Thursday, March 17, 2011

Animals that have puzzled scientists

Blind man keeps his old guide dog after it loses its sight... and then gets a new one who now leads them both around

Warm ray of light!

Tiny Endangered Kittens Born From Frozen Embryos

Cat Survives Tsunami On A Wall

Dogs That Eat Rotten Toes: Altruistic, or Just Plain Hungry?

Corey Bowen Accused Of Decapitating Dog With Chainsaw, Trial Ends With No Verdict

Japan's 'Cat Island' Survived Quake

Proposed Law Aimed at Making Dog Breeding More Humane

Pet cat 'senses' Bournemouth owner's epilepsy

Lemur and Labrador become inseparable following operation

Snake dies of silicone poisoning after biting Israeli model's fake breast

Tiger Poo Apparently Effective at Warding Off Pests

Thousands of Nesting Albatross Swept Away By Tsunami

Alaska Oil And Gas Association Sues Feds Claiming Polar Bear Protected Habitat Too Large

Honey Badger Don't Care: The Best Nature Video Of All Time

China sees pigeons as far more than a flight of fancy

Animals that have puzzled scientists

Madrid zoo unveils twin panda cubs

Take the farm home: Collecting animal breeds

Large Lady Hyenas Throw Their Weight into Cub-Making

Image Gallery: Hyenas at the Kill

Kangaroo bounce mechanics illuminated by infrared study

Adders, toads and lizards are disappearing from UK

Swans' bottoms sized up for science

Calif. tailed frog finds a good sign for forest

The planet's unluckiest animals

Kangaroos Caged to Study Their Farts?

Why Do We Treat Pets Like People?

Extinct creatures on display at Grant Museum of Zoology

Bat navigation explained by robotic moth experiment

'Oldest bird in US' raises chick

Image Gallery: Invasive Species

The week in wildlife - in pictures

Wales to press ahead with badger cull

Bird of prey poisoning 'hot spot' map published

Tetra Pak heiress accuses lairds of killing golden eagles

Midwife toads under attack from deadly fungal disease

The bird that offers a clue to mankind's destiny

Baby Lamb Quintuplets Born In Canada (VIDEO)

Agriculture Industry Pushes To Make Undercover Filming Of Farm Animal Abuse Illegal

Two-Headed, Five-Legged Tortoise Predicts Hockey Championship

Vicky Lowing Lives With 3 Pet Crocodiles (VIDEO)

Siberian Tiger Population Is Drastically Low, Scientists Report

'Eagle Killer' Shoots Dead Two Bald Eagles in Tennessee

Sue Flood photographs emperor penguin chick with love heart bib

Zoo animals banned from having sex

Well-Endowed Frog Bounces Back in California Forest

Slideshow: Stunning Sea Slugs

First Census of Great White Sharks Counts Only 219 Individuals -- A Species In Peril? (Video)

Endangered Hawaiian Sea Turtles Surfing, in Stunning Underwater Photos (Slideshow)

Moby Dick More Than A Book? Sperm Whales Might Have Individual Names
Sea Lion Silhouetted Against the Waves

Costa Rica's Cocos Island Protects Marine Life (PHOTOS)

Two-headed turtle discovered in Slovakia

Wind farms blamed for stranding of whales

Millions of sardines die in Californian marina

Vietnam fears for life of 'sacred' national turtle

Beaked whales 'scared' by navy sonar

Ancient Swimmers

5 New Species of Fish Discovered

Whale shark feeding frenzies mystify, enlighten scientists

Two new species of stingray discovered in Amazon

New shrimp named after University of Aberdeen scientist

Giant Jellyfish Jam the Sea of Japan

Baby turtles tagged, charting 4,500 mile journey

How my family and I hatched a plan to keep lobsters alive

How the Cleaner Fish Shows it Pays to be Selfless

Ocean Film Fest 2011: Great White Sharks Disappearing Into Soup Bowls? (Video)

SeaWorld Releases Its 1,000th Rescued Turtle (Video)

UN report into mass honeybee deaths provides no simple solution
Moth of all battles

Moths: First flutterings of the spring

Listen to a Fly Love Song

Rare Brazilian Monkeys Know How to Stick It to Termites

Monkey in Bra: Woman appears in Va. court with baby monkey cleaving to her

Odd Form of 'Love' Hormone Found in Some Monkeys

Hey, You Age Like a Baboon!

Endangered Monkeys Invent New Fishing Method

Chimps Have Better Sex Than Humans


Anonymous said...

The snake didn't die of silicone poisoning - that was a joke reported in a comments section that seems to have become canon now.

ILuvNUFC said...

But... I read it on the internets so it must be true! :)