Thursday, February 03, 2011

Cancer-Sniffing Dog Trained By Scientists

Yo, check out my new ride

Your dog's head size can reveal how strong, fast it is

Cancer-Sniffing Dog Trained By Scientists

Stacey Champion, Minnesota Woman, Tries To Mail Puppy In Box

Jailed Pascoe will sniff out diabetes

Chihuahua named Bandit Rubio wins pet look-a-like contest dressed as Donald Trump

100 Sled Dogs Killed In British Columbia Due To Slump In Tourism


Michael Vick's Dogs: Pit Bulls Make Slow And Painful Recovery (PHOTOS)

Dog leads police to missing Dickson Co boy

Dog Gets Prosthetic Paw

6 Reasons Kittens Suck (Learned While Raising Them)

Fish & Wildlife Plan Threatens Cats' Lives

Unlucky python ends up in tug-of-war between two leopards

Is an Owl Really Wise? Four Animal Myths Debunked

Lost flutter: Abandoned budgie found at bookmakers

Tiny Chameleons Use a Different Kind of Camouflage

Black Rhino Calf Born at the Saint Louis Zoo (Photos)

New Baby Penguin Is a Big-footed Fuzzball

A bird or two at hand

Rare and enigmatic fishing rat soon becomes nuisance

Week in wildlife - in pictures

The Week in Animal News: A Baby Black Rhino, Beavers Helping Bats, and More (Slideshow)

200 Dead Cows Mystery Solved In Wisconsin: Toxic Moldy Potatoes To Blame

Life at the North Pole

Year of the Rabbit or the Year of the Cat?

Twitter in the city: The urban life of birds

Pigeons Use Right Nostril to Sniff Their Way Home

Monogamous Animals Often Have Unattractive Partners

Alien invaders: American mink removed from Scotland

Bird watchers flock to dump to see rare bird

Studying Nature in the Middle of Manhattan

Crows surprise researchers with advanced tool use

Taiwan endangered species focus of new awareness

Animal Photos Of The Week

13 nations agree on program to double tiger population

Jumping rabbits in Harrogate for 'grand national' event

Mama Bird Skips Out on Chicks for Sex

Tiger, tiger, moving right: Pioneering hip operation gives Girl a new start

Robin becomes surprise addition to the flock at historic castle church

Last refuges of England’s rarest species revealed

Asian Tiger Population Could Triple by Expanding and Linking Preserves

Standing at 11 Feet: World's Largest Known Bear Unearthed

Castration could save reindeer in warming Arctic

Some Zoo Animals Enjoying Recent Winter Storms

Frogs re-evolved lost lower teeth

Hand Preference in Humans, Animals Explained

Nature reserve's gamekeeper accused of killing wild bird

Tough Conditions Favor Giants

Wild Bald Eagle Falls For Zoo-Kept Female, Visits Her Twice a Day

RSPB Birdwatch: Europe's big freeze brings flocks of rare birds to Britain

Remarkable animal journeys

9 People Who Have Lived with Animals, Changing Our View Forever (Slideshow)

Cuban Frogs Hitched Rides to Florida

Study shows canid is 'wolf in jackal's clothing'

Groundhog Alternates Step Up to Predict Spring

New to Nature No 30: Pycnonotus hualon

Carnivorous Plant Lures Bats to Feed on Their Guano

Elephant Underpass Created In Mt. Kenya Succeeds

Light pollution disrupting sleep and wildlife, says rural body

Eyewitness: Mongolia's pony express

A new exhibition shows what a beastly business animal reproduction can be

Bats in Borneo roost in carnivorous pitcher plants

Wild Tiger Found in Hotel Becomes First Translocated in Nepal (Slideshow)

Triceraaatooops, I Am Your Faaather

Why this crane is dancing

Africa's Lone Wolf: New Species Found in Ethiopia

Yellowstone's roaming buffalo stray into trouble

Surprising Truths About Santa's Reindeer

Tennessee man dies from poisonous copperhead snake bite

Opposites may attract, but they aren't better parents

Conkers on horse chestnut trees threatened by moth pest

Orangutan genome 'evolved slowly'

Haunting Footage Reveals How Chimps Mourn Death

Ambam, the swaggering silverback gorilla who walks around his pen on two legs

Chimpanzee and gorilla heads seized in Gabon

No Mental Chumps: Chimps Decipher What Others Are Thinking

'Mmmm...Shark,' Says Killer Whale

Mission Accomplished: Orangutan Genome Decoded

3 Park Rangers, 5 Soldiers in Killed in Gorilla Habitat in Congo

Fish that regrows cardiac tissue could mend human hearts

Are Shark Bites Killing California Sea Otters?

Most Shark-Catching Nations Are Failing On Their Promises for Sustainable Catches

Seashells Get Their Strength from Interlocking 'Bricks'

Artificial Reefs: Sunken Ships, Tanks And Other Underwater Paradises From National Geographic

Klamath Chinook Salmon Groups Seek Endangered Species Act Protection

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