Thursday, February 10, 2011

Pocket Cat

Egyptian Animal Shelters Struggling Amid Unrest

Cats Drink Differently Than Dogs

Woman returned rescue dog 'because it clashed with curtains'

Dogs for the disabled: With a little help from my friend

From the archive, 4 February 1967: Dogs may now get tinned elephant

Stray dog saves boy in Siberia

Pocket Cat

'Perfumed' parasitic plant lures in pollinating mammals

The 'weird' predatory fossa of Madagascar is threatened

Deer... can't live with them, can't live without them

Bird kills man at cockfight

The week in wildlife - in pictures

Pole to pole: Daniel J Cox photographs Arctic polar bears and penguins in Antarctica

Nature's strangest seduction techniques revealed

Nepal Successfully Relocates Wild Tiger For First Time

13 Snapshots of the World's Rarest Birds

Adorable Piggies Rescued From Factory Farm Celebrate Four Months Of Freedom In Chile (Photos)

Hibernating Bear Chased Off With Country Music

7 Shocking Snake Stories

Pulling Out Feathers: Group Living Stresses Ravens

Wild Bald Eagle Obsessed with Zoo Female

How Snakes Lost Their Legs

Mice trained for airport security

Parasailing donkey dies of heart attack

Elephants, dolphins, primates and now bats have been shown to form human-life friendships

Dapper Blue Penguin: Tux Is a Feathery First

Adorable Rockhopper Penguins Shower Just Like Us (Slideshow)

Amateur Wildlife Photo Saves an Injured Tiger's Life

The Week in Animal News: Chimp Mourns Child, Sled Dogs Slaughtered, and More (Slideshow)

10 Most Beautiful National Birds on Earth

Parrots 'are left handed'

Animal pictures of the week: 4 February 2011

Wildlife and pets check in at the Heathrow Animal Reception Centre

Hundreds of Yellowstone buffalo face slaughter

Crows surprise researchers with advanced tool use

Chernobyl birds are small brained

Alien invaders: American mink removed from Scotland

Six tiger reserve helpers kidnapped

Flying tonight? Bats under threat

Horse and carriage

Whale sharks: Biggest fish could be even bigger

EU urged to overhaul fishing policy

Whaling in Japan is on the verge of collapse

Sharks Up Close: 'shark shepherd' Jim Abernethy photographs the fearsome predators

Fears for tourists as Florida invaded by Portuguese Man-of-War

The Strange Beauty of the Glaucus Atlanticus Sea Slug

Oysters May Be Functionally Extinct Throughout Much of the World

Hawaii Breeding Sea Urchins to Gobble Up Invasive Seaweed

How squid hear: It's all in the motion of the ocean

King Crabs Invade Antarctic Waters

U.S. Tops Worldwide Shark Attack List

82 Pilot Whales Stranded in New Zealand

Volunteers Arrive in Droves to Save Stranded Whales

Ready to acquire a taste for the 'vacuum cleaners of the sea'?

New mosquito type raises concern

Madagascar's elusive shell-squatting spider filmed

"Death Of A Forest" Documentary Details The Killing of Keystone Species by Pine Beetles

Ancient Carnivorous Insect Sported Snowshoes

Einstein was right - honey bee collapse threatens global food security

How to embarrass a bee

5 Awesome Parasites That Torture Animals (That I Hate)

Tiny Flea Has More Genes Than You

Beepods Bring Back an Old Design for Better Beekeeping

Complacency over deforestation pushes orang-utan closer to extinction

Rare Mountain Gorilla Twins Born in Rwanda

Singing in the Rain Forest: Gibbons Have Accents

No Mental Chumps: Chimps Decipher What Others Are Thinking

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