Tuesday, March 29, 2011

New PS3 "Condor" Supercomputer Now Fully Online

France Fines Google $142,000 for Privacy Violations

Google says China blocking its email services

Comprehensive Analysis: Google vs. Content Farms

25 Things I Hate About Google, Revisited 5 Years Later

U.S. Patent Office finds Google Doodle dandy

Google Limits Users’ Access to Honeycomb: Implications of The Decision

Google Now Supports Cherokee Language

Google Internally Testing Music Service (Report)

Finding Cool Places in Google Earth and Maps (via)

Internet Explorer 9: Eight Reasons to Upgrade

Microsoft Word Now Includes Squiggly Blue Line To Alert Writer When Word Is Too Advanced For Mainstream Audience

DIVpc is One Angry Drunk Computer Casemod

Back to the front of the pack: Ars reviews Firefox 4

All That Is Interesting - Computer Criminals In The World Of Tomorrow. From 1981.

40th anniversary of the computer virus

New PS3 "Condor" Supercomputer Now Fully Online

10 Interesting And Unusual Wikipedia Articles

Benchmark battle: Chrome vs. IE vs. Firefox

Pirate Bay User Database Compromised and Exploited, Again

Facebook policy chief admits site needs to improve deletion tools for a minority of users

6 Internet Memes That Will Lead to World Domination

Five Things Facebook Should Fix Immediately

Navigating the Minefield: Facebook Settings

5 years later, first P2P case to be tried still chugging along

12 Coolest Facebook Profiles

$60 Games an "Exploitative" Business Model

10 360 and PS3 games we wish never existed [Gallery]

Stop the Console Wars

Nintendo 3DS review: Is it worth $249 and $40 per game?

FiveThings You Need to Know About the Nintendo 3DS

The History of Nintendo Hardware Launches

9 Firefox Plugins for Easier Blogging

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