack'

Sharks attack two in Russia

Giant Lobster on Exhibit in Coney Island

Proposed Australia Marine Sanctuaries Need To Be Bigger, Say Conservationists

'Happy Feet' Penguin Tracker: Follow The Animal Back To Antarctica

Protoanguilla Palau, 'Living Fossil,' Discovered In Pacific

Female seals drawn to deadly ship propellers because they sound like male mating call

Stranded baby whale rescued in Humber

'Hidden' hawksbill turtles found

Pictures: "Walking" Fish a Model of Evolution in Action

Do dolphins mourn their dead?

Marine species discovered on Gorringe seamount - in pictures

Great white shark spotted among Calif. surfers

The Least Threatening Sharks

Fiddler crabs keep cool with giant claws

Oldest Antarctic "Sea Monster" Found

Great white sharks 'could be in British waters'

Blind Cave Fish Can Tell Time

Bermuda Triangle to Become Humpback Whale Haven

Giants on Ice: Gallery of Walruses

10 Amazing Photos of Animals Hidden Under the Arctic Ice

Giant crabs make Antarctic leap

Whaling meeting 'ignores needs of whales'

Sea Serpent Hunt Underway in Alaska

U.S. May Impose Sanctions Against Iceland For Whaling

World's First Shark Sanctuary

First Pictures: Wild Fish Uses Tool

Pictures: Largest "Sea Monster" Skull Revealed?

Pictures: Prehistoric Eyes Found—Surprisingly Advanced

Rare Sei whale spotted in Scottish waters

Blainville's beaked whales enter stealth mode

Dolphin hunts with electric sense

A diver is almost swallowed by a giant whale shark

Documentary Exposes Controversial History of Sea World's Role in Captive Dolphin and Whale Industry

Lurking 130ft in the deep: The extraordinary creatures that live in the freezing waters of the Russian Arctic

Rescuers save 44 beached whales but many more die on Scottish loch shore

Miraculous! Dolphin Healing Powers May Help Humans

Sea Serpent Hunt Underway in Alaska

Stranded whales return to open water at Kyle of Durness

Where to see the greatest creatures of the ocean

Taiji, Japan Holds Security Drill For Dolphin Hunt

New Zealand Goldfish Survive 134 Days Without Food

Lucy Mangum, 6, Describes Shark Attack Off North Carolina Beach

Thousands of Squid Surround Photographer

Illegal boat caught with 357 dead sharks

Dolphin Blubber Holds Secrets to Healing

Feminist Elephant Seals Take to the Water

Endangered Whales Dine at Dangerous Depths

Mariachi Band Serenades Music-Loving Beluga Whale

The Deadly Humboldt Squid Bites!

Shark Versus Everything (VIDEO)

Killer shrimp top UK waterways' least-wanted list

Fish farm breakthrough that could save the bluefin

Third of freshwater fish threatened with extinction

Humpback whale calf rescued from Australian beach

Sea Turtle 'Andre' Returns Home

Fish Masquerades as Coral to Hide in Plain Sight

Little Crayfish Is Big Glutton in Arctic Waters

Great Shark Week Photos from Our Flickr Pool

Shovel-Headed Shark May Be Earth's Oldest

Diver Kisses Shark, Then Gets Bitten (VIDEO)

Milton Police Find Shark In Woods

World's Largest Shark Sanctuary Slated in Micronesia, Equal to 2/3 Size of US

Caribbean Nightlife Under the Waves: Photos

Glowing Shark Wears Cloak of Invisibility

Mekong River dolphin population on the brink of extinction - WWF ?

Pictures: Best Marine Park? Booming Fish Leap and Swarm

Small Squid Have Bigger Sperm—And Their Own Sex Position

"Sea Monster" Fetus Found—Proof Plesiosaurs Had Live Young?

Fossil shows huge mouth evolution

New Pacific eel is a 'living fossil', scientists say

Seychelles Shark Attack: Ian Redmond Mauled To Death

Plastic Killed Sea Turtle In Australia, Marine Biologist Predicts

UK leads battle to clean up whaling commission

Jellyfish shut down nuclear reactors

Cookie-Cutter Shark Takes First Bite of Human Flesh

Rivers Clyde and Annan crayfish barrier installed

Bahamas Bans Commercial Shark Fishing

Giant Squid, 23 Feet Long, Found By Florida Fishermen (VIDEO)

Facebook Saves Dolphins On Vancouver Island (VIDEO)

Twirling Finback Whale Gives Watchers A Once-In-A-Lifetime View (VIDEO)

9 Essential Facts for the Crustacean Enthusiast

Hero Conservationists Rescue Humpback Whale from Certain Death (Amazing Video!)

Sailors vs seahorses: the battle of Studland Bay

Have jellyfish come to rule the waves?

Japan 'to continue' Antarctic whaling

Blacktip Reef Shark, Maldives

Jellyfish Swim for Their Supper

Sharks Fin Soup Bans Don't Stop Strong Demand

Gray Whales Adapted to Survive Past Climate Changes

Gallery: Glowing Aquatic Life

How Much Plastic Do Fish Ingest?

Forbes Lists Most Shark Infested Beaches

For a Price, Tourists in Iceland Follow Whalers Harpooning Whales

The most important fish in the sea

55-Foot Beached Chinese 'Sea Monster' Identified

Penny Palfrey Sets a New Ocean Swim Record...But Kills 3 Sharks In The Process

Honduras Creates Permanent Shark Sanctuary Covering 92,664 Miles!

Whale Tail Smack Knocks Out Boy, 13

Flying Sharks: Stunning Photos Of Ocean Predators In Action

Secrets of migrating salmon unlocked by 'scale model'

Inflatable Shark Among 300 New Species Discovered in Philippines

Image Gallery: Colorful Creatures of the Philippines

Spyware Tracks Mysterious Basking Shark

Duck-billed platypus at risk from climate change

Pacific Ocean's Corridors: The Serengeti of the Seas

Right Whales Return to New Zealand After a Century

10-Year Study Reveals Critical Habitats for Top Level Ocean Predators

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