Thursday, April 14, 2011

Writers and Kitties

Chinese Farmer Claims His Sheep Birthed a Dog

10 Humane Ways to Discipline Your Dog

Don't PUSS it: A cat takes matters into its own paws after a pesky dog goes a step too far

Writers and Kitties

'Cat sensed my cancer before it was too late': Owner had no symptoms

Dog missing in mountains for 15 days saved in dramatic helicopter rescue

Fancy dress dogs: the stars of A Different Breed

Dogs More Likely to Approach Male Owners

Bald Eagles Become Internet Sensation

Predators Feasting on the Carcasses of their Prey

Everything You Didn't Know About Armadillos

The Aye-aye: An Ugly Yet Adorable Endangered Animal

Animals Quenching their Thirst from Inside an African Watering Hole

The Endangered Macaws of Central America and South America

Wildlife watching in the woods

Poop Reveals Immigrant Wolf on Isolated Island

'Kidnapped' goat is let loose in pub

Missing: The NZ Moose Reward: $100,000

UK to Ban Animal Circuses After Cruelty Exposed

Penguins Used To Guide Underwater Robots

'Eagle Cam' Soars With Millions

Penguins Mysteriously Losing Their Feathers (Photos)

Snakes on a bus: Argentina nabs wildlife trafficker

Colourful-billed mallard ducks have fewer STDs

Penguins suffer as Antarctic krill declines

Co-operative 'Bee Road' plans to boost insect habitats

British garden birds are bouncing back

Males make pregnant horses abort

Rare Cougar Family Reunion Caught On Camera

The 500 Cutest Animals

Lay Lady lay ... record-breaking osprey does it again with egg #59

Gamekeeper used live pigeon to trap birds of prey, court told

Sir David Attenborough's TV life: the BBC looks back

Europe's last bison pose a question: what is truly natural?

Animal pictures of the week: 8 April 2011

Penguin cam: bird's eye view of fishing in Antarctic

Why llamas are the leaders of the pack

Strange species almost lost to extinction

Top 10 pure breed hens

Attack dogs trained to keep wolves from the door

Berlin Zoo tells loyal Knut fans to get stuffed

Your number is up: Species doomed by mathematics

PETA wants a Neverland animal sanctuary

Animal Photos Of The Week

Religious Animal Slaughter Ban Considered In Netherlands

5 Fantastic Facts about Flamingos

Even Penguins that Don't Live on Ice Feel Impact of Global Warming

New Species Classification Identifies World's Most Endangered Rhino

Why Are Penguins Losing Their Feathers?

Will the Pine Beetle Cross the Continent?

Cannibal wolf spiders are ladykillers

What's a wasp to do when ants are ruining its picnic? Pick the little pests up and airdrop them out of the way, according to a new study.

Things You Didn’t Know About Bees [Infographic]

Bacterium and Whiteflies: New Best Frenemies?

The real butterfly effect – not chaos, but wonder

Honeybees 'entomb' hives to protect against pesticides, say scientists

Bountiful butterflies

Sir David Attenborough asks gardeners to help save the butterfly

Little brown butterfly that was forgotten for more than 100 years is a new species

The Bizarre Mating Ritual of the Penis-Chewing Banana Slug

Amazing Images of Orangutans Swimming

Oh My! This Monkey Acts Like a Cow

Booty Call: How Monkeys Spot a Fertile Mate

25 Kick Ass Monkeys

Evolution of prejudice: Study reveals racism in Monkeys

London Zoo monkeys stealing sunglasses

Chimps Demonstrate Empathy with Yawns

Baby Orangutan Being Raised by Houston Zoo Staff

Vulnerable Gorilla Owes Fate to Climate Change and Humans

Zoo Atlanta Goes Ape Over 2 Pregnant Primates

Lola ya Bonobo sanctuary in the Democratic Republic of Congo

Blind Cave Fish Can't Catch Zzz's

Trainer-killing orca Tilikum back in SeaWorld show

Spreading Lionfish Invasion Threatens Bahamas

Boneworms Gnawed on Ancient Reptile Corpses

Noise Pollution Knocks Squid & Octopi Off Balance

Killer Whales Make Killer Waves to Take Down Seals

New Weapons Against Invasive Carp: Knife and Fork

New to Nature No 37: Heliotrygon stingrays

Wild Atlantic salmon 'under threat' from escaped farmed fish and sea lice

Fish carried up a mountain on backs of llamas to escape global warming

Pacific Island Nations Take Lead in Shark Conservation

Thousands Of Starfish Wash Up On South Carolina Beach

Rock Vomit: A Sea Squirt Infestation: Big Pic

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