Thursday, June 09, 2011

10 Dogs Training Just Couldn’t Fix

10 Dogs Training Just Couldn’t Fix

Pit Bulls babysitting kids for over 100 years [PICS]

Fire Consumes Big Happy Farm Where Families Send Sick Dogs To Run Free And Play

Man calls police after kitten bites him

Researchers track the secret lives of feral and free-roaming house cats

Overweight Cats For Sale At Ohio Animal Shelter

Dogs at Radioacative Site in Japan Caught on Video

Disabled Dog’s Wheelchair Stolen In West Roxbury

Comfy cat

Rare White Rhino, Nesari, Dies In Czech Zoo

Hedgehogs: A prickly problem

UK public opposed to badger cull, opinion poll suggests

Just Looking for Some Nuts...

10 Inspiring Animal-Assisted Therapy Programs

10 Animals That Think at High Speeds

7 Mind-Blowing Vehicles Built and Driven by Animals

Animals Crossing The Road (via)

King Penguin Crèche - The Biggest Day Care Facility on the Planet

Animals Dressed as Other Animals

Abandoned penguin chick thinks glove is its mother

Police Are Training Vultures to Find Bodies

Making the Best of Invasive Species

Meet the Golden Mole

Mice Attack Pigs As Rodents Reach Plague Proportions

Seabirds such as albatrosses killed by longline fishing

Heavy flying Great Indian bustard faces extinction

Double whammy for the disappearing frogs

'Bizarre' Rabid Beaver Attacks Philadelphia Park Patrons

'Treasure Trove' of New Species Discovered in Madagascar

Secret Revealed: How Penguins Stay Warm

Goodness, Snakes! Tummy Bugs Pose Danger to Reptiles

Hopes of osprey record dashed as eggs fail to hatch

Pop-up armour against moose on the loose

RIP Shrek, the sheep that bewitched a nation

Council cuts leads to boom in rat population

Pygmy hippo unveiled at Whipsnade Zoo

British team bids to save one of world's most endangered birds

Pupils banned from school playground after attacks by red kites

Red pandas settle into new home

Animal Photos Of The Week

California Condors Die Of Lead Poisoning, Conservationists Urge Hunters To Use Non-Lead Ammunition

Animal Cruelty Charge Laid For Racoon Beatings

Bridge Chicks: NYC Hatches 9 Fuzzy Baby Falcons

What Do Skunk and Badger Stripes Mean?

Tiny Bird Dances Like it's 'Been Shot Out of a Cannon' (Video)

Fish swim as if they're riding bicycles

Photos: Rare blue lobster

The Man Who Swims With Coelacanths

Jaw-Dropping Similarity Found in Whales and Pelicans

The Baiji Dolphin: The Functionally Extinct Species of China's Yangtze River

73 Million Sharks Killed Annually to Make Soup Despite Fins Having No Flavour

Jellyfish Invade Florida Beaches, Sting 1,600 in Memorial Day Attack

The Week in Animal News: Sharks Like AC/DC, Clownfish Going Deaf, and More (Slideshow)

Monkey "witch" burned by South African township mob

Mosquito Prevention: The 10 Most Bizarre Tips

Ghost ants change color according to the food they eat

Return of the Giant Carnivorous Hermaphrodite Snails

Looming spider: a hunt like no other

Murder Mystery Grows: Viruses Attack Healthy Bees, Too

Buzz Killer: Special Smells Keep Mosquitoes at Bay

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