Thursday, May 19, 2011

Pink kittens rescued from concrete factory

Belgian bar offers snacks to canine customers

Dogs in the news - The Big Picture

Hungry eagle inadvertently swoops toy poodle away to better life

Animal Overpopulation: What's The Solution To 600 Million Stray Dogs?

Cat and Owl Playing (Video)

Sphynx Cat with Toy Mouse Impersonates a Gargoyle!

Pink kittens rescued from concrete factory

Mummy's the word for pet-wrap star

Fonts Of The Dog World

Otto The Flying Dog

Snake Attack of the Ketchup Kind

From an Extinct Rabbit to a Dwindling Beetle: Endangered Animal Portraits by Joel Sartore

Human arrival 'wiped out' Hawaii's unique crabs

Baby leopards, bear found in bags at Thai airport

Taiwan abuzz over 'pregnant' panda Yuan Yuan

Scottish field vole plague reaches record level

World's oldest panda Ming Ming 'dies aged 34' in China

Man tries to board train with pony in Wrexham

US publishes white-nose bat killer action plan

Parrots choose to work together

Smuggled baby animals are rescued in Thailand

Secret Lives of Seabirds Revealed

Tree Frogs Provide New Answers to Amazon Diversity Puzzle

The week in wildlife - in pictures

Newcastle in a flap over urban kittiwake colony

Is it time to ban tiger farms?

Thailand jungles mask surprise rise in tiger numbers

Red kites are on the increase in Britain

Quiz: can you recognise songs of these British birds?

Twitchers could be prosecuted for their iPhone warbles

From Iraq to Omaha: donkey's $40,000 trip

The park that came back from the dead

Google Earth Animation Reveals Sumatran Tiger Habitat Slated for Logging (Video)

Officials Help Reintroduce Tiny Rabbits into the World

What's Brought 32,000 Parakeets to London's Suburbs?

Baby Leopards, Monkeys, Bear Cub & More Stashed In Man's Suitcase at Thai Airport

The Week in Animal News: Animal Moms, Zombie Ants, and More (Slideshow)

Captivating Animal Portraits by Andrew Zuckerman Portray Nature In a Whole New Way

Is the Beloved Polar Bear Truly an Endangered Species?

Feral Camels Plague Australian Outback

Golfer who battered tame fox to death for stealing biscuit is fined

Rare lion tamarin monkey born at Durrell

Zoo's first baby gorilla born in 22 years killed in family fight

Monkey HIV vaccine 'effective', say researchers

Sharks Dying by the Dozens Due to Internal Bleeding

Sea Lions to Be Killed For Eating Endangered Fish

Let's talk dolphin!

Real Octomom Gives Birth to Little Octopods on Video

Gallery: Seals of the World

Penguins' Oxygen Trick: How They Survive Deep Dives

Into the Blue: The Ocean's Deepest Divers (Infographic)

Sperm Whales Speak in Accents

Is the giant squid the new giant panda?

Seal whiskers sense fattest fish

Squidward, It's You! An Octopus Knows Who's Who

Fashion meets fish at Selfridges exhibition

Japan's Ocean Wildlife (PHOTOS)

Libya Opens Up Waters For Bluefin Tuna Fishing, Threatening Species Recovery Plans

Heatwave brings explosion of rare butterflies in Cotswolds

Caterpillar infestation causes concern on Canvey Island

Tarantulas eject silk from feet

The world's ants captured in 3D

Extreme Weather Strikes Blow to Monarch Butterflies

Why the Full Moon Makes Scorpions Glow In the Dark

Bali Coral Reefs Reveal Nine New Species

Human vs. Alien: Contest Pits Divers Against Spiny Lionfish Invaders

Why butterfly lovers are never happy with the weather

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