Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Top 10 Fixes for the Web’s Most Annoying Problems

Homeland Security Request to Take Down MafiaaFire Add-on

Google, Facebook: "do not track" bill a threat to California economy

Lawsuit Accuses Google, Apple, Lucasfilm & Others of Fixing Employee Wages

The horrifying history of people who used the internet for murder

10 Historic Tweets That Captivated the World (via)

Facebook Facial Recognition Could Get Creepy

MPAA Has Nothing On Us, isoHunt Tells Court

Top 10 Fixes for the Web’s Most Annoying Problems

Man’s Online Date Turns Out To Be His Real Life Girlfriend

A Short History on Hacking (Infographic)

Facebook Filled with Underage, Unsupervised Users: Consumer Reports

OpenID Warns Of Serious Bug

Social network users have twice as many friends online as in real life

The hard disk you've been waiting for!

Game developer David Braben creates a USB stick PC for $25

Furniture rental co. spies on PC users

Why Google Needs +1 and Identity to Work Together

Microsoft Decries 'Hidden Cost' of Google Apps

Google Named Most Reputable Company in U.S.

Google, FTC Reach Settlement over Buzz

Google Experimenting With Redesigned Search Results Page [SCREENSHOT]

Google Can Haz Humans

Marissa Mayer explains Google’s social strategy, skeptical on Facebook

Google Music Beta to stream 20,000 songs for free, official! (updated)

Google I/O: What to Expect

Smithsonian Has Chosen its Art of Video Game Exhibit Finalists

10 Video Games That Revolutionized the Industry

Video Game Forests You Shouldn't Go Camping In

GameFront’s Gratuitous Guide To Naming Your Video Game (Infographic)

Top 10 Worst Video Game Moms

Making Sense of Super Mario Bros.

Games Mom Didn't Let Us Have (Because She Cared)

The 10 Worst Video Game Magazine Covers

Dear Hotmail: What The Hell Happened to You?

Microsoft Acquires Skype for $8.5 Billion

Microsoft fires two for Windows 8 leak, uses 'red pill' code

Xbox 360 Successor Already in EA's Hands - Report

Sony EU Offering 2 Free Games as Part of Welcome Back Program

When Steve Jobs isn't happy, he really isn't happy

THX sound system inventor, Tomlinson Holman, set to join Apple

YouTube adds 3,000 movies for rental from Universal, Sony, Warner Bros.

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