Thursday, March 03, 2011

The Strange Beauty of Benthic Sea Creatures

The Incredible Undersea Photography of Alexander Semenov

12 Deadliest Creatures in the Ocean

Why Tiny Krill Are a Major Link in the Marine Food Chain

Top Animal Dad: Male Seahorse Sports Baby Bump

World's oceans in 'shocking' decline

New to Nature No 44: Barbicambarus simmonsi

10-Year Study Reveals Critical Habitats for Top Level Ocean Predator

New Giant Crab Species Discovered in Costa Rica

Hungry Female Fish May Have Sex Change On Its Mind

Military Dolphins: James Bonds of the Sea

Stunning X-rays Reveal Fish Insides

What's that you say, Flipper? Experts develop tools to talk to dolphins

Endangered Leatherback Turtles Drawn to UK Jellyfish Blooms

Critically Endangered Hawaiian Monk Seal Found With Deadly Toxin

Scientists Warn of Lethal Shellfish in a Part of Alaska

Whale Sharks' Shared Feast Sets Record

Beached 44ft whale dies on Redcar beach

Giant water bug photographed devouring baby turtle

Ancient Sea Monsters Were No Shrimps

Global warming threatens fish that inspired 'Finding Nemo'

25-Year-Old Woman Breaks Leg When Huge Fish Jumps On Her

9 Unknown Species Found on Bali Reef

Russia Restricts Oil Exploration To Protect Critically Endangered Grey Whales

Flooded-out farmer needs permit to remove fish

Fish swim as if they're riding bicycles

Photos: Rare blue lobster

The Man Who Swims With Coelacanths

Jaw-Dropping Similarity Found in Whales and Pelicans

The Baiji Dolphin: The Functionally Extinct Species of China's Yangtze River

73 Million Sharks Killed Annually to Make Soup Despite Fins Having No Flavour

Jellyfish Invade Florida Beaches, Sting 1,600 in Memorial Day Attack

The Week in Animal News: Sharks Like AC/DC, Clownfish Going Deaf, and More (Slideshow)

900 Species Invade the Mediterranean, Alter Entire Food Chain

Manatees: 'One Of Nature's Most Placid Species'

Stranded whales swim back into danger

For Sale: World's Largest Shark Jaws

Dangers in the Deep: 10 Scariest Sea Creatures

Low Oxygen in Gulf of Mexico Has Fish Sexually Confused

Second whale found dead in Loch Carnan

Japan's Ocean Wildlife

Chemical-Laden Dolphins Show Us Where It's Unsafe to Fish

Sharks Dying by the Dozens Due to Internal Bleeding

Sea Lions to Be Killed For Eating Endangered Fish

Let's talk dolphin!

Real Octomom Gives Birth to Little Octopods on Video

Gallery: Seals of the World

Penguins' Oxygen Trick: How They Survive Deep Dives

Into the Blue: The Ocean's Deepest Divers (Infographic)

Sperm Whales Speak in Accents

Is the giant squid the new giant panda?

Seal whiskers sense fattest fish

Squidward, It's You! An Octopus Knows Who's Who

Fashion meets fish at Selfridges exhibition

Japan's Ocean Wildlife (PHOTOS)

Libya Opens Up Waters For Bluefin Tuna Fishing, Threatening Species Recovery Plans

16 Whales Mysteriously Stranded in Florida Keys

Giant Squid Killed by Sound?

Whales Return to NYC Harbor

Biggest Great White Shark Caught, Released

Battle of Ancient Ocean Beasts Suggested by Fossil Scars

The friendliest whales in the world: grey whales in Mexico

Whales' navigational skills cannot be explained by any known theories, claim scientists

San Diego Dolphin Deaths: Navy Defends Actions That Killed Animals

Elusive Sawfish on the Razor Edge of Extinction

Underwater World Captured in Stunning Photos: Slide Show

"Million-Dollar Reef Sharks" More Valuable Alive Than Dead

Look Ma, No Arms! Starfish Stuck in Baby Stage

Florida Fishing Contest Targets Spiny Alien Invaders

The New Way to Measure Sharks Without Becoming Lunch

Fastest Evolution Clocked in Tiny Fish

Brainless Jellyfish Navigates with Specialized Eyes

Dusky Sharks Not Safe at Home

Whale of a Record: 306 Humpbacks Spotted Near Antarctica

Image Gallery: Jellyfish Rule!

32 feet dead sperm whale washes up on Sydney beach

Blind Cave Fish Can't Catch Zzz's

Trainer-killing orca Tilikum back in SeaWorld show

Spreading Lionfish Invasion Threatens Bahamas

Boneworms Gnawed on Ancient Reptile Corpses

Noise Pollution Knocks Squid & Octopi Off Balance

Killer Whales Make Killer Waves to Take Down Seals

New Weapons Against Invasive Carp: Knife and Fork

New to Nature No 37: Heliotrygon stingrays

Wild Atlantic salmon 'under threat' from escaped farmed fish and sea lice

Fish carried up a mountain on backs of llamas to escape global warming

Pacific Island Nations Take Lead in Shark Conservation

Thousands Of Starfish Wash Up On South Carolina Beach

Rock Vomit: A Sea Squirt Infestation: Big Pic

Amazon Fishermen See Dolphins as Rivals & Kill Them for Bait

13 Amazing Members of the Deep Sea Community

Primitive Sea Creature Sports Eyes Made of Rock

Catch & Release: Great White Shark Science Sparks Controversy

In Photos: Tracking Humpback Whales

Motor boat turbulence kills zooplankton in estuaries

Whale 'Pop Songs' Spread Across the Ocean

Less Sharks Mean an Ocean Jam-Packed With Sardines

Gulf spill: the lost, dead whales

Amazing Navigation Skills Seen in Humpback Whales

Complex Life Emerged from Sea Earlier Than Thought

Salmon: There's trouble upstream

Gulf Residents: Please Take our Dolphins and Turtles Away

Gulf Dolphin Deaths Study Thwarted By Federal Practices, Scientists Say

Sea Urchins Turning into Cannibals

Shark Poop Sends Fish and Scientists into Frenzy

Hygienic sharks go to cleaner stations

Beaked whales 'scared' by navy sonar

Incredible swarms of fish form off coast of Acapulco

Genome of World's Largest Shark to Be Sequenced

Mystery Humpback Whale Breeding Ground Discovered?

15 Incredible Creatures from Russia's White Sea Shot in Macro

The Other Side of Otters

California (Sea) Stars Can't Find Love

Sea Turtle Deaths Anger Mississippi Residents

Marine camouflage: these colourful underwater creatures are masters of disguise

Research in Action: New Fishing Hook Reduces Shark Catch

Pictured: One Sea Turtle’s Worth of Plastic

Killer Whale: Biggest Badass in the Animal Kingdom [CHART]

New to Nature No 35: Brachiopsilus dianthus. These strange walking fish from Australia have been properly studied for the first time.

Anglers call on new weapon to ward otters off their fish – lion poo

300-Pound Eagle Ray Pins Woman On Boat In Florida (VIDEO)

Many Ringed Worms Like to Hunt, the Rest Hang Out

Shark by Satellite: Hammerhead's 'Fintastic' Voyage Tracked

The Strange Beauty of Benthic Sea Creatures

Sharks Can Zero in on Targets 31 Miles Away

New species of seahorse found... after sitting in a museum for more than a decade

An Inside Look At a Sea Turtle Hospital (Video)

Sharks navigate using 'mental maps'

'Bownessie' Latest Lake Monster?

Robot Fish Can Trick the Real Thing

New Method for Predicting Extinctions Could Help Save Coral Reefs

Finning Fears in Shark Diving Capital

Fire Shrimps: The Ocean's Crustacean Cleaners

'Walking Cactus' Fossil Reveals Body Armor Evolution

Dolphin Calves Dying in the Gulf

Jaguar-Like Catfish, Stenolicnus Ix, Discovered In Amazon (PHOTO)

The Cove director sends dolphin slaughter DVDs to whole fishing town

Cameras Catch Tiny Krill Having Deep-Water Sex

World's Loneliest Whale Sings At The Wrong Frequency

Endangered Hammerhead Sharks Tracked To Save Them From Becoming Soup

Primitive Scavenger Fish Eats Using Its Skin

Seamounts: Undersea mountains 'litter' ocean floor

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