Thursday, March 10, 2011

Top 10 Bizarre Bats

Sometimes you have to tiptoe into the kitchen for late night snacks

I Sniff, Therefore I Am. Are Dogs Self-Conscious?

Dogs Found Shot In Head At South Carolina Landfill, Animal Control Officers Accused

Puppy Comes Back To Life After Euthanization In Oklahoma (VIDEO)

Trapped Kittens Rescued After Found In Walls Of Florida Home (VIDEO)

Don’t Even Think of Touching That Remote

A Wolf in a Jackal Disguise : Slide Show

Putting the Endangered Species Act Into Practice, One Wolf Listing at a Time

Animals Taunted and Confined at Bahawlpur Zoo (Video)

31 Swans Shot And Killed In UK, Community Searches For Sniper

Siberian Tiger Population Is Drastically Low, Scientists Report

Animal Photos Of The Week

The secret life of animals

Rare white-tailed eagle spotted in Hampshire

Pictured: amazing moment crocodile swallows piranha

Frolicking panda cubs delight Chinese

What Are Bats' Favorite Foods? The Truth Lies in the Poop

From the Horse's Mouth: Teeth Reveal Evolution

The £6bn trade in animal smuggling

The Lost Emperor: A Colony of Penguins Disappears

Scientist Creates One-of-a-Kind Frog

Bridge bat colony draws crowds to Austin, Texas

Florida panthers and Yellowstone wolves in the backyard

Elephants know how to co-operate

Top 10 Bizarre Bats

12 Weirdest Frogs

Prehistoric giant hyena's bone-cracking habit

Tiger kills lion in Turkish zoo

Are birds of prey back?

Eco-engineering hopes for amphibians' future

Hens Feel for Their Chicks' Discomfort

Eastern Cougar Now Extinct, U.S. Officials Say

Revealed: the multi-million pound secret transport network – for animals

Our first polecat for a century

Gulls are marvels not menaces

The Week in Animal News: Pelicans at Strip Clubs, Technologically-Advanced Flies, and More (Slideshow)

Suburban Living Isn't for the Birds

Dolphin, Manatee Deaths Baffle Scientists

Dolphins Save Doberman From Drowning in Florida Canal

Asian Carp Almost Migrate from U.S. to Canada, in a Big Truck

David Place Sentenced To Prison For Trafficking Sperm Whale Teeth, Narwhal Tusks

Endangered Sea Turtles To Be Killed After Experiments At UBC

New 'Jaguar' Catfish Found in Amazon

Whale found dead off UK coast

Whale Shark Feeding Frenzies Mystify, Enlighten Scientists

Marine Shutterbugs Take Note: Underwater Photography Contest Nears

Critically endangered monk seal pup rescued

Hunt widens for 'killer shrimp' in Wales

How my family and I hatched a plan to keep lobsters alive

Dead Anchovies Wash Up On Redondo Beach

Who Knew Sea Slugs Were This Gorgeous!

Calif. Great White Shark Count Down to 219

Rescuers try to capture Hanoi's sacred turtle

New to Nature No 33: Keuppia levante

Sea Lion Silhouetted Against the Waves

Amazing Monarch Butterfly Migration Rebounding Now

Fire Ants Go Global: Mapping an Invasion

Why the Venomous Daddy Long Legs Can’t Bite Humans

Parasitic Fly Helps Revolutionize Antenna Technology

Masculine Female Insects Scare Off Potential Partners

Hissing Cockroach Giving Birth to Hundreds of Her Crawling Offspring

40-Million-Year-Old Sex Act Captured in Amber

New Zombie-Ant Fungi Found

Mind Control: Gallery of Zombie Ants

How Mites Serve As Maids for Bees

Gorilla Inconsolable After Death of Her Lifelong Mate

Rare Brazilian Monkeys Know How to Stick It to Termites

Male monkeys cover themselves in their own urine to attract the ladies

Promiscuous apes shout about sex

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