Thursday, April 28, 2011

17 of the Strangest Animal Hybrids in the World

If you lift his tail, you'll be sorry (GIF). Make sure you are not eating! :)

Are Female Dogs More Intelligent Than Males?

As Doggie Diabetes Soars, Human Treatment May Help

Here, Kitty, Kitty: 10 Facts for Cat Lovers

Dogs Compete with Pee

Database of Diseases Helps Keep Hounds Healthy

'Hammer-Biter' Mammal Built for Eating Crunchy Food

Spring may lose song of cuckoos, nightingales and turtle doves

Dingoes attack three-year-old girl on Australian beach

New Aussies: Ancient Snail-Chomping Marsupials Discovered

Fallow deer stags butt-in to assert dominance

Early birds catch bees not worms

Adaptable urban birds have bigger brains

Pig attacks boy, 13, at Cofton Holiday Park in Devon

17 of the Strangest Animal Hybrids in the World

Wild parakeets could be culled before their population runs 'out of control'

Child builds tiny mobility cart for paraplegic rabbit

Alligator invites himself into Palmetto home

Cannibalism - what is it good for?

Giant tortoise brings slow salvation

As Two Owls Flex Wings, Scientists Record and Learn

Brown and grizzly bears hunting salmon photographed by Paul Souders in Alaska

Animal pictures of the week: 22 April 2011

Amazing pictures of endangered water voles by Terry Whittaker

Hand-reared polar bear cubs go on show in China

Rhinos are on the rise after surviving war and poachers in Nepal

Easter Bunny Hunt 2011: 23,000 Rabbits Killed In New Zealand

5 Ibises Facing Different Levels of Threat

Wolf Attacks Mother Walking with Child in Sweden

For These Beautiful Midway Island Birds, Plastic is a Food Group (Slideshow)

New Rat Poisons Killing Rodents (and Everything Else)

Why Do Peacocks Have Spots on Their Feathers?

Mechanimals: Animals Fitted With Prosthetics : Slide Show

Itsy Bitsy, Teensy Weensy, Polka-Dotted .... Bugs

Who Knew? Cute Spiders Exist

Desert dragonflies arrive in UK

Fire Ant Secret: How They Create Life-Saving Rafts in Floods

New Goblin Spiders Sure Can Spin

For Flies Hooked on Meth, Sugar Delays Death

Meet the barefoot beekeeper

Chimpanzees give birth 'like humans'

Eyewitness: Gentle giant

Up close with Frankfurt Zoo's great apes

Betsy the abandoned monkey surviving against the odds

The friendliest whales in the world: grey whales in Mexico

Whales' navigational skills cannot be explained by any known theories, claim scientists

San Diego Dolphin Deaths: Navy Defends Actions That Killed Animals

Elusive Sawfish on the Razor Edge of Extinction

Underwater World Captured in Stunning Photos: Slide Show

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