Thursday, April 21, 2011

Dogs in Shades

Woman Kills Family Cat To Create Lady Gaga Costume

Why Do Dogs Eat Their Poop?

Dog Rescued From Fire, Revived With CPR

Kiwi moggy's amazing ship adventure

Dogs in Shades

Keeping 'impure' dogs may be banned in Iran

Cat Survives Arrow Shot To Head

Japanese Risk Radiation To Save Stranded Dogs

Activists save Chinese dogs from cooking pot

Man camps outside former home waiting for dog's return

Pet micro-pig returns to owner's Ramsbottom shop

Super angry furry animal rescue effort results in otter chaos

Animal Photos Of The Week

Alligator escapes from nature park in Arkansas

Tiger to return to Central Asia

Fisherman bitten by fox: commentary

RSPB calls for wildlife farming to bring back birds

At home with the lion king

Eye on the tigers in India

New to Nature No 38: Kinyongia magomberae

Tristan da Cunha islanders rescue rockhopper penguins threatened by oil slick

Gazelles caught in ancient Syrian 'killing zones'

Red and Arctic foxes clash in Russia

Polar bear and cub awake in 'building site'

Cuckoos mimic hawks to scare their hosts, says research

Cornwall falcon DNA database aims to prevent thefts

Fossil from 275 million years ago shows oldest abscess

Deer rescued in Winchester after getting stuck in gate

Sir Richard Branson Sparks Lemur Relocation Controversy

Farmer paints sheep orange to prevent rustling

Walter the 132kg pig a gentle giant

Woman freed from pet python

Holy Rats! Karni Mata – Rat Temple (32 PICS)

How Different Animals Are Spending Their Tax Refunds (CHARTS) (via)

Re-homing nature: A step too far?

Endangered Tigers Find a Wild New Home

'Asian Unicorn' Reserve Created to Protect Mysterious Species

How Dinosaurs Got So Huge

Jaw-Dropping Find: Ancient Mammal's Ear Bones

The week in wildlife - in pictures

National Trust to begin badger vaccine trial

Birdwatch: Kestrel

Amazing pictures of water voles in the wild

Mr Asbo granted eviction reprieve - after finding mate

Attenborough: children don’t know enough about nature

Mercedes the polar bear put down by Edinburgh Zoo

Wolves To Lose Endangered Status Within 60 days, First Time Congress Has Taken A Species Off List

Hairy-Nosed Wombat: The Saddest Looking Marsupial on Earth

Crabs Use Stats to Dodge Predators

A dragonfly's guide to Britain

Peacock Spider – Australia’s Show Off Super Hero Spider

The 16 Largest Insects In The World (via)

Fossilised spider 'biggest on record'

Uakari: The Red-Faced Monkey of the Amazon

Gone Fishing, Orangutan-Style

Amazon Fishermen See Dolphins as Rivals & Kill Them for Bait

13 Amazing Members of the Deep Sea Community

Primitive Sea Creature Sports Eyes Made of Rock

Catch & Release: Great White Shark Science Sparks Controversy

In Photos: Tracking Humpback Whales

Motor boat turbulence kills zooplankton in estuaries

Whale 'Pop Songs' Spread Across the Ocean

Less Sharks Mean an Ocean Jam-Packed With Sardines

Gulf spill: the lost, dead whales

Amazing Navigation Skills Seen in Humpback Whales

Complex Life Emerged from Sea Earlier Than Thought

Salmon: There's trouble upstream

Gulf Residents: Please Take our Dolphins and Turtles Away

Gulf Dolphin Deaths Study Thwarted By Federal Practices, Scientists Say

Sea Urchins Turning into Cannibals

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