Thursday, May 12, 2011

10 Adorable Endangered Animal Babies Cuddling up to Mom

War Dog

Three-legged sheepdog crowned farm dog of the year

The Pentagon's top-secret feline special-operations program, revealed.

Holy Carp!

Tiddle's law: should we restrict cat ownership to preserve wildlife?

Sphynx Cat with Toy Mouse Impersonates a Gargoyle!

Riding shotgun

Miracle cat rescue

Unstoppable possum survives being shot five times

Pig with two snouts 'eats twice as much as its brothers and sisters'

Hunters bait bears with bloodied bedding for constipation death

5 Disgusting and Depressing Stories of Captive Animal Abuse

Birds in New Zealand Developing Entirely New Songs

The Week in Animal News: Apes Discuss Their Meal, Hummingbird Tongues, and More (Slideshow)

10 Adorable Endangered Animal Babies Cuddling up to Mom (Slideshow)

The Dhole: Asia's Unique Species of Endangered Wild Dog

The Male Frog that Broods 19 Babies in its Mouth

Campaign to ban wild circus animals wins huge public support

Fearsome beauty – lion is caught on camera in full charge

Rare tiger cubs captured on film in threatened forest

Kiwi turns up in Russia

Birds in New Zealand Developing Entirely New Songs

New species of lizard created in lab that reproduces by cloning itself

Real Ninja Turtle

Now THAT'S a bunny hop: Rabbit dressage set to take the world by storm

Show-stealing critter poses with tourists at Table Mountain

World-Famous Animals in Captivity

Baby Batman

It’s lunchtime 0

Goats recognise their kids' voices

Blind legless lizard species discovered in Cambodia

Chick sex swayed by farm grazing

Spotted bowerbirds mimic alarm calls when stressed

Scots landowners call for licence to kill birds of prey

Tiger find prompts WWF pressure against planned logging

America's Smallest Turtle Becoming Scarce

Modern "Mother Goose" Attempts to Unravel the Flight of the Bar-Headed Goose

Social Beasts: 35 Ancient Marsupials Found in Grave

The Weirdest Mothering Tricks in the Animal World

Wild Asses Pushed Toward Extinction

Brian May: my quest to save the badger

Water For Elephants star in cruelty claims

The Miracle of Migrating Songbirds

20 Incredible Rare and Newly Discovered Species

Hawks in the City: Mother's Day Raptor Mom in Danger

The Grey Langur: The Monkey Named After a God

Birth control prescribed for Hong Kong monkeys

Chimpanzees' 66 gestures revealed

16 Whales Mysteriously Stranded in Florida Keys

Giant Squid Killed by Sound?

Whales Return to NYC Harbor

Biggest Great White Shark Caught, Released

Battle of Ancient Ocean Beasts Suggested by Fossil Scars

Rare marsh fritillary butterfly thriving in Cotswolds

'Monstrously big ant' fossil found in Wyoming

100,000 bees attack homeless man: report

The Life of an Ant

Insect fossil discovery at Museum of Somerset

Bad Gets Worse: Bedbugs May Bring Deadly Bacteria to Bed

How Zombie Ants Lose Their Minds

Fashion Forward: How Some Insects Grew Strange Helmets

New to Nature No 41: Siphonocryptus zigzag

Are butterflies the UK's most beautiful endangered species?

The Amazing Power of Ants in Maintaining the Planet's Biological Balance

Cicadas In U.S. South Emerge After 13 Years Underground (VIDEO)

Beekeepers Battle 'Perfect Storm'

Poisonous caterpillars infest London estate


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