Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Inside the Business of Selling Human Body Parts

Are Antibiotics Causing Asthma?

Why Almost Everything You Hear About Medicine Is Wrong

Depression link to processed food

Now I have two right feet: Chinese man has left foot attached to other leg in bid to save it

Study Shows Meditation Changes Brain Structure in Just 8 Weeks

10 Doctors Who Shamed Their Profession (via)

Monk first to be charged under Bhutan smoking law

Scientists reveal key mechanism governing nicotine addiction

12 Criminally Insane Real-World Medical Professionals

What blame can tell us about autism

Loneliness is a 'hidden killer' that poses as great a health risk as obesity, say campaigners

Aerobic exercise can increase brain size, keeping you mentally sharp

Inside the Business of Selling Human Body Parts

Man claims Glaxo drug made him ‘gay sex addict’

Brain Scan Can Tell if You'll Quit Smoking

HPV Vaccine Works for Boys: Study Shows First Clear Benefits

The Eyes Have It: How Eye Contact Affects Our Brains

Women in Britain are the fattest in Western Europe... but still not as big as the Americans

Times Square becomes smoke free as New York extends ban outdoors

Should Parents Be Allowed to Pray Their Children Healthy?

Are brains shrinking to make us smarter?

British scientists claim flu vaccine breakthrough

Mothballs should be put away forever, say doctors Down Under

A Closer Look: The new guidelines for heart health

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