Thursday, March 24, 2011

The Happiest Moment In A Cats Life

A Tale Of Two Dogs Is Testament To Japan's Humanity

The Happiest Moment In A Cats Life


Cat alarms RI family when coyote attacks dog

Pit bull chases patrol car; officer radios for help

Burglars flee from tiny guard dog Jasmine

Dog Sledding Is Awesome!

£1 million for 'world's most expensive dog'

Shar-Peis' New Wrinkle: Skin Gene Also Can Make Them Sick

Video of Loyal Dog in Japan Reveals Canines' Social Roots

Two Legged Chihuahuas Pups Abandoned

Tortoise Loses Leg, Learns to Walk With a Wheel

Harder to Find than a Four-Leaf Clover: 9 of Ireland's Most Threatened Species (Slideshow)

6 Ways You Can Help Animals In Need In Japan

Bird Migration: Flying Back To The Love Nest (PHOTOS/VIDEO)

Animal Photos Of The Week

50 years of the WWF

The infamous killings that came back to bite dingoes

New to Nature No 34: Conolophus marthae

Saving the missing Iberian lynx

The week in wildlife - in pictures

Rare Andean Cats Discovered in New Locale

America's Favorite Pets

Scotland's nature photographers scoop awards

Britain's Largest Bull (via)

Bird Eyesight Not So Keen After All

Secret Video and Photos Show Rare Rhinos Making a Comeback

Police get crocodile shock in Middlesbrough

Knut, Germany's beloved polar bear, dies at age 4. See also Knut: A polar bear story.

Russia allows polar bear hunting for the first time since 1957

Fears for penguins being pinched from Granite Island

Your Daily Dose of Cute Piggies (via)

Staff at St Tiggywinkles Wildlife Hospital in Buckinghamshire have made a little jumper to keep a spineless hedgehog warm

Vicious squirrel puts the bite on Bennington

Rare albatross is unique species

El Chupacabra Mystery Solved: Case of Mistaken Identity

King of Rabbits: Ancient, Gigantic Bunny Discovered

Cost to Identify All Unknown Animals: $263 Billion

Shipwreck threatens penguin colony on South Atlantic island

Essex reptiles settle into new Wiltshire home

Slow loris YouTube videos fuel endangered species trade

Baby Jaguar vs. Caiman Alligator

'Rodenator,' Anti-Prairie Dog Explosive Device, Has Neighbors Upset

Four-Horned Sheep Found In China (VIDEO)

The Numbat: Australia's Cuddly Termite-Eating Marsupial

Study Finds More Bears Opting For the Single Life

Kitty Does Kill More Small Birds Than Wind Turbines, But For Big Birds It's A Different Story

Little Penguins Being Abducted and Turned into Pets

Animal Leaders Improve With Age

Shark Poop Sends Fish and Scientists into Frenzy

Hygienic sharks go to cleaner stations

Beaked whales 'scared' by navy sonar

Incredible swarms of fish form off coast of Acapulco

Genome of World's Largest Shark to Be Sequenced

Mystery Humpback Whale Breeding Ground Discovered?

15 Incredible Creatures from Russia's White Sea Shot in Macro

The Other Side of Otters

California (Sea) Stars Can't Find Love

Endangered Monkeys Invent New Fishing Method

Odd Form of 'Love' Hormone Found in Some Monkeys

Taronga shows off orange baby monkey

Tiny takes his first steps - video

Longleat's monkeys given their own car

Barbary macaques recognise photos of their friends

It started with a shrew... study maps the primate family tree

Peering into the Amazing Underground Architecture of Ants

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