Thursday, February 24, 2011

Why Chocolate is Bad for Dogs

The Absolute Best of the Business Cat Meme

Dogs 'share their owners' emotions'

Man skins Golden Retriever in public

Man's dog worst friend in E. Oregon police stop

Cash Cats

Cats demonstrate for us various artistic and stylish sleeping positions

Why Chocolate is Bad for Dogs

5 Things You Didn’t Know About Catnip

Ugly Lord Voldemort cat finally finds home

Cat Living in Tree Explained

Dogs Probably Feel Sorry For Us

Scottish Deerhound Wins 'Best in Show': Slide Show

World's Loudest Cat? Smokey Purrs At 92 Decibels (AUDIO)

Could Sniffer Dogs Save Endangered Species?

Plane in dog hunt to keep deathbed promise to mum

Annandale civic association elects dog as president

Rebuilt Cat

Chain-eating deer at Nara temple amuse tourists, puzzle experts

Chevron's dirty fight in Ecuador

Koalas bellow to attract a mate

Animal pictures of the week: 18 February 2011

Bears take three weeks to wake up from hibernation

Not in Vain: Roadkill Yields Valuable Clues

Black Bear Hibernation Mystery

The 8 Most Successful Politicians (Who Weren't Human)

Huge Sydney bat colony to be evicted

Man-Eating Elephants in India?

How a Dead Elephant Is Consumed In Under Two Minutes

Life at the North Pole and Life at the South Pole slideshows.

Owls Change Color to Cope With a Changing Climate

Wolverine Ditches Idaho, Ends Up Lonely in California

The Week in Animal News: Top Chefs Eat Endangered, Baby Gorilla Walks, and More (Slideshow)

Island's Invasive "Killing Machine" Finally Captured

Moloch Horridus: The Thorny Mountain Devil

10 Incredible Animal Hybrids

The Fossa: Madagascar's Strangest Predator

Tiger SOS: three steps to saving the Sumatran tiger

Sydney Botanic Garden bats to be forced out

Solving the mystery of the bizarre deformed frogs

Badger cull decision delayed

Waves of sleep wash over seagulls

Snake-bites: a growing, global threat

Night time hunt of ghostly gecko

Labord's chameleons of Madagascar live fast, die young

Penguins: The luckiest birds alive

Wild swans under threat as numbers begin to decline

Can Whale Strandings Help Predict Earthquakes?

Top 25 Most Endangered Turtles Named

Hudson River Fish Evolve Toxic PCB Immunity

Fewer Big Fish in the Sea

Dolphin Deaths In Gulf Region Spike, Probably Because Of That Massive Oil Spill That Happened

Years After Mating, Stingrays Finally Give Birth (Video)

Japan recalls whaling fleet from Antarctic

Australia: Great white sharks kill deep-sea diver

Without Lizards to Latch Onto, Lyme Disease Ticks Depart

Mitchell's Satyr, One of World's Most Endangered Butterflies, Gets Wing Up

The 3,000 Mile Migration of the Monarch Butterfly

97% Human: portraits of apes by Arthur Xanthopoulos

Baby Gorilla 'Tiny' Takes First Wobbly Steps and Stumbles at the London Zoo (Video)

Of Thin Mints and Orangutans

Monkeys Doubt Themselves Just Like Humans, Study Finds

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