Thursday, March 31, 2011

Abuse of Britain's last circus elephant caught on camera

Camo Kitty

10 of the World's Ugliest Dogs

Stray Cat Rescued From Soup Can

The kitty-couch potatoes: Internet craze celebrates human qualities of our feline friends

I made a Tank for my cat

French Bulldog Found to Be Hermaphrodite

Iditarod Dogs on the Edge

11 Ways to Take Dogs on Bikes (Slideshow)

France and Lap Dogs Go Way Back

Young boy attempts to break into Whyalla vet to get himself a kitten

Biologist from central Russia shelters cat with five ears

Police Dog Dies The Day Before Retirement

Raccoon With Head in PB Jar Gets Stuck on Pole

Girl finds boa constrictor in toilet

Race Is on to Study Rare Costa Rican Bird

How invasive species work – their spread can be spectacular

Scientists in Galapagos Islands launch rat-bait drop to save unique species

Rare Sumatran Elephant Dies After Week-Long Standoff in Indonesia

Mongolia Rescinds Snow Leopard Hunting Proposal

The Numbat: Australia's Cuddly Termite-Eating Marsupial

The joys of spring: 20 reasons to be cheerful

Snow Leopard 'harmed' for Vladimir Putin photo opportunity

Animal pictures of the week: 25 March 2011

Abuse of Britain's last circus elephant caught on camera

Food shortages bring birds to British gardens

Panda twins enjoy brotherly rough and tumble

Froggy Fitness: Toxic Species Prove Most Athletic

India wild tiger census shows population rise

Africa rhinos face 'worst poaching crisis for decades'

Oil-soaked rockhopper penguins in rehabilitation

Stolen ostrich escapes and runs all the way home

Paw & Order: Animals on Trial

Polar Bear: An Endangered Species

PETA calls for more animal-friendly language in New International Version Bible

New Zealand man proves being hit by bird droppings is lucky

Small Signs of Hope for World's Most Endangered Cat

Top 10 Freakiest Animal Childhoods

Miniature horse fitted with prosthetic leg

Osprey 'Lady' returns to Loch of the Lowes reserve

Lions breed better if living near joining rivers

Experts unravel 'churkey' appearance mystery

Snakes on the plane: Jakarta police foil smuggling bid

Hunker Down: Hibernating Animals Live Longer

Research In Action: Petite Opossums are Two Species

Breast-Feeding Fuels Babies' Big Brains

In Photos: Rescued Pets in Japan

Spring's here: skylarks overhead, moles in the garden, moths in the bathroom

Adder abnormalities lead to UK's first genetic survey of snakes

Mother’s pride: a break from the wild life

Birdwatchers lose RSPB defamation case

Snake attacks girl on Dutch TV show

Raccoon: Bushy-tailed bandits ready to go native

New Yorkers bitten by story of escaped cobra

Animal Photos Of The Week

5 Fantastic Facts about Feathery Flamingos

Bizarre Animals on the Edge of Extinction

Dino the Facebook Bear Shot in Slovenia

Small Signs of Hope for World's Most Endangered Cat

The Week in Animal News: Saying Goodbye to Knut, a Tortoise on Wheels, and More (Slideshow)

Angry villagers burn alive captured leopard

Trees cocooned by spiders could reduce malaria risk

Government asked to investigate new pesticide link to bee decline

European tick established in UK

UK's oil beetle search under way

Angry Wasps Capture Intruding Ants, Fly Away, Airdrop Them

Unsolved Mystery: Why Are Moths Drawn to Artificial Lights?

Sea Turtle Deaths Anger Mississippi Residents

Marine camouflage: these colourful underwater creatures are masters of disguise

Research in Action: New Fishing Hook Reduces Shark Catch

Pictured: One Sea Turtle’s Worth of Plastic

Killer Whale: Biggest Badass in the Animal Kingdom [CHART]

New to Nature No 35: Brachiopsilus dianthus. These strange walking fish from Australia have been properly studied for the first time.

Anglers call on new weapon to ward otters off their fish – lion poo

300-Pound Eagle Ray Pins Woman On Boat In Florida (VIDEO)

Monkey Barfs and Re-chews Food

Monkeys and Gorillas with Startling, Human-Like Expressions (Slideshow)

Gorilla Stronghold Found, Apes Still In Danger

Cape Town's 'mugger' baboon Fred to be put down

Half of all primates threatened with extinction

Monkeys display basic numeracy

Oh My! This Monkey Acts Like a Cow

Humans Make Gorillas Sick

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