Wednesday, April 06, 2011

25 X-Rays That Will Make You Cringe

My ISP woes continue. They have finally agreed to send out an engineer within 48 hours to check for the problem. Considering they broke my internets while "upgrading" the lines that's very kind of them. Not.
I'm currently with Orange although they use the old BT phone lines. It's like the old days of the internet here in my house as I have a massive 128kp/s connection.

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Joanne Casey said...

Is it the old IP profile problem? I have that every now and then, very frustrating and they never find anything wrong.

ILuvNUFC said...

Sounds very much something like that which is well out of my hands.
The engineers are due today but if I know Orange they probably hav'nt even reported it to the engineers yet and when I phone them up in a couple of hours they will probably say we will send out an engineer within 48 hours. Grrr.

Joanne Casey said...

I left my Orange contract early a few years ago because they couldn't fix the problem. I used some very bad language. BT are a lot better, still have the odd problem but it's dealt with quicker.

Come back Wanadoo all is forgiven :-)

ILuvNUFC said...

From what I can gather from reading around the net is that all ISP's are fine until you have a problem then ringing tech support is always crap.
It's good to hear BT sorted your problems quickly.

I'm sorely tempted to switch to someone else though unless they get their act together.

Joanne Casey said...

That's true, the support is useless and each time you ring you have to explain it from scratch. Grrrr.

I went for BT cos they own the phone line, the other ISPs rent their equipment. Probably isn't as simple as that tho.

ILuvNUFC said...

That's kinda my way of thinking too regarding ownership of the line etc. Never thought I'd see the day though that I'd happily go back to BT!