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Owls Being Cute

Queenie the waterskiing elephant dies

Baby Cheetah Cubs Born: Big Pic

Surfing Geese Explained

Humans Dress as Bobcat to Ready Kittens for the Wild

20 Animal Group Names You Probably Never Heard Of

'Deer With Wings' Causes Montana Power Outage

Man Loses Boa Constrictor While Camping In Michigan

Andy Ray Harris, Utah Man, Accused Of Eating Live Baby Rat In Facebook Video

Baby stays cool as lion attacks

Starving blackbirds turn cannibal due to dry weather

New York airport geese to be cooked for poor

Photographer Paul Hughes's images of a grey heron feasting on ducklings

7 New Species of Mice Discovered on Remote Mountain

Female Cuban Crocs Fancy American Mates, Endangering Their Species

Rare Wild Bear Video Captured by 'Invisible' Camera

Gyrfalcons are 'secret seabirds'

Bats' hairs are 'airspeed sensor'

Meet Daisy, the Houdini-like cow that can open gates with her tongue

Birds With Arms

Emperor penguin from Antarctic visits New Zealand beach

Brainy Parrots Can Think Like 4-Year-Olds

Pretty Bird: Images of a Clever Parrot

Eyewitness: What lies beneath - Photographs from the Guardian Eyewitness series

Africa's declining wildlife

Booby that inspired Darwin caught in an evolutionary trap

Deer Runs Amok In Church (VIDEO)

Arabian 'Unicorn,' White Oryx, Back From Brink Of Extinction

Since Elephants Are As Smart As Great Apes & Dolphins, Isn't It Time For Elephant Rights?

Kenya Supersizes Wildlife Corridors to Provide Safe Passage for Elephants

Elusive Connecticut Mountain Lion Finally Found, Unfortunately Dead

Five Fantastic Animal Fathers: Photos

Australian cat curfew to save ringtail possums

How to keep rabbits off your land

Idaho snake house! Infestation forces young family to flee

The World's Richest Animals

Moose barges into Swedish retirement home

Rare crocodiles seized from spare room in Croydon semi

Tranquilized Bear Gets Stuck In Tree

Wild elephant tramples man to death in India

Chinese GM Cows Make Human Breast Milk

Birdsong independent of brain size

Scientists Create Lady Goats Trapped in Male Bodies

New Dino May Be World's Smallest

Australian dinosaur had UK double

Tree-frog biodiversity warning for Amazon

Bangladesh plans special force to protect tigers

Killer Elephants in India: Why They Attack

Greenhouse Gas Pains: Shoot the Farting Camels?

Australia's beloved koalas under threat

Mountain lion killed outside New York City

Geese given police escort on US highway

The bird that may explain why people are unfaithful

The Week in Animal News: 90-Year-Old Tortoise Mom, Elephants Are Like Us, and More (Slideshow)

Baby Galapagos Tortoise: Big Pics

Cross-Eyed Opossum And Other Animal Oddities: Photos

Fawns survive vehicle accident

Seeing-eye sheep, goats guide blind horse in Montana

Baby Elephant Makes Debut: Big Pic

Animals at Risk: Photos

Liger cubs nursed by dog in China's Xixiakou Zoo

Sat nav-style technology used to track UK seabirds

The Kangaroo that Went Back to the Trees

Pollys back on a bender

Pet rabbits are cruelly neglected and mistreated in Britain, survey finds

Mammals' brains got bigger to handle sense of smell

Top 10 Strangest Flying Animals

10 of the biggest animals to roam the planet

7 Constrictor Snakes Consuming Large Animals Whole

Dorset buzzard webcams are a 'UK first'

How Hard-Headed Lizards Lost Their Legs

Stunning She-Males of the Animal World

Hare today, gone tomorrow?

Wildlife's winners: 20 species benefiting from Britain’s strange spring

Fears over Australia's declining koala population

The horse hospital: we'll get you back on track

10 Uplifting Images of Birds in Flight

Red-Crested Tree Rat Rediscovered After 113 Years

One Quarter of European Animals at Risk of Extinction

The Week in Animal News: Smuggler's Suitcase Packed with Babies, Cat and Owl BFF, and More (Slideshow)

Rare and Majestic Mongolian Snow Leopards in Stunning Photos (Slideshow)

Rare White Kiwi Chick Born

Big, New Pointy-Nosed Bat Found

Baby Lion Cubs Make Debut : Big Pic

Unstoppable possum survives being shot five times

Pig with two snouts 'eats twice as much as its brothers and sisters'

Hunters bait bears with bloodied bedding for constipation death

5 Disgusting and Depressing Stories of Captive Animal Abuse

Birds in New Zealand Developing Entirely New Songs

The Week in Animal News: Apes Discuss Their Meal, Hummingbird Tongues, and More (Slideshow)

10 Adorable Endangered Animal Babies Cuddling up to Mom (Slideshow)

The Dhole: Asia's Unique Species of Endangered Wild Dog

The Male Frog that Broods 19 Babies in its Mouth

Campaign to ban wild circus animals wins huge public support

Fearsome beauty – lion is caught on camera in full charge

Rare tiger cubs captured on film in threatened forest

Kiwi turns up in Russia

Birds in New Zealand Developing Entirely New Songs

New species of lizard created in lab that reproduces by cloning itself

Real Ninja Turtle

Now THAT'S a bunny hop: Rabbit dressage set to take the world by storm

Show-stealing critter poses with tourists at Table Mountain

World-Famous Animals in Captivity

Baby Batman

It’s lunchtime 0

Goats recognise their kids' voices

Blind legless lizard species discovered in Cambodia

Chick sex swayed by farm grazing

Spotted bowerbirds mimic alarm calls when stressed

Scots landowners call for licence to kill birds of prey

Tiger find prompts WWF pressure against planned logging

America's Smallest Turtle Becoming Scarce

Modern "Mother Goose" Attempts to Unravel the Flight of the Bar-Headed Goose

Social Beasts: 35 Ancient Marsupials Found in Grave

The Weirdest Mothering Tricks in the Animal World

Wild Asses Pushed Toward Extinction

Brian May: my quest to save the badger

Water For Elephants star in cruelty claims

The Miracle of Migrating Songbirds

20 Incredible Rare and Newly Discovered Species

Hawks in the City: Mother's Day Raptor Mom in Danger

Snake Attack of the Ketchup Kind

From an Extinct Rabbit to a Dwindling Beetle: Endangered Animal Portraits by Joel Sartore

Human arrival 'wiped out' Hawaii's unique crabs

Baby leopards, bear found in bags at Thai airport

Taiwan abuzz over 'pregnant' panda Yuan Yuan

Scottish field vole plague reaches record level

World's oldest panda Ming Ming 'dies aged 34' in China

Man tries to board train with pony in Wrexham

US publishes white-nose bat killer action plan

Parrots choose to work together

Smuggled baby animals are rescued in Thailand

Secret Lives of Seabirds Revealed

Tree Frogs Provide New Answers to Amazon Diversity Puzzle

The week in wildlife - in pictures

Newcastle in a flap over urban kittiwake colony

Is it time to ban tiger farms?

Thailand jungles mask surprise rise in tiger numbers

Red kites are on the increase in Britain

Quiz: can you recognise songs of these British birds?

Twitchers could be prosecuted for their iPhone warbles

From Iraq to Omaha: donkey's $40,000 trip

The park that came back from the dead

Google Earth Animation Reveals Sumatran Tiger Habitat Slated for Logging (Video)

Officials Help Reintroduce Tiny Rabbits into the World

What's Brought 32,000 Parakeets to London's Suburbs?

Baby Leopards, Monkeys, Bear Cub & More Stashed In Man's Suitcase at Thai Airport

The Week in Animal News: Animal Moms, Zombie Ants, and More (Slideshow)

Captivating Animal Portraits by Andrew Zuckerman Portray Nature In a Whole New Way

Is the Beloved Polar Bear Truly an Endangered Species?

Feral Camels Plague Australian Outback

Golfer who battered tame fox to death for stealing biscuit is fined

Turtle Power to the Rescue

Italy's Rare Bear in Losing Battle Against Extinction

The week in wildlife – in pictures

Goshawk acrobatic flight caught in pictures

Pigs have 'evolved to love mud'

Bear attacks car

10 Amazing Zoos Every Animal Lover Should See

Top 10 Rare Animals

Armadillos pass leprosy to humans, study finds

GPS backpacks track NZ hedgehogs

Weather Delay: Wet Fur Keeps Bats Grounded

Koalas Have Human-like Fingerprints

New Recordings of 'Extinct' Ivory-Billed Woodpecker

New to Nature No 40: Noblella pygmaea

Panda turns nasty as it hunts down peacock

Pensioner arrested for feeding pigeons

Record sightings as red kites enjoy second wind

Animal Police Train To Handle Animal Abuse In Netherlands

The Male Frog that Broods 19 Babies in its Mouth

20 Incredible Rare and Newly Discovered Species

High-Speed Video Reveals Surprising Way Hummingbirds Drink (Video)

Secret to Saving Koalas Could be as Simple as Planting Trees

Alaska Bans the Ridiculous 'Sport' of Tasing Wildlife

An Epidemic Among Amphibians

'Hammer-Biter' Mammal Built for Eating Crunchy Food

Spring may lose song of cuckoos, nightingales and turtle doves

Dingoes attack three-year-old girl on Australian beach

New Aussies: Ancient Snail-Chomping Marsupials Discovered

Fallow deer stags butt-in to assert dominance

Early birds catch bees not worms

Adaptable urban birds have bigger brains

Pig attacks boy, 13, at Cofton Holiday Park in Devon

17 of the Strangest Animal Hybrids in the World

Wild parakeets could be culled before their population runs 'out of control'

Child builds tiny mobility cart for paraplegic rabbit

Alligator invites himself into Palmetto home

Cannibalism - what is it good for?

Giant tortoise brings slow salvation

As Two Owls Flex Wings, Scientists Record and Learn

Brown and grizzly bears hunting salmon photographed by Paul Souders in Alaska

Animal pictures of the week: 22 April 2011

Amazing pictures of endangered water voles by Terry Whittaker

Hand-reared polar bear cubs go on show in China

Rhinos are on the rise after surviving war and poachers in Nepal

Easter Bunny Hunt 2011: 23,000 Rabbits Killed In New Zealand

5 Ibises Facing Different Levels of Threat

Wolf Attacks Mother Walking with Child in Sweden

For These Beautiful Midway Island Birds, Plastic is a Food Group (Slideshow)

New Rat Poisons Killing Rodents (and Everything Else)

Why Do Peacocks Have Spots on Their Feathers?

Mechanimals: Animals Fitted With Prosthetics : Slide Show

Extinct Australian thylacine hunted like a big cat

Pet micro-pig returns to owner's Ramsbottom shop

Super angry furry animal rescue effort results in otter chaos

Animal Photos Of The Week

Alligator escapes from nature park in Arkansas

Tiger to return to Central Asia

Fisherman bitten by fox: commentary

RSPB calls for wildlife farming to bring back birds

At home with the lion king

Eye on the tigers in India

New to Nature No 38: Kinyongia magomberae

Tristan da Cunha islanders rescue rockhopper penguins threatened by oil slick

Gazelles caught in ancient Syrian 'killing zones'

Red and Arctic foxes clash in Russia

Polar bear and cub awake in 'building site'

Cuckoos mimic hawks to scare their hosts, says research

Cornwall falcon DNA database aims to prevent thefts

Fossil from 275 million years ago shows oldest abscess

Deer rescued in Winchester after getting stuck in gate

Sir Richard Branson Sparks Lemur Relocation Controversy

Farmer paints sheep orange to prevent rustling

Walter the 132kg pig a gentle giant

Woman freed from pet python

Holy Rats! Karni Mata – Rat Temple (32 PICS)

How Different Animals Are Spending Their Tax Refunds (CHARTS)

Re-homing nature: A step too far?

Endangered Tigers Find a Wild New Home

'Asian Unicorn' Reserve Created to Protect Mysterious Species

How Dinosaurs Got So Huge

Jaw-Dropping Find: Ancient Mammal's Ear Bones

The week in wildlife - in pictures

National Trust to begin badger vaccine trial

Birdwatch: Kestrel

Amazing pictures of water voles in the wild

Mr Asbo granted eviction reprieve - after finding mate

Attenborough: children don’t know enough about nature

Mercedes the polar bear put down by Edinburgh Zoo

Wolves To Lose Endangered Status Within 60 days, First Time Congress Has Taken A Species Off List

Hairy-Nosed Wombat: The Saddest Looking Marsupial on Earth

Crabs Use Stats to Dodge Predators

Bald Eagles Become Internet Sensation

Predators Feasting on the Carcasses of their Prey

Everything You Didn't Know About Armadillos

The Aye-aye: An Ugly Yet Adorable Endangered Animal

Animals Quenching their Thirst from Inside an African Watering Hole

The Endangered Macaws of Central America and South America

Wildlife watching in the woods

Poop Reveals Immigrant Wolf on Isolated Island

'Kidnapped' goat is let loose in pub

Missing: The NZ Moose Reward: $100,000

UK to Ban Animal Circuses After Cruelty Exposed

Penguins Used To Guide Underwater Robots

'Eagle Cam' Soars With Millions

Penguins Mysteriously Losing Their Feathers (Photos)

Snakes on a bus: Argentina nabs wildlife trafficker

Colourful-billed mallard ducks have fewer STDs

Penguins suffer as Antarctic krill declines

Co-operative 'Bee Road' plans to boost insect habitats

British garden birds are bouncing back

Males make pregnant horses abort

Rare Cougar Family Reunion Caught On Camera

The 500 Cutest Animals

Lay Lady lay ... record-breaking osprey does it again with egg #59

Gamekeeper used live pigeon to trap birds of prey, court told

Sir David Attenborough's TV life: the BBC looks back

Europe's last bison pose a question: what is truly natural?

Animal pictures of the week: 8 April 2011

Penguin cam: bird's eye view of fishing in Antarctic

Why llamas are the leaders of the pack

Strange species almost lost to extinction

Top 10 pure breed hens

Attack dogs trained to keep wolves from the door

Berlin Zoo tells loyal Knut fans to get stuffed

Your number is up: Species doomed by mathematics

PETA wants a Neverland animal sanctuary

Animal Photos Of The Week

Religious Animal Slaughter Ban Considered In Netherlands

5 Fantastic Facts about Flamingos

Even Penguins that Don't Live on Ice Feel Impact of Global Warming

New Species Classification Identifies World's Most Endangered Rhino

Why Are Penguins Losing Their Feathers?

Tortoise Loses Leg, Learns to Walk With a Wheel

Harder to Find than a Four-Leaf Clover: 9 of Ireland's Most Threatened Species (Slideshow)

6 Ways You Can Help Animals In Need In Japan

Bird Migration: Flying Back To The Love Nest (PHOTOS/VIDEO)

Animal Photos Of The Week

50 years of the WWF

The infamous killings that came back to bite dingoes

New to Nature No 34: Conolophus marthae

Saving the missing Iberian lynx

The week in wildlife - in pictures

Rare Andean Cats Discovered in New Locale

America's Favorite Pets

Scotland's nature photographers scoop awards

Britain's Largest Bull

Bird Eyesight Not So Keen After All

Secret Video and Photos Show Rare Rhinos Making a Comeback

Police get crocodile shock in Middlesbrough

Knut, Germany's beloved polar bear, dies at age 4. See also Knut: A polar bear story.

Russia allows polar bear hunting for the first time since 1957

Fears for penguins being pinched from Granite Island

Your Daily Dose of Cute Piggies

Staff at St Tiggywinkles Wildlife Hospital in Buckinghamshire have made a little jumper to keep a spineless hedgehog warm

Vicious squirrel puts the bite on Bennington

Rare albatross is unique species

El Chupacabra Mystery Solved: Case of Mistaken Identity

King of Rabbits: Ancient, Gigantic Bunny Discovered

Cost to Identify All Unknown Animals: $263 Billion

Shipwreck threatens penguin colony on South Atlantic island

Essex reptiles settle into new Wiltshire home

Slow loris YouTube videos fuel endangered species trade

Baby Jaguar vs. Caiman Alligator

'Rodenator,' Anti-Prairie Dog Explosive Device, Has Neighbors Upset

Four-Horned Sheep Found In China (VIDEO)

The Numbat: Australia's Cuddly Termite-Eating Marsupial

Study Finds More Bears Opting For the Single Life

Kitty Does Kill More Small Birds Than Wind Turbines, But For Big Birds It's A Different Story

Little Penguins Being Abducted and Turned into Pets

Animal Leaders Improve With Age

Raccoon With Head in PB Jar Gets Stuck on Pole

Girl finds boa constrictor in toilet

Race Is on to Study Rare Costa Rican Bird

How invasive species work – their spread can be spectacular

Scientists in Galapagos Islands launch rat-bait drop to save unique species

Rare Sumatran Elephant Dies After Week-Long Standoff in Indonesia

Mongolia Rescinds Snow Leopard Hunting Proposal

The Numbat: Australia's Cuddly Termite-Eating Marsupial

The joys of spring: 20 reasons to be cheerful

Snow Leopard 'harmed' for Vladimir Putin photo opportunity

Animal pictures of the week: 25 March 2011

Abuse of Britain's last circus elephant caught on camera

Food shortages bring birds to British gardens

Panda twins enjoy brotherly rough and tumble

Froggy Fitness: Toxic Species Prove Most Athletic

India wild tiger census shows population rise

Africa rhinos face 'worst poaching crisis for decades'

Oil-soaked rockhopper penguins in rehabilitation

Stolen ostrich escapes and runs all the way home

Paw & Order: Animals on Trial

Polar Bear: An Endangered Species

PETA calls for more animal-friendly language in New International Version Bible

New Zealand man proves being hit by bird droppings is lucky

Small Signs of Hope for World's Most Endangered Cat

Top 10 Freakiest Animal Childhoods

Miniature horse fitted with prosthetic leg

Osprey 'Lady' returns to Loch of the Lowes reserve

Lions breed better if living near joining rivers

Experts unravel 'churkey' appearance mystery

Snakes on the plane: Jakarta police foil smuggling bid

Hunker Down: Hibernating Animals Live Longer

Research In Action: Petite Opossums are Two Species

Breast-Feeding Fuels Babies' Big Brains

In Photos: Rescued Pets in Japan

Spring's here: skylarks overhead, moles in the garden, moths in the bathroom

Adder abnormalities lead to UK's first genetic survey of snakes

Mother’s pride: a break from the wild life

Birdwatchers lose RSPB defamation case

Snake attacks girl on Dutch TV show

Raccoon: Bushy-tailed bandits ready to go native

New Yorkers bitten by story of escaped cobra

Animal Photos Of The Week

5 Fantastic Facts about Feathery Flamingos

Bizarre Animals on the Edge of Extinction

Dino the Facebook Bear Shot in Slovenia

Small Signs of Hope for World's Most Endangered Cat

The Week in Animal News: Saying Goodbye to Knut, a Tortoise on Wheels, and More (Slideshow)

Angry villagers burn alive captured leopard

A Wolf in a Jackal Disguise : Slide Show

Putting the Endangered Species Act Into Practice, One Wolf Listing at a Time

Animals Taunted and Confined at Bahawlpur Zoo (Video)

31 Swans Shot And Killed In UK, Community Searches For Sniper

Siberian Tiger Population Is Drastically Low, Scientists Report

Animal Photos Of The Week

The secret life of animals

Rare white-tailed eagle spotted in Hampshire

Pictured: amazing moment crocodile swallows piranha

Frolicking panda cubs delight Chinese

What Are Bats' Favorite Foods? The Truth Lies in the Poop

From the Horse's Mouth: Teeth Reveal Evolution

The £6bn trade in animal smuggling

The Lost Emperor: A Colony of Penguins Disappears

Scientist Creates One-of-a-Kind Frog

Bridge bat colony draws crowds to Austin, Texas

Florida panthers and Yellowstone wolves in the backyard

Elephants know how to co-operate

Top 10 Bizarre Bats

12 Weirdest Frogs

Prehistoric giant hyena's bone-cracking habit

Tiger kills lion in Turkish zoo

Are birds of prey back?

Eco-engineering hopes for amphibians' future

Hens Feel for Their Chicks' Discomfort

Eastern Cougar Now Extinct, U.S. Officials Say

Revealed: the multi-million pound secret transport network – for animals

Our first polecat for a century

Gulls are marvels not menaces

The Week in Animal News: Pelicans at Strip Clubs, Technologically-Advanced Flies, and More (Slideshow)

Suburban Living Isn't for the Birds

Lemur and Labrador become inseparable following operation

Snake dies of silicone poisoning after biting Israeli model's fake breast

Tiger Poo Apparently Effective at Warding Off Pests

Thousands of Nesting Albatross Swept Away By Tsunami

Alaska Oil And Gas Association Sues Feds Claiming Polar Bear Protected Habitat Too Large

Honey Badger Don't Care: The Best Nature Video Of All Time

China sees pigeons as far more than a flight of fancy

Animals that have puzzled scientists

Madrid zoo unveils twin panda cubs

Take the farm home: Collecting animal breeds

Large Lady Hyenas Throw Their Weight into Cub-Making

Image Gallery: Hyenas at the Kill

Kangaroo bounce mechanics illuminated by infrared study

Adders, toads and lizards are disappearing from UK

Swans' bottoms sized up for science

Calif. tailed frog finds a good sign for forest

The planet's unluckiest animals

Kangaroos Caged to Study Their Farts?

Why Do We Treat Pets Like People?

Extinct creatures on display at Grant Museum of Zoology

Bat navigation explained by robotic moth experiment

'Oldest bird in US' raises chick

Image Gallery: Invasive Species

The week in wildlife - in pictures

Wales to press ahead with badger cull

Bird of prey poisoning 'hot spot' map published

Tetra Pak heiress accuses lairds of killing golden eagles

Midwife toads under attack from deadly fungal disease

The bird that offers a clue to mankind's destiny

Baby Lamb Quintuplets Born In Canada (VIDEO)

Agriculture Industry Pushes To Make Undercover Filming Of Farm Animal Abuse Illegal

Two-Headed, Five-Legged Tortoise Predicts Hockey Championship

Vicky Lowing Lives With 3 Pet Crocodiles (VIDEO)

Siberian Tiger Population Is Drastically Low, Scientists Report

'Eagle Killer' Shoots Dead Two Bald Eagles in Tennessee

Sue Flood photographs emperor penguin chick with love heart bib

Zoo animals banned from having sex

Cyclone puts cassowary in greater peril

If we cannot save the lion, no other species stands a chance

The week in wildlife - in pictures

Amur tigers in population crisis

Animal pictures of the week

Squirrels are £20 million menace to homeowners and How to rid yourself of squirrels without breaking the law.

Extremely Rare Rhino Captured on Video

Wolverines Threatened by Climate Change

Wolves Know Based on Looks Where Something's Hiding

Owls Being Cute. My favourite link today. (via)

Red Pandas

Amazon Deforestation Up 1000% From Last Year

Warm Nights, Cold Noses

80 Percent of Antibiotics Used on Animals

12 Funny Animal Fails

Footballer faces sanctions for kicking injured owl in Colombia

Nuisance bird targets drivers

Poacher Who Killed 16 Rare Rhinos Arrested in Nepal

School district fighting pesky poop problem with cardboard cutouts of coyotes

Brazilian woman finds alligator behind sofa

9 Surprising Facts About Animal Intelligence

Taking On Tyson: A Boxer with Wings

Driver survives as amorous elephant attempts joy ride

Polar bear Mercedes's health 'failing'

Fossil DNA Could Save Species

New hope for world's rarest lemur species in Madagascar

Macaques and Humans: The Only Self-Aware Animals?

Eastern Cougar Extinct: Mountain Lion Declared Gone From East U.S.

Amazing Snapshots of Wildlife Caught on Camera Traps

Capuchin monkeys and other bizarre animal mating rituals

African lions under threat from a growing predator: the American hunter

Scientists prepare for mass rat cull on remote UK island

Saving African Lions from Extinction

Conservation Groups Propose Ban on Importing Lion Parts to the US

How Mice Got their Sandy Coats: Beach Life

Camera Traps Capture Two Javan Rhino Mothers With Their Calves (Video)

Sharp teeth aid bats' fruit diets

Incredible pictures as a snake is captured polishing off a frog for lunch

Storm Blows Florida Pelican to a Strip Club in Canada

Simple Fences Could Slow the Unstoppable Cane Toad

5 Miraculous Animal Births

Has the Earth's sixth mass extinction already started?

Owls change colour as climate warms

How a Smilodon sabretooth cat closed its gaping mouth

The 10 Most Diabolical and Disgusting Parasites

Tips for saving Britain's birds

Bull jumps into crowd at North Carolina rodeo

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