Thursday, May 26, 2011

Dog Returned To Owners After Being Lost For 5 Years

A Good Reason Not To Leave Your Dog In The Car

Young Chewbacca Dog Rides Shotgun

Dogs Drink Just Like Cats Do ... But Sloppier

Is This Cat a Great Photographer? The Seattle Art Scene's Feline Phenomenon

War Dog Adoption Requests Rise Following Bin Laden Mission

Cat hoarder a jailbird Runs animal rescue group and gets 60 days in Rikers

Dog Returned To Owners After Being Lost For 5 Years

Most Common Dog, Cat Diseases Revealed

Slow recovery for dog found shot and buried alive

Fawns survive vehicle accident

Seeing-eye sheep, goats guide blind horse in Montana

Baby Elephant Makes Debut: Big Pic

Animals at Risk: Photos

Liger cubs nursed by dog in China's Xixiakou Zoo

Sat nav-style technology used to track UK seabirds

The Kangaroo that Went Back to the Trees

Pollys back on a bender

Pet rabbits are cruelly neglected and mistreated in Britain, survey finds

Mammals' brains got bigger to handle sense of smell

Top 10 Strangest Flying Animals

10 of the biggest animals to roam the planet

7 Constrictor Snakes Consuming Large Animals Whole

Dorset buzzard webcams are a 'UK first'

How Hard-Headed Lizards Lost Their Legs

Stunning She-Males of the Animal World

Hare today, gone tomorrow?

Wildlife's winners: 20 species benefiting from Britain’s strange spring

Fears over Australia's declining koala population

The horse hospital: we'll get you back on track

10 Uplifting Images of Birds in Flight

Red-Crested Tree Rat Rediscovered After 113 Years

One Quarter of European Animals at Risk of Extinction

The Week in Animal News: Smuggler's Suitcase Packed with Babies, Cat and Owl BFF, and More (Slideshow)

Rare and Majestic Mongolian Snow Leopards in Stunning Photos (Slideshow)

Rare White Kiwi Chick Born

Big, New Pointy-Nosed Bat Found

Baby Lion Cubs Make Debut : Big Pic

900 Species Invade the Mediterranean, Alter Entire Food Chain

Manatees: 'One Of Nature's Most Placid Species'

Stranded whales swim back into danger

For Sale: World's Largest Shark Jaws

Dangers in the Deep: 10 Scariest Sea Creatures

Low Oxygen in Gulf of Mexico Has Fish Sexually Confused

Second whale found dead in Loch Carnan

Japan's Ocean Wildlife

Chemical-Laden Dolphins Show Us Where It's Unsafe to Fish

Tables Turn as Beetles Kill Toads & Frogs

Gallery: Spooky Spiders

Cicada molting animated gif

How Ants Tame the Wilderness: Rainforest Species Use Chemicals to Identify Which Plants to Prune

Spiders protect webs with decorations

Face of 49-Million-Year-Old Spider Revealed in 3-D

New species list features bugs that feed on 'Titanic'

Honey, I saved my first swarm...

Spiders Feeling The Bite of Human Encroachment on Habitat

Gorillas' right-handedness gives new clues to human language development

In India, Big Monkeys Are Employed As Bodyguards Against Hordes of Smaller Monkeys

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